August 3, 2021

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Adventure Of A Bad Pastor’s Son. Part 25

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I was woken at after 3 by a phone call. I woke up with anger towards whoever was diturbing me with call, cos I was still very much enjoying my sleep. I answered the phone and heard Tiwa’s voice over the phone “her dear, am in school, where are you?” she asked with her voice sounding as sweet as ever. “I’m in my hostel but I’ll be out now, wait for me at love garden (love garden is a place close to my hostel(bakassi) with small huts with shades for relaxating).
‘Okay’ I’ll be waiting, don’t take time ooo’
I quickly got up, wore a shirt and jean, since i put on only boxer and singlet to sleep, washed my face and licked a little close-up and rinsed my mouth *for fresh breath, so that she no go reject if i wan play rough *and dashed out of the hostel and headed to zenith bank atm inside the school and withdrew N7000 cos I already promised to take her out for lunch.
I headed back to love love garde and sighted her sitting under one of the shade pressing her phone. I went to close her eyes from the back.
She immediately knew it was me and said “Victor, free my eyes jare. You wan form romantic guy”

‘I’m romantic nau’ i said with a serious face while she turned around and hugged me tight while i put my hands around her waist.
‘you look beautiful’ I commented while she tanked me for the compliment and grinned she actually looked beautiful. she was putting on a short gown that stopped above her knees and hugged her tight and brought out all her curves and hedges like John Legend called it.
Her hair was braided and she had nice curves with her chocolate skin glowing like these ebony X-rated actresses i usually watched.
I fell in love with her at that instance and started to envision how her honey pot will taste. How ‘that sweet thing’ will taste.
She was beautiful to the core. I held her waist as we sat down and gisted for a while before she cut me short ‘am hungry oo…, u said you’ll take me out for lunch and i didn’t eat before coming here o. I’m coming straight from church’
We both stood up as i held her waist and she held unto my neck. I walked with her proudly as we walked out of the school gate and walked into V. Ginis eartery directly across the road, opposite the school. As we got in, we were ushered to a table for two and the waiter came to us to take down our order.
me: make your orded dear
she: i’ll take whatever you take
me: no, be free nau, take whatever you want see forming

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Adventure Of A Bad Pastor's Son. Part 24

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