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Celine and hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 71

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????chapter ✏71✏
Celine???? and the ???? Hoffman’s
(Season 2)
????????????drunk in love????????????????
By chidinma Jerry . m.????

danny walked into his room he lay flat on the bed he was so tired

Just then someone knocked
It was Celine he dragged her inside
She extended the glass cup to Danny it was filled with cold juice

” exactly what I wanted
Celine smiled
” but why are you giving me juice won’t you complain about my sugar
‘no I won’t your happiness comes first
Danny smiled

Celine sat on the bed danny dropped the glass and lay with his head on her Lap he faced her

” i love you .
” i lovr you too.

Danny stood up
” come

He dragged her by the hand to his piano table she sat facing him and he switched of the lights and switched on a very dark red romantic light Celine was surprised she hadn’t seen it before
The room sparkled different coloured Lights Celine wondered where they came from

Just then danny drew her attention back to him with the piano sound

” this song Is dedicated to you my love
” smiled
Danny started singing, he’s voice was so Low and romantic Celine almost cried but Danny smiled while singing the lyrics Got to Celines heart

???? never, never don’t say good bye
????Don’t ever say it, baby don’t let me die
????Because the only words I know is I. Love. you
????So Don’t leave me alone pls don’t goooooooooo

????Lina I cannot leave without youuuuu
????Lina you are my dream come trueeeee
????Lina you are my breath and I. love. you
I can’t leave without you I may

????Lina you are my destiny

????Lina you are my one and only one

????Lina you are my life and I love you pls don’t leave me alone please don’t gooo.

Celine clapped

Danny stood up and carried her out of the chair

” will you dance with me
” why not
He played a slow blues and placed his hand her waist

” why do i love you so much that it makes my brain disfunction “,celine asked

” because I love you like psycho.”, danny replied.

She spinned around . They kept dancing until the song finished

” awwwn crazy song
CEline smiled

Danny switched on the main room light and fell on the bed Celine sat on him.

” how many girls have you kissed
” what
CEline frowned her face
” I was browsing through the net ,so many girls like 500, 000 where saying you are a good kisser
Danny laughed and wiped his
fore head with his hands he kept laughing while he looked at Celines face
” it was a movie you are really funny
” well
she bent closer to his face
” what
” teach me how to be a good kisser
” no it won’t work

He covered his mouth with his hands
Celine smiled
” please
” ok fine

He sat up facing her
” the whole world just found out about us and we are here practicing how to kiss right? “, danny asked
Celine laughed

Danny moved closer to Celines lip
” turn left
Celine turned her face
Danny smiled as he moved closer he noticed she wanted to close her eye

He kissed her Celine deepened the kiss.

Danny smiled against her lips.

” open up already , u kiss like you are in church

Celine laughed and opebed her mouth danny deepened the kiss .

She tightened the kiss as she exchanged saliva with him.

Danny smiled and unlocked from the kiss .

” there
” what !!! UHmmm. I have not learnt it
” whaaaa…
Celine kissed him again for few minutes.

” learnt it now
Danny smiled cunningly

” should i teach you… how to , you know …. do it
Celine pushed him out of his bed
” naughty you
” I was not talking about sex you have a spoilt mind
He came back up to the bed and lay beside her
Celine turned and placed herself on his chest
” what were u talking about then
” how to…. cook.. that was it
Celine smiled as she kissed him

” you are bad liar
” I know right

She fell comfortably into his arms and lifted her face to look at him Danny bit her ear with his teeth this made Celine laugh .

” I love you.
” love you more
” love you morer
” love you morest
Celine smiled as she checked her watch

” i need to go your dad will be back soon
Danny freed her
” bye I love you
” love you morester
Danny laughed

She ran out and locked the door


Mr hoffman walked into the house while reading the text Richard sent
Ummm nice so she’s a carpenters daughter and nobody in her generation can boost of 20, 000 arrrgh how could Danny stoop so low
Carpenters daughter could it be my missing finder he wondered within himself

Soon he got to his room he started undressing

” welcome honey
” were is Danny
” he’s room
” ok
He took off his suit
” I need to freshen up
” sorry about your investors
” I will not talk about it but which maid is Danny having an affair with do I know her .

If I tell him its Celine my husband might compromise because he likes that girl so much and this will spoil my plans

” just some random maid from the 5th building the lowest of the low who once stole from me its true her family is full of gold diggers
” I can’t believe Danny
He walked into the shower

danny was busy with his laptop in his room when someone knocked he opened it was his father

” dad
” daniel lets meet in the garden
” ok I will just wrap things up
” waiting

He walked out
Danny locked his system and walked out to the garden his dad sat drinking red wine he poured into Danny’s glass

Danny sat facing him the bright light made the garden beautiful

” dad about the news

” that maid that commoner you are dating break up with her
” what
” daniel I won’t talk about this issue again
” dad I can’t break up with her, I need her to survive
” at first I thought It was just an affair which is not wrong they are your maids they should submit to your every desire but if you really think you can have a serious relationship and a future with a maid it won’t work

” dad its not just an affair I love this girl she is different from every girl that I have met before, she’s a commoner yes but am a millonaire I have enough money to feed her and her generation for a hundred years so just leave me alone, everyone should let go I don’t need ur money

” if you really love that girl as you say then you should make the sacrifice of letting her go before she gets hurt

” what do you mean dad

” first I will fire her, second I will demolish her family house I already traced their town so I can easily place false accusations on her father and lock him up in prison I will do all this without lifting a finger don’t push me Danny
” dad
” and if you still persist I will kill her and stop this madness once and for all and you know what your father can do

Mr hoffman drank his last glass and stepped out

Danny was so confused he angrily pushed down the wine and glass cups to the floor

He stood up and while he walked inside he saw CEline coming out to the living room he stopped at a distance and looked at her she stood too and looked at him she saw the devastation in his eyes

Danny why are you bothered she said within herself

Danny looked at her for a while
We might actually break up Celine I might not be able to fight for this love danny said to himself

He walked further and before Celine could say one word Danny walked past her without a word that was her greatest shock
Tears ran down her cheek

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