August 2, 2021

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Venessar High School. Episode 79

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Venessar High School

Written by O.S Feathers

Episode 79

(What we saw)

Sean’s POV

Autumn and I stepped out and walked towards Thomas’s lodge. I was wondering why we are heading to Thomas lodge and also scared of being caught.

They might do something terrible for Autumn if she is caught trying to make me escape.

I just hope all this goes well. I watched as Thomas gestured for us to come inside and he closed the door.

“Sean…you betrayed me ” Thomas said and at once ,I recognize the voice to be that of Kimberly.


“Don’t call me. You are k!zzing another girl right before me ,I guess you have had a thing with each other too”

“Oh no! I was just…” I couldn’t complete my statement before Autumn interrupted.

“Guys , we will settle this when we get to the hotel. Let’s leave here first ” Autumn said and walked to the entrance.

“I’ll leave first then wait at the receptionist office.

Two of you should come together to the office and we move out together like I’m escorting you out. Cleared?”

“Cleared” Kim and I answered.

Autumn walked away.

“I’m scared ” I told Kim.

“No, you are weak” Kimberly replied and walked out while I followed.

We both arrived at the receptionist office and we saw Autumn sitting well like she was a true receptionist.

“Okay friends , let me escort you out” She said and stood from her sit but a call entered the cell phone on her table immediately.

She hesitated before picking it.

She spoke with the caller and dropped it.

“They are asking if they have any visitor since and I told them , No” She said and we all walked towards the gate of the empire.

The securities at the entrance were suspicious but seeing uniform on Autumn , they believed all is well.

“But , this girl doesn’t look like our receptionist ” We heard one of the securities say and we walked more swiftly.

“Hey!” We heard someone call from behind.

“They have suspected us already. Autumn ,go the left , Sean right , I’ll move straight. Let’s meat at John Albert Hotel. ” She said we departed immediately.

Three hours later

At John Albert Hotel.

I dropped from the cab and entered and I saw Autumn leaning by a lorry. I sighed and walked swiftly to her.

“Where is Kimberly?”

“Right there ” She pointed to Kimberly and I turned and saw her entered and walked towards us.

I went to her with a wide streched my arms to hug her but she snubbed me.

“It’s obvious you stopped loving me. Why hugging me?” She said and walked to Autumn.

We all walled inside the hotel and straight to a room but our happiness faded away at what we saw.

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