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Celine And Hoffman. Season 2. Chaper 81,82

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Celine And Hoffman. Chapter 83 and 84
Celine and hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 78,79 and 80

????chapter ✏81✏
Celine???? and the ???? Hoffman’s
(Season 2)
????????????drunk in love????????????????
By chidinma Jerry . m.????

Emma finished looking at some files then she instantly called Nora on phone.

” go to the hospital execute our plan while i visit Victor, the court will Soon sit again

” ok


Nora arrived at the hospiatal
she met the doctor with her I. D and she was allowed inside she saw victors sister

” can you get me batteries for my recorder I need to implant a bug here government sent me

” ok
she took the money and ran out Nora instantly locked the door and brought out an injection from her bag she carefully injected the liquid inside Mrs desais drip then she touched her heart

” just die quietly

She ran out of the hospital and called Emma on phone

” tell me
” its done .

I always get what I want I don’t care If I do it the dirty way.Emma said as she walked into victor questioning room

” what now
” why don’t you confess the truth I know they blackmailed you with your mothers life but they just killed your mother Victor why don’t you expose them

” my mother is not dead

Emma brought her phone and told him to dial his sisters number

Diana was crying

” hello who is this
” its me where is mom
” she’s dead she’s dead I think the woman who visited killed her

Victor hit his hands on the table
Miranda!!! He said in his mind

” I will secure your sister for you but first tell me who sent you to kill celine lets punish them for killing your mother

” actually…

” I won’t force you but this is my card and this a cell phone she slipped it into his pocket,
Victor, “do call me

Emma walked out she called nora on phone

” Nora update me

” she’s dead for now but we dont have time soon the effect of the drug will fade and the woman will come back to life

” no Victor must confess to me before then
” I pray so too .

Stanelys mom stood outside with Mrs Patricia .
She just arrived

” are you gelai mother?
” yes
” am sorry we arrived late my family is A very law abiding family and my husband is

” barrister Kendrick the man who always stands for the truth
” yes
” what brings you here
” my only son stanely is dating Angela I hope you know that

” I know that
” the news of her pregnancy came to me late but am here to comfirm it if she is indeed pregnant then with your consent I will like my son to marry her, ” I always wanted a female child so I accept this as a blessing from God

” am sorry but is it my own gelai
” yes
” but gelai is not pregnant
” just look into it and give me feed back

She gave her her card
” I will come back tomorrow
” ok
She entered her car


Victor brought out the phone Emma gave him from his pocket he looked at the phone and tried dialing a number when detective Jones opened the door he grabbed a seat and sat facing Victor

” I received the report in your health
” what do you mean
” don’t worry I got you covered the station nurse is here
” what do you mean I never said….
” welcome nurse Linda

The lady walked in

She opened her kit and took victors hand

” don’t worry it won’t be painful but you will feel better
” what’s going on am not sick
” you are my boy

The nurse walked out with her kit
” what did you do to me
” no need shouting the intercom is off and the cameras are showing past videos

” you will pay for this

” condolences on your mothers behalf

” we had a deal and you failed me I will expose you in court

” you will die before then Victor so savour this last minutes and say your last prayer

Detective Jones walked out

Victor instantly brought out the phone and called Emma’s number

Pick pick pick lawyer EMMa pick up he shouted

But Emma didn’t pick up so he sent her a voice mail

“Lawyer Emmanuella its me Victor desai the truth is I was assigned by Miranda Milbert to kill CEline and Mr Jones is her accomplice I know you might not get this message but not to worry I will change my testimony in court i will tell the truth If I don’t die”

He sent the mail

Emma was getting ready for the hearing when she saw victors missed call She tried calling him back when Nora walked out

” madam its time
Emma dropped her phone and followed Nora she walked into the court room and saw Victor Sitted everything was already set Victor gave her signals to call him up first Emma understood his signs then she sat down

” does anyone have any other evidence to present before before the verdict is given

Emma stood up

” yes your honour just one more witness review
” go on
” Mr Victor desai pls come up

Victor stood up he felt a heavy pain in his heart but he still ignored it and walked into the witness box

” tell me Mr Victor who sent you to kill Abigail
” I lied in this court before
” go on
He held his heart in his hands

” mrs celine didn’t send me to kill anybody actually the truth is Mrs celine is the victim I was paid to kill her
” who payed you to kill celine Victor
Victor started coughing with his hands on his heart he coughed out blood

” tell me, its just one word tell me the name

” it was…. it was… I was sent by..
” tell me
” it was Mir… Mir… he coughed out more bloods and fell to the ground Emma bent down to him

” Mr who,? Mr who victor?
” Mir… Mir.. Mir

He closed he’s eye they rushed him but he was already dead Emma wiped her tears instantly

” point to note your honour the plantiff just changed his Testimoney Mrs Celine eze is indeed innocent

She sat back

The judge looked at Martin’s and Martin’s nooded

” due to visible and unquestionable evidence Mrs Celine eze has been declared free of all charges she will be set free and sent back home to her people

The court is adjourned

He hit his gavel

Emma instantly ran out of the hall in tears she ran into her office where she locked herself in

Celine was uncuffed finally she was free indeed

She looked at danny and he smiled at her she felt like hugging him but the place was too crowded so she just stared at him

Mrs hoffman stood up and dragged danny up with her

” come on love
” oh ok mum

He followed his mum outside they entered the car and guards entred with them

CELINe smiled just then someone tapped her

” congrats
” detective julia thank you
” don’t worry one day you will have SOMEONE who will take you home
CELINe smiled as she walked out of the station the press rushed her

they were just too much she couldn’t even breath just then four men in black suites came out and surrounded her.

They helped her walk past the press.

just then a black car pulled over the guards asked her to enter the car.
They opended the door and there Danny sat with his phone In his hands.

He opened his hands wide and Celine rushed in and hugged him.

Just the pain killer she needed. She wrapped her hands around him Danny kissed her lips softly.

She shed tears and Danny wiped them with his hands.

” celine its over now.
Celine hugged him again.

Just then the driver got confused.

” sir where too.
” well take us .
” take us to the ocean”,Celine said.
” take us to the beach “, danny said

The driver nodded and took off Danny texted some people while Celine was busy kissing his lips deliciously

Danny smiled at her .

” i won’t let something like this happen to you again “,Danny said

Celine smiled

Soon they arrived at the beach Celine was surprised because the beach was empty.
Her boyfriend cleared out the beach.

She looked at him and he removed his jacket and unbuttoned 4 buttons of his white shirt. He handed his suite to his guards Celine dragged his hand further.his hair flew freely in the breeze with his shirt.

He smiled as he tuckked his hair behind his ear.

Celine turned to look at him as the beach sand filled his silver slipper.

” celine why did we come here
” cos ur mine.

Danny smiled he walked faster and wrapped both arms round her waist from behind. Celine turned and kissed his cheek smiling .

Soon they got to the water both of them stepped in

Celine placed both hands on his waist.

” danny i fasted for seven days .
” what.
He touched her tummy.
” i did it for you danny, I want to prove something to you.
” what.
” that Clara has forgiven you.
” how will you know that Celine
” i know that in my heart but it’s also okay to ask her.

Celine dragged him into the water both of them walked down.

They got a little deep when Celine knelt down.

Danny tried dragging her up

” what if a snake bites you.

Celine smiled at him” her heart throb”

She held his hand and shouted

” Clara delvaliers , please come to me once , I fasted , I came to place that is every where , I am still chaste…. holy goddess tell Clara that someone needs her badly.

She closed her eye just then the water came roaring and making noise. Celine smiled in tears just then danny saw Clara she was standing there in front of celine smiling.

” Clara “, he said gently.

Celine looked up and smiled she let go of Danny’s hand and Danny walked in deep into the water.

Celine stood still and watched him he walked Down till Celine got scared that he might drown but she trusted Clara with his safety.

Danny wanted to take another step when Clara stood in front of him Danny knelt down in the water and she knelt down facing him she had tears in her eye.

” Clara what will I do , I killed you I stopped your dream..

Celine wiped her tears as she watched Danny.

” Clara I am sorry that’s all I wanted to say…. I wish I was the one that died clara.

Clara wiped his tears but he couldn’t feel her touch and she couldn’t wipe anything.her touch was just like Air.

” danny did you know i didn’t blame you for one day after the accident. It wasn’t your fault my love …
” Clara
” danny it was my fault I didn’t check the car breaks , someone tampered with the car breaks Danny the accident wasn’t your fault.

I watched you suffer , I always wanted to tell you this but I couldn’t Danny ….am glad she came into your life ..that Angel.

She took his hands

” danny go ,move on , forget me , I am letting you go my love …I always let you go .you are not guilty Danny you didn’t kill me and even if u killed me I will accept death happily cos I love you …. Danny be happy , finish our song , sing for her , sing for me, be happy my love Clara is not angry with you ….

Danny shed tears quietly as she stood up and disappeared from his sight.

Danny turned and looked at Celine Celine smiled at him..just then celine saw Clara she smiled at her.

” hy Celine , thank you.
” i really hope you can help me love that kid Clara.
” that kid is yours even death can’t separate you both.

Celine smiled and clara waved at her .

Just then Clara left and Danny walked down to Celine .

She hugged Danny and Danny held her tight like that for hour’s …

Then he dragged her by the hand out of the water.
Both of them walked into the beach house and changed into dry cloths.

Danny hadn’t spoken a word to her yet she just watched him quietly she knew he was in a very different state.

Both of them walked into the car and the driver took off.Celine softly placed her hand on his neck and kissed his lips tears fell down from his eye Celine wiped it.

” thanks Celine
” it’s ok Danny
” finally I feel free Celine I feel like am finally free . It wasn’t my fault Clara died it wasn’t me Celine I didn’t kill her.

Celine kissed his cheek and hugged him she too shed tears.

” it’s not your fault Danny .
Danny hugged her tighter …

Soon they arrived studio celine was surprised she didn’t know Danny was coming here

They rushed down and Danny opened his studio door and saw pictures of celine everywhere.

Celine held him tight smiling .

Danny chuckled softly and they walked in.

Danny carefully organised everything and he sang a song for her beautifully and perfectly .Celine clapped in Rythym soon the song ended Danny walked down and hugged her.

” you are my maker ,U made me and you keep making me….

Celine smiled .

Soon both of them left for home

????chapter ✏82✏
Celine???? and the ???? Hoffman’s
(Season 2)
????????????drunk in love????????????????
By chidinma Jerry . m.????

Emma sat crying on the floor of her office when Henry dragged her up .

Emma was shedding a lot of tears

” he’s dead its my fault I wanted to find out the truth by all means and now I killed a person .

” its not your fault Emma

” I promised to protect him but now what did i do
” its okay come on lets go

they entered his car and he took her to his house.


Angela just came back home from
her date with keila she walked into the room just to find her mum in her room

” mother
” when exactly did you plan on telling me that you are pregnant gelai

Angela was surprised
” mum
” gelai are you pregnant
” no am not i promise
” what happened to your child

Angela was already sobbing

” mum
” where is your child gelai
She wiped her tears

” mom I didn’t want to dissapoint you so I removed it I removed the child mom

Her mother slalpped her that was when Ryan rushed in

” mum that’s enough she just maid a mistake
” how old are you Angela
” 18
” and you already underwent abortion is this how I trained you
” am sorry mum
” get out
” mum
” get out before I kill you with my hands
” mum please
” get out

” mother forgive her
” follow her if you will make noise here

Ryan walked outside with Angela he hugged her because she cried a lot .

” Angela why , I didn’t expect this from you
” i dont know what came over me,sorry , I was just caught up in the fun .
Ryan held her tight.then he called k on phone

Then he called KeilA on phone

” my love
” can you let gelai stay In your place
” sure am coming out

Ryan dropped his phone

” u will be fine
” mom will never forgive me just like she never forgave our sister
Just then keila arrived with two guards she hugged Angela

” are you okay
” no am not
” come on

Angela entered her car and keila came back and hugged Ryan then she kissed him

” don’t worry she’s safe
” thanks
He hugged her minutes later KeilA walked into the car and the driver took off while Ryan entered his house

” did she find out
” yes she did
” dont worry she will cool down soon

KeilA wiped angelas tears

Emma was already settled in Henry’s house.She was glad he didn’t take her home.

She walked out of the shower and tied the towel jacket well.

She sat down and emptied the glass of juice on the table Just then Henry walked in .

He carried a plate noodles with fired egg.

” Henry did u cook
” Yes I did my maid is on holiday .
Emma smimed as he sat beside her ” try it.
Emma took one spoon and smiled.
” mmmm spicy.
” i forgot you were a lawyer.
Emma chuckled.
” it’s nice you really tried .

She took water from the table and drank

” are u full.
” Yes I kinda over ate earlier.
” Ok.

He dropped the plate on table and used his hands to wipe the noodle stuff near her lips .

Emma smiled.

He moved closer and gently kissed her lips Emma withdrew her lips.

” oh sorry.

She gently dragged him closer by his shirt and kissed him Henry deepened the kiss.

They hastily shifted the plate and moved into the bed as Henry removed the jacket she wore

Emma was happy and sad at the same time , it had to be Danny but she decided to let Danny go …She was ready to move on from Danny.

She brushed her fingers behind him as he came in and out of her perfectly

She wrapped both legs over him as he held both her hands together on the bed and kissed her neck passionately.

She had not been with many men in her life , few of the moments she had was just for fun and pleasure but not love… cos she always loved Danny and only him she believed could make love to her.

But she came back too late Danny was gone …someone else owned him now.

Emma moaned out as he stroked her gently…

Hoffman’s house.

Preparation for Danny’s birthday party got the house very busy.

Mrs Hoffman had been making calls all morning till now.

Every one walked halter skelter.

Celine and Danny drove home celine looked at his face he just formed a face like her little brother ….
Celine chuckled and touched his tummy.

” are you hungry?.
Danny nodded and lay on her lap.
Celine touched his hair.
” i have ulcer .
” sorry we are almost home you can eat then.
Danny nodded she smiled.Soon the drove into the estate .

The driver opened the door and both of them walked out.

Celine waited for him to walk in first then She walked in

Danny walked into the house every one was so busy.

He looked at the table it was so empty

” mom am starving.
” oh my love philomena went to get some stuffs prepared for your party so everyone else ate out I forgot u hate eating out that much.
” ARRGH EVEN if I wanted to eat out the shops are closed.
” am sorry my love what will I do , its all becsuse of your birthday.

Celine watched him smiling just then Gretel rushed out too.

” mum am Hungry.
” i tot u ate out.
” the food disappeared.

Mrs Hoffman scratched her hair

” y guys should give me few minutes ok.

Danny and Gretel rushed in Danny walked into his room so did Gretel..

Celine was about walking out when Mrs Hoffman called her.

” uhmm Celine help me check out the kitchen I need to cook for those kids , oh gosh the hotness , the stress ouch .when was the last time I cooked …disgusting .

” madam if you don’t mind I can cook in place of philomena.

” Ok hurry .

Celine smiled and walked into the kitchen she started preparing everything for the food.

She was being really fast because of Danny just then she felt someones hands on her waist she turned it was Danny.

” danny ur mum will catch us.

Danny smiled and locked the door Celine smiled.

She used her fingers to draw out the chicken She just steamed .

He opened his mouth and she fed him he bit her fingers she smiled
Then she touched his tummy

” are u too hungry
” danny nodded.
” sorry. I will just make the soup

Danny nodded and watched her Mix her food .

She finished slicing the tomatoes she slipped some into Danny’s mouth where he sat on the counter

She kissed his lips.

Danny smiled as he played a game in his phone .

Celine was about putting oil she tasted the oil first with her finger Danny opened his mouth she deeped her finger and gave him to taste .

He lauged

” tasteless.
Celine smiled….

She poured her oil and Danny jumped down from the counter and hugged her from behind he didn’t let her go she still kept mixing with him following her about .

” danny you are a stubborn baby.
Danny smiled.

She was done mixing so she covered it to boil.

Her fingers were filled with different ingredients..Danny licked them off play fully..

She smiled as he carried her up to the counter and kissed her lips .

” danny our food is burning.

Danny smiled and tried opening the pot Celine instantly snatched his hands she was late he already got a scar.

” ouch pains
” sorry .

Celine aired his wound with her mouth.

Danny smiled then she hit him.

” why did u touch it.
” awwww pains
” sorry.

She carressed his shoulder where she hit.

Soon she brought down her pot. And served Danny first … then she walked out to Gretels room with another plate gretel smiled.

” chicken soup my best .
” enjoy and better drink the water its good for he heath
” Ok

She rushed back and Danny had not touched his food.

” danny.
” feed me.
” what.
” ouch my tummy.
” fine .

He lifted her to the counter she sat and fed him he smiled .

She gave him the soup which he didnt drink.

She frowned so he finally took it.
She used her fingers to cut the chicken and push it into his mouth even when he said he was full.

Danny chucked and she kissed him .

Danny washed his hands and started feeding her
She also fed him , they fed each other smiling happily. After that they washed their hands and Danny carried her on his back.

She smiled and lay comfortably.

They peeped left and right no one was awake so he carried her into his bed room.

Celine smiled happily and she wraped her arms all over him.

Danny Lay her on his bed and lay beside her .

They both slept off cuddling each other.they were so tired

Next day
KeilA just dropped stanelys call
Stanley had called to beg her to let him meet Angela….

Minutes after the call KeilA and Angela walked into the compound and surprisingly stanelys mother drove in with her car

” stanely you didn’t tell me you were coming with your mum

” it’s all right everything is fine

” good day madam
” good day
Angela I am sorry for my Sons reaction when you told him you were pregnant pls forgive him he was just being a teenager

” its ok madam its all in the past
” I have come to take you to the hospital come on

” what

” I will take full responsibilities for your child gelai

Angela instantly wiped her tears

” no need am no longer pregnant after stanely rejected the child I removed it, I remove the child I hope everyone is happy now

“Angela how could you do that
” go stanely , go back to your perfect world

She walked into the house

Celine And Hoffman. Chapter 83 and 84
Celine and hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 78,79 and 80

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