August 4, 2021

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Never knew she’s beautiful. Episode 6

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Never knew she’s beautiful

Written by O.S Feathers

Episode 6

(Began to eat his food)

“It may bite me and I may die , sir”

“Who cares ” He continued what he was doing while I kept starting at the flask.

I stood from the table and went to open the flask gently ready to run away but what I saw as soon as I opened it left me stunned.

It was a beautiful food and the scents of if covered the atmosphere. I sniffed in happily and went to sit.

I began to eat hurriedly. I could feel him looking at me at seldom.

Aw! That’s just so nice of him. A good boss that bought a food for his employee.

“Not even a thank you , so rude of you” He said and I paused what I was eating. Food were still in my mouth but I still struggled to say “Thanks , you sir”

He refused to reply and after few minutes , I was done eating the food.

“Sir, thanks once again. So where should I place this flask?”

He raise his eye underneath his spectacle to look at me.

“Place it on my head ” He said.

“Oh! Okay sir” I said and carried the flask and went to his side.

I placed the flask gently on his head and turned to leave but the flask fell from his head and the remains of the food scattered to the floor.

He shot me an angry look and stood up to me.

“Are you normal at all?” He yelled.

“No sir ,I’m abnormal. You? ”

“What! Are you asking if I’m normal too?”

“I just want to know sir” I replied and he bite his lips as he looked away.

He angrily went behind me and pushed my head to the table. He began to spank my boot* while I cried.

After a while , he left me and went to sit. I began to rub my boot* in pain as I went to my sit.

“It hurts ”

He didn’t say any more word.

I continued working for the day and it was time for break.

“I need to go to the restaurant to eat. See you after break” He said and walked away.

“Which restaurant? Oh sorry! I mean…Are you going to eat alone?” He paused and turned at me.

“Madam, mind your business ”

“Okay sir “..” But sir , let me follow you this once ”

“ know you are crazy right?” He asked and I nodded.

He walked downstairs and I hurriedly stepped down with him ready to follow him to the restaurant.

He noticed my presence behind him but he wasn’t saying a word.

The restaurant was just beside the building.
He entered and sat while I also did the same.

We sat before each other and he just pretended not to know me.

He ordered for food and in few minutes , his food has being brought.

He was about to take the first spoon when I spoke up.

“Sir, aren’t you going to buy for me?”

“Why should I?” He ate the spoon full of food and placed the spoon on the food chewing the one in his mouth.

“Cause I’m your employee. I’m hungry , though”

“Even after the food you ate at the office ”

I ignored him and drew his food closer to me

I handled his spoon and began to eat his food while I kept smiling at him.

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