July 30, 2021

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Adventure Of A Bad Pastor’s Son. Part 24

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I went back to my movie absent-mindedly, watching and thinking of Tiwa, her sweet voice just kept ringing in my ear like how it happens in Nollywood movies. I started picturing her pretty face in my mind, her straight legs, her round-shaped b.o.o.bs and aa.ss.ss.
It was 12:30 already and I was watching my phone, expecting her call. I was still watching Nikita, but concentreting more on my phone than on the movie.
Around 1:10 exactly, her call came in and we started talking.
on the phone
me: hey babe, watsup?
she: am cool… your voice…
me: what happened to my voice?
she: it sounds different… like a bit thicker
me: yea, my voice is usually thicker at night or when i just wake up
she: okay…
me: and your own voice too.. sounds sexier, maybe cos its night
she: hmmm… funny you… so, hw did your day go?

………………..bla bla bla…………….
we talked and talked and when i checked the time, it was already 3 o’clock.
3:30, we were still talking. By now, nepa had taken light and my phone was hot and i was sweating seriously. I had to put her on hold and get my earpiece to use since i was sweating and didn’t want it to affect my phone.
We talked and talked about everything.
From family, to background, to church, activities, hobbies, and then love. At a point, she was like “I love you victor”. I was speechless and just told her I can’t say the same but that we should remain friends for now and see how things turn out.
We talked some more and she sang me a nice love song and i also sang for her. She had a lovely voice. We kept singing to each other’s earing till 4:00 then we ended the call and decided to spend some time together that sunday, when she’s back from church.
With that, we ended the call around 4am and i slept off.
I didn’t wake up until 11am that sunday.
Bayo and that my padi/roomate, whose name is Daniel were around.
I fixed myself something to eat, and went back to sleep.

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