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Celine and hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 70

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Celine And Hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 73
Celine and hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 72

????chapter ✏70✏
Celine???? and the ???? Hoffman’s
(Season 2)
????????????drunk in love????????????????
By chidinma Jerry . m.????


danny tried walking into his car when he’s phone rang

” tell me
” Danny we need to find a way to clear this scandal
” my love for Celine is not a scandal, I will fire you
” you don’t understand this is causing too many problems I heard your father’s investors didn’t invest today because of your love
” what
” I have two ideas you need to release “only you ” now and do the live show this Will give the press something else to talk about
” I can’t I can’t sing
” then you have to denounce Celine in public
” that won’t ever happen just let the scandal be, the press is to small to break us up anyways
” Daniel
” talk later

Danny dropped the call and placed his hands in his fore head oh dad will be so so angry he said to himself

Prosecution ????

Emma arrived at the firm she showed her i. D and the big gate was opened she walked upstairs She walked past so many prosecutors she admired them

Just then a girl who should be around Celines age who was fair and fit who packed up her hair in a messy bun ran to her

” oh finally I have been waiting for you ma
She took Emma’s bag
” who are you
Emma walked fast making her run behind her
‘ am training for my degree to Become a lawyer i just came out of law school am getting 5 months experience
She gave Emma her card
” good
” I was signed under you and one more prosecutor I hope to learn from you
Emma smiled
” too bad I won’t be here for long
” I will drop your bag in your office

She ran out Emma walked further one prosecutor came to her

” Emma my run away lawyer
” I missed challenging you in court
” I have been expecting you, ever since you dragged the criminal out if the crime scene I knew you would come back to work
” here I am
” good luck

Emma walked further Nora caught up with her
just then she ran into Mr Desmond the executive prosecutor
” good day sir
” emma jerkerns welcome to the prosecution we already recieved your files
” thank you sir

Emma walked past him

” Nora take me to the special investigation unit
” yes ma pls follow me
She walked behind Nora
and followed Nora out of the complex and walked down the estate into another complex

Emma looked around she saw the sign board

Special investigation unit

She walked in she saw detective julia

” special agent Julia master son
” I knew you were not a cop
Julia smiled
” what do we have
” well Victor is the only one retained here others are already in convicted
” y
” I don’t know what he drank the only word he is saying is
“I am not guity”
” that’s crazy all the evidence should be pointing at him
” actually no the forensics already gave their report victors fingerprints are not on sanctitys body and the murder weapon is missing
” foul play
” I suspect so too
” ok thank you
Julia walked further
” Miss Celine is needed in the station
” ok

Julia walked out

Emma walked down

Who is behind this foul play, how can there be no evidence pointing to Victor what’s going on she wondered

Emma walked further mr Ernest walked to her

” Mrs jerkerns
” where is Victor desai
” hes in the questioning room
” ok

She walked down into the questioning room, other lawyers and special agents watched and heard Emma from the screen in the big office

Emma walked in she saw Victor seated and someone faced him the person turned it was Henry her close friend who was asking her out, Emma was surprised but she remembered she was being watched so she controlled herself

” Emmanuella jerkerns am his lawyer
” whaaat? you are going to defend this criminal in court
” yes so what have you gotten so far
” your client is not talking
” that’s because he is innocent now if you will excuse us
” y not

Henry walked out Emma sat before Victor

” my name is Emmanuella jerkerns I will defend you in court
” who made you my lawyer
” I will be your defendant if you let me , I will prove your innocence and send you back home, i never lose a case

” well i heard you never lost a case so I accept you
” good so anwser my questions in order
” ok
” what where you doing in hoffman streets by that hour
” I forgot
” what’s your relationship with santity
” I don’t know
” who killed sanctity
” am not guity

Emma muted the speaker making other agents not to hear her conversation with Victor

” am trying to defend you here so you should give me some information I can use in court

” the truth is I was sent by… he looked out the window suddenly Victor shivered in fear Emma traced his sight to the window the person instantly turned

Emma didn’t see his face so she texted nora

*The man leaving the field side window find out who it is *

She turned to victor
” tell me
” am not guity
” see you later

Emma stood up and walked out Julia rushed to her

” anything new
” same old shit
” if no evidence is found within two days he will be set free
” yes I know
“good luck

She met Nora

” so who was it
” inspector Jones
” ok
” what did you gather
” heavy fowl play Victor is being threatened
” wow but I don’t understand I heard you never lost a case, y are you defending the criminal do you want him to go free
Emma smiled
” lets go to the office

The walked down

They walked in Nora opened the door Henry sat at the table which was protected by a glass wall the office was above like 5 stairs before Emma’s table and noras table was like 5 stairs below Emma’s table the office was well designed in lenght and width

Henry walked down to Emma

” sugaar missed you
” how are you
She dropped her bag on the table and hugged him
Henry then sat on her table
” I can’t believe you are still a lawyer
” don’t start
” you should be a prosecutor by now you won thousands of cases enough to make your a prosecutor
” well
” but you are the laziest lawyer I ever met, nora be careful around her dont grow to be like her shes very lazy, always on leave, aways on vacation
” what’s wrong with that
” what is wrong is that you have to write an exam for something you deserve to get without stress
Emma smiled
” I had a lot on my mind that’s why I was unserious
” so tell me how was the exam because I want to start calling you prosecutor Emma

” cut it out
” back to business why do you want to challenge me in court
” how do you mean
” Victor, am his prosecutor and I am convicting him for attempted murder of miss Celine and actualized murder of sanctity
” can you convict him
” yes i am planing on life imprisonment, but this case is complicated Emma, the murder weapon is missing, there is no fingerprint on sanctitys body relating to Victor and he is too smart he doesnt anwser any questions all he says is am not guilty, now you are here to defend him wooooow

” I became his lawyer so I can find out the truth from him, and convince him to plead guilty the real reason am behind victor is to find out who is behind all this

” lets work together to put Victor behind bars this is the fourth time he was arrested and set free as a result of no evidence

” and we have only two days I want to also convict Victor for abigails murder

” Abigail Samuel
” yes I have a feeling the crimes are related and one person is targeting the maids in the hoffman house
” do you have evidence that he killed Abigail
” convict him first, evidence will come
” ok lets do this

He walked up to his desk

” ok Nora get me all the files relating to victor desai since last month,
get me a background check on victors family and abigails family, get me a list of all the agents who have visited and questioned Victor
Get me a report from the forensics expert

Nora wrote down everything Emma said

” get me the full theory of abigails death both statements etc
Get me a background check on Ethan and celine eze as well as sanctity

Get me a geographical sketch of the route where abigails accident happened

” yes madam

She walked out and later Emma’s table was filled with files, files and files

Nora walked to the computer system and did all the background checks, She printed them and dropped it on Emma’s table

Henry watched Emma as she removed her jacket and packed her hair up she wore her glasses and started going through the files while writing down important details

Wow I missed her he said to himself


Mr Jones walked to Victor.
he sat facing him and dropped some files on the table

” I will show you a picture tell me if you recognize this place
” ok

He turned a file and lifted a single paper to victors sight victor smartly read through it and it was noted

????Miranda is happy with your???? recent behaviour keep it up if you love your family, any change in plans you will be informed, do ????well and you will leave here???? soon.

Victor nodded

” I don’t remember that place
” thank you

He stood up and walked out

Victor wiped his face
I am doing this for you mom I can’t lose you he said to himself

Light opens on Emma as she checked her time

” Nora pack all this stuff into my car
” yes ma
She carried and Emma carried the rest, emma waved at Henry and walked down she got to her car she entered her car and took off she arrived at the crime scene she came out and looked around the street

She looked into the dry gutter
What a complicating case who could want to kill celine she asked herself

Emma instantly called Henry

” hey
” victors phone where is it
” the station already cross checked it its very empty
” who gave the statement
” inspector Jones
” ok
Emma dropped the call
Who is cleaning up after victor wow the person is really fast and is doing a good job, she said to herself .

Celine And Hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 73
Celine and hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 72

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