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Celine And Hoffman. Chapter 83 and 84

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Celine and Hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 85
Celine And Hoffman. Season 2. Chaper 81,82

????chapter ✏83✏
Celine???? and the ???? Hoffman’s
(Season 2)
????????????drunk in love????????????????
By chidinma Jerry . m.????

Danny woke up thinking Celine was still on his bed not knowing she left early .

Today was his birthday he felt special

He wondered where Emma was and almost instantly Emma opened the door to his room.

” hey miss where had u been
” just around.
” you slept out Emma
” oh i was with Henry.
” you slept in Henry’s house ?
” Yes ,u know i was in pain about victors death so I couldn’t come home .
” so u just slept over .
” Yes sure.
” Emma when will you remember the fact that I grew up with you ,you can’t lie to me.
” fine I didn’t just sleep over we slept together.
Danny smiled.
” how was it.
” well great
” i hope you won’t do that again until you guys define your relationship
” i won’t
” i Missed you.
He hugged her Emma smiled

Ryan walked into his mothers room

” son have you signed the paper for the promotion
” yes
” can I look ?
He gave her the book, she instantly covered her mouth as though she wanted to cry

” my son why did you write that you are an orphan
” am preparing for my future since you disown your children easily who knows before I start this work you might disown me too

” Ryan
” no mom you might not disown me i might just leave you

” my son

” where is bella mum you disowned your 16 year old child. now where is Angela you disowned the second one to what kind of mother are you, are people not allowed to make mistake?

” getting pregnant is not a mistake

” be carefull and always act right because if you ever make a mistake I will disown you mom

He took his book from her and walked out on her.

5 hours later
KeilAs house.

keila kept shouting Angela’s name for hours Angela ran out just to find her mother in the compound

” mum
” gelai pls forgive me i have come to take you home will you come with me
” I will mother

She hugged her mother and whispered thank you to KeilA

They were about walking out when stanely drove In

He walked out of his car and knelt down before Angela

” Angela I still love you, I can’t live without you. I am sorry for what I said when you told me you where, pregnant pls forgive me.. am a corward

” am sorry stanely I dont want you in my life anynore

” but I want you in my life I can’t sleep I can’t eat I can’t even breath gelia am nothing without you so that’s why I have decided I want you by my side always, all the time

Angela’s mother taped her
Angela smiled at him and tears ran out of her eye

” fine (she wiped her tears) I forgive you the truth is I also can’t live without you

She gave Stanley her hands to help pull him up but he slipped some iron stuff into her hands before Angela could open her palms Stanley said

” marry me
Angela opened her hands it was a diamond ring
” marry me gelai I know we are still in school but we will cope just marry me and make my life complete

Angela was shocked she looked at KeilA and KeilA nodded smiling she looked at her mother and her mother nodded

” Stanley

” will you marry me

” yes I will marry you

Stanley stood up and hugged her

Night hours

danny already wore his white suite trouser and his designer walked about the dressing room

” sir the location is almost full
” where is Celine sandra
” she went with the waiters
” oh ok

His designer brought out his white shirt and helped Danny wear it

” wow white night indeed

one of the maids wore Danny’s shoes for him as the other maid helped him wear the suite Jack set

” danny you look awesome
” thanks

Just then she saw the gown which was Carefully placed in a glass closet it was stonned with expensive diamond stones

” its still here Daniel?
Danny smiled
” it belongs to my princess
His designer smiled


the party it was already filled
It was a pool party the space was so big and a pool sorrounded every area the water sparkled

Men and women walked about with their glass of wine the waiters walked about with drinks in their tray

The place looked cool, calm, mature

Some people sat on their table which was filled with food and drinks

Celine admired the environment it was just Danny’s taste

She saw the chair which was reserved for Danny it was white and very pretty

Soon Miranda arrived the press took pictured and threw questions her she wore a very short diamond stonned gown with a glass purse she looked awesome

The paparazzi rushed her








MIRANDA walked with her guards Mrs hoffman rushed her

‘ ciara
” my dear
She hugged Miranda

Minutes later jennifer arrived she wore a gold stonned transparrent gown the paparrazzi took pictures like crazy

Soon all the models In the city and the world arrived

celine couldn’t help but admire them their cat walk their dresses mostly the way the press rushed them

she saw Paula Jason, Salvadors cream model wow she looked good

CELine admired Miranda and Jennifer’s dressing

Soon Emma arrived with Henry omg she looked stunning the paparazzi took pictures of her

The crowd was much but the spacious enviroment hid that fact
Celine just served her drinks religiously

Celine just served her drinks religiously

Celine wondered why Danny was not yet here although she wished she wasn’t dressed like a waiter she wished she looked expensive just like other girls

The red carpet was ready and on,
Interviewers interviewed different models it was so awesome

Paparazzi took pictures helter skelter

Just then Danny’s car arrived wow he looked good he wore white from start to end but he flew his suite jacket and packed up his hair the press took pictures

Danny waved at the people around as the snapped him with their phone the flash lights were much Celine couldn’t see well again

Sandra walked behinds Danny as well as his guards

One interviewer walked to him


Danny looked at Celine for a while then he replied

” I feel fufiled

He walked past them most of the models walked to him

” h. B. D my love
” thank you paula
He pecked her

Just then danny walked further into the crowd waving and welcoming his friends that was when he saw Miranda

” h. B. D
She arranged his suit well
” thank you
Miranda hugged him

Danny let her go and pecked her

He saw Jennifer

” my love Happy birthday
” thank you
He hugged Jennifer

Then he let her go

Jewel was gisting with her freinds

” honey
” mmm Daniel
She hugged Danny
” happy birthday
Danny pecked her
” thank you

He walked past her to where Gretel sat with her cartel

Gretel hugged him

” my love
” mm
” you look good
” thanks

Danny got to the Mic every one was quiet

He took the microphone

” am glad you all came, this is the best birthday ever, have fun guys

He walked down the stage then he saw his dad

” Daniel my son happy birthday
” thanks dad
” I didn’t know what to get you so I bought you a another suite hope you will like it

Danny smiled

” thanks dad

He walks to his mother who sat with her clique of friends

” I love my mother
” my son

She hugged Danny and danny greeted her friends then he walked away

Just then salvadors car arrived he walked in with he’s hand model
The only woman who follows him to party’s

Crisella valera she was so beautify such a goddess she walked with so much grace Celine felt like hugging her the press and paparrazzi rushed them Salvador saw Celine he recognized her then he walked past her till they got to their sit
Danny walked to him

” h. B. D
” I thought you will miss it
” I won’t miss it for the world

Danny turned to the lady
” crisella
” Daniel I would have died if I missed this

She stood up and hugged danny

Danny walked out on them he sat on his chair with Mr king as he sipped his wine the party was moving on well soon it was time for the toast Danny had wished for Emma to do the toast and she did it perfectly well

CELIne enjoyed the party as she served her drinks Miranda took a glass from her tray that was when she saw Celine

She looked at her from behind and laughed at her waiter cloth

Danny can’t even boast of her outside Miranda said

Miranda walked back to where all the top models sat drinking

Directly behind Salvador, Salvador was already known for his taste and any model he walks around with must be flawless his last hand model was miranda.

CELIne walked past when Paula Jason called her

” good day
” can I have a glass
” sure

” I saw you before right I mean you where dannys personal assistant how come you are now a maid “,jewel said

” oh that’s true I saw her when I was filming the last cream “, Paula said

CELIne smiled

” can I go now ?

” isn’t she the girl we heard Danny dated

” yes its her but lets stop prying you guys are making her feel bad

” I think she is very pretty why is she working as a maid

” she has the figure Calvin wants for his new sports pant and bra …. a slim waist, wide hips and fit butt.

” I can’t believe we are talking about the Maid and who ever said Danny dated her I mean is Danny blind to date this dirty piece of shit come on guys lets be real for once “, miranda said

” maybe she seduced him with her killer looks “, jewel said

” she can’t even seduce a blind man “, miranda added

“mirandaaaa”, Jennifer said
” shhhh”, miranda concluded.

They all lughed CELIne wiped her tears and instantly ran away crisella felt bad since she heard everything

” is she really dating Danny
” yes “, salvsdor said
” isn’t this the girl you need for “right skin”
” its her
” I don’t blame Danny for hidding her I mean he is so high up

” if only she can shift herself a little upward to his level it would be better

” She is so pretty, I mean has Calvin seen this girl?

” she didn’t even accept my proposal sweet heart not to talk of Calvin secondly Miranda is Calvin’s model.

Crisella smiled carelessly because pictures of her where taken from each angle it was already decided that she was the prettiest woman in the room both the press and paparazzi talked about crisella and Miranda got jealous

CELIne wiped her tears as she returned her empty tray.

Danny’s attention was not even in Celine he was concerned with his conversation with Mr king

CELIne stood facing the pool the crowd already covered her from everybody’s sight including Danny

Why did They have to insult me she asked herself

Just then Miranda walked to her

” what now have you come to add more salt
” no I came to keep you were you belong
” what do you mean ?
” Danny doesn’t see you Celine that’s y he can never be proud of you so fall into the water thats where you belong

” Miranda

” fall in
She pushed Celine into the pool and instantly missed with the crowd everybody heard the water splash

The press rushed to the area every one turned to the pool

The press asked questions






CELIne tried coming out of the water but no one helped her and she already lost her lenses she started swimimg blindly because the water blinded her totally

Every one laughed at her and used her as a comedy show for the day

????chapter ✏84✏
Celine???? and the ???? Hoffman’s
(Season 2)
????????????drunk in love????????????????
By chidinma Jerry . m.????

CELIne caught a very strong cold she started coughing out loud she raised her her hands for help

Danny was still wondering why everyone laughed when Sandra came to him

” sir CELine is in the pool
“what !!!
” danny wait “, mr king said

Danny rushed out

He instantly removed his suite and ran off

Crisella ran behind him everybody made way and before they could say Jack
Danny fell into the pool with his expensive outfit

” Celine !!!

He Carried her out of the water everybody was quiet danny was so angry

“Who the fuck pushed her!!!?, who pushed her !!!! “, he shouted

Everyone was quiet

Danny lay her on the floor and crisella bent down to Celine

” hey ,are you okay
CELIne smiled
” they might push you down but it doesn’t mean they are better than you, one day you will surely push them down

She dragged Celine up

Danny was so angry he ran into his hotel room

Crisella excused Salvador and walked into her car with celine Then they drove off

Minutes later Mr king convinced Danny to come back to his party so Danny came out again this time wearing a silver coloured suite . His wet hair was packed behind him he wore a silver earing.

He sat down in his chair and soon the party moved on.

the press were still surprised



Pictures of Danny’s new outfit filled the net

Minutes later while they danced crisellas car returned she walked out with celine and Celine looked so awesome In an expensive diamond stonned white gown and crisella made her up

Everybody was speechless, Salvador dropped his glass on the floor Miranda dropped her purse

EVERYBody was surprised CELIne was the most beautiful woman in the room she smiled gracefully as she held her white purse in her hand

Crisella left Celine standing and returned to her sit

Danny walked down to Celine

” miss can I have this dance
CELIne smiled
” why not

She gave Danny her hands and Danny walked her down he slowly placed his hands on her waist and they danced around

Miranda almost killed herself Jennifer clapped smiling as well as other models Miranda angrily entered her car and drove off

The press where confused .

Soon the song ended.

the press threw questions at danny

Danny stood still and held Celines Hand he embrassed the Mic





” she is my girlfriend, am sorry for lying before.

He looked at Celine.

” this lady is my maid but she is also my girlfriend, my heart beat and my breath.

I don’t Care if she’s poor or rich I have accepted her and anybody who doesn’t accept her has became my enemy, an enemy of Danny hoffman.

Everybody clapped
Danny turned to celine and kissed her

” am done hidding you
CELIne hugged him

Mrs hoffman was so angry she ran into her car and drove off she was embarrased .

Danny looked at his father as he drank his wine and walked into his car

He dragged Celine to were he sat and she sat with him

Salvador smiled and so did crisella

CELIne looked at danny in his sit

” Danny are you sure about this
Danny kissed her
” More than my self

CELIne smillled

Soon it was making the headlines






” omg the have gone viral ALready “, gretel said

” everybody is accepting her gret ” I love her already “, susan said
” up to 4 mill people are congratulating the union
” wow theve been recognised as the city’s star couple
” I love this

Soon the party ended
everywhere was cleared KeilA had already gone home as well as gret

Danny walked into the living room holding Celines he didn’t see his mom the only person he saw we he’s dad in the parlour

” Dad

He looked at danny

” daniel is she the commoner you want
” yes dad
Mr hoffman stood up he walked towards them
” do you love this girl son
” yes I do
” Celine do you love my son
” yes I do sir
” I always wanted a daughter inlaw like you my child.

He hugged celine, Danny was so surprised

” as long as its my missing finder you have my blessing “, he hugged Danny too

” thanks dad

” from today her dutiess as a maid has been relieved she will stay in this house as a girlfriend who came to visit her boyfriend untill you are ready to take her to the alter

Danny was so surprised

” once this girl did something for me that nobody ever did in My life she proved to me that she was not only seeing me as a boss but also as her father.

CELIne hugged him smiling

Mr hoffman walked into his room

She and Danny walked into his room

CELIne was happy but one part of her heart was scared of Mrs hoffman.

Danny unzipped her gown

” you must be sweating this is heavy

CELInE smiled

” you too

She unbuttoned his shirt go you need to bath

He walked out.


Miranda angrily pulled away everything in her room

“How can my plan backfire on me like this”, she shouted

She sat on her bed

This war for Danny I started it and I must end it and I will only stop when Danny is mine

She called Mrs hoffman on phone

” ciara what was that embarrassment you know I love Daniel how could you let that happen

” you know me Mira, Danny will travel soonest after he leaves we will send that stupid girl home to where ever she came from and when Danny returns he will see her no more.

” I hope this works “,She dropped the phone.

next day

Celine woke up and Danny was in the shower

Omg Mrs hoffman must be looking for me she said as she rushed to the maids room

They all stood and bowed to her

” morning madam tea or coffee pls “, mary said
“what ?
” I already set your shower madam .”, Emily said
” but you guys are acting wierd where is my bag and my cloths

” oh madam it has been transfered to the guest room

” what’s going on why are you calling me madam

Just then another maid walked in

” i have been sent to call Danny’s girlfriend
Celine raised her hand
” madam breakfast is REAdy

Celine couldn’t believe this she walked out and met Emma in the passage Emma was already dressed up

” Emma are you leaving already “yes immediately after breakfast
” good luck prosecutor Emma
” thanks pumpkin

They both walked out and sat down the dinner was already filled up

” Emma, Celine, eat whatever you like “,. Mr Hoffman said
” thank you sir
‘ thanks dad

Gretel was busy with her chicken

” morning c
Celine removed her hair from her mouth
” my love “, danny said
Celine smiled shyly
Danny tried kissing Celine and his father knocked his head
‘ not on the breakfast table

Mrs hoffman was just quiet and everyone noticed this

mom I know it’s hard for you to accept Celine but please you are so important to me and I love my mother so much If you are angry i feel so incomplete

” Celine will you take care of my son ?
CELIne smiled and nodded in agreement

‘ fine then I give my consent
She placed a lap of chicken on Celines plate
eat ALOT my dear
CELIne smiled
” thanks mom
Mrs hoffman smiled at her

The family ate and immediately after that Emma left

So did Gretel to meet her friends soon Mr and Mrs hoffman cleared out


celine was in her room

What is happening in my life, Every thing is just like a movie? I feel so happy she said to herself
Just then someone knocked it was Dannys designer

” good day
” miss Celine right
CELIne nodded
She handed a bag to her
‘ get ready for your date withDanny the make up artist will soon arrive
CELIne smiled
thank you

She closed the door and brought out the dress wow it was awesome.

Celine and Hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 85
Celine And Hoffman. Season 2. Chaper 81,82

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