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Celine and hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 72

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Celine and hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 70
Celine and hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 71

????chapter ✏72✏
Celine???? and the ???? Hoffman’s
(Season 2)
????????????drunk in love????????????????
By chidinma Jerry . m.????

Danny walked into his room and sat on the floor.thinking about his father’s words he couldn’t sleep the more he thought the more the pain increased .

Emma and Celine sat in her room …

Emma told Celine how go act in the prosecution ,she thought Celine everything she needs to know.

” Celine so you understand right
” yes I must only talk from my own point of view
” yes don’t give a statement you can’t defend
” ok

Celine walked out offer Emma’s room her fast was really making her weak .
She wondered why Danny was avoiding her. She really wanted to take him to the studio today.


danny sat before mr king and crossed his leg his guards stood behind him in the open joint his fans took pictures of him Sandra stood by him
He wore black all through with a stone diamond ear ring which was obvious because he packed his hair

” I have a proposal damny
” ok
Mr king handed him a file
” when’s the interview
” one few mins from now
” cool but I can use my own words you didn’t have to right what I will say
” I had to
Danny looked through the book
“but y Emma
” I couldn’t think if any other person or do you prefer Miranda

” don’t worry it’s ok
” Danny am sorry for all this I know it’s not easy
” its fine am suppose to be a celebrity right
Mr king : cool this plan will work

Danny walked into his car and all he remembered was his dad’s threats

” Celine am sorry I have a choice.
This is the only way to protect you.


an agent was already dragging Celine into the question room

” Celine don’t forget what I said ok
” I won’t Emma
Celine followed the officer

light opens in star magic t. V show,
Danny was already in the hot seat being interviewed the whole city watched students watched from their phone, passer bys watched from street projectors and bill boards , thoze who couldnt watch tuned into their radio station

Everybody wanted to hear from Danny about the scandal
Danny looked simple and expensive he crossed his legs which was his normal sitting position and unbanded his hair the female interviewer was already lost crushing and getting wet for Danny’s sexy look

” my name is Rita
” you are very beautiful Rita
Rita blushed
Then she turned to the screen

” everyone knows who I have with me here in one way or the other
its either you remember him as ex Mr universe, or as ex Mr world, you may recall him as coca colas brand ambassador, or as the international super model, if you don’t remember him as the winner of the most handsome celebrity award, you will remember him as the most handsome guy in our city, our city’s sweet heart

Danny smiled and shyly covered his face

” we can still remember him as the best artist whose songs make you fall in love or as great world’s number one actor
if you didn’t still remember him maybe you will recall him as the only son of our city’s protector the man who provided all the important facilities in this great city, the founder of Hoffman’s group this is his son Danny Hoffman

” wow I suddenly remembered myself
Rita smiled
” ok so quick question Danny how do you feel knowing that you have the looks of a Greek God

” am glad that am handsome at least they girls ain’t stressing me
Rita smied

” Danny am glad you honoured us by coming
” pleasure is mine
“so Mr handsome
” cut it out already am getting shy
Rita laughed
” ok so Danny the last time we had you in our show you clearly stated that “bae” didnt like the lime light right
” yes I did
” so here comes Mrs Celine she played Celines picture on the projector screen
” and ?
” and the same girl acted as your assistant last two weeks

She changed the picture to another picture of Celine when she acted as Danny’s assistant

Danny placed his hands in his fore head

” the same girl you hugged on the streets last few months during your movie trip

She took the remote and changed the picture ,

” still same girl we believe was your masked date to mirabel party,

She displayed celines picture she taken at mirabel party

Danny smiled

” same girl you dragged out of a crime scene and hugged in public

She displayed the picture and dropped the remote that was the picture everyone watched through out the interview

” Danny I believe it’s already obvious that she’s the one but we just want to hear the words from your mouth
is she your” bae”
Danny laughed
” what’s funny

” the press and their conclusions gets funny everyday
Danny picked the remote and scrolled back to the pictures

” why would you guys conclude that i am dating a commoner because I took her out of a crime scene, my favourite maid was bleeding and cuffed and you guys expect me to pass by, I saved and hugged her because there was pain written all over her

” if shes not mrs daniel who is your gf danny.

” my g. F was in the crime scene I guess you guys didn’t notice her because you were to busy trying to Creat a big scandal.I believe all hoffman group investors are watching this interview right now.

” Emmanuella jerkerns is the only girl of your class in that scene
” well you got it right am seeing Emma .
” omg perfect match no wonder she has been in your house for a while now
‘ well what we do for love
” wow finally
She hieved a sigh of relief and faced her screen

” It’s been cleared guys Daniel States clearly that he has no romantic relationship with his house help and everything he did for her was only because she’s he’s favourite maid
Another sparkling news is that Emmanuella jerkerns young lawyer and part time model, millonaires daughter and heir to gold link companies is Danny’s immediate girlfriend

” so Daniel its been long we heard your voice are you intentionally starving your fans
” no I was just caught up in many other thing mostly being an ambassador to many products really ate up my time so
” we completely understand but we hope for something real soon
” real soon it is then
” so who do you owe your outfit for today to
” just my designer as always
” it was wonderful having you
” pleasure is all mine

” so anyone you want to shout out to
” just one person, my only one I just want you to know that the day I met you was the day I started living. I love you .
” awwwwn Emma is gonna be so touched
Danny smiled
” ok guys that was it with Danny Hoffman I believe the rumours can stop now

Miranda switched off her tv and laughed
“Hahahahaha finally I thought it would never happen

They are breaking up.

The interview ended
Danny stood up and walked out just as he ran down the stairs his guards ran to him Sandra gave him his water while she cleaned the sweat on his neck with his white towel before they could take 4 steps
a crowd if people mostly girls rushed Danny he’s guards sorrounded him

Paparrazi took pictures everwhere was crazy

” I need to start wearing a mask “, he said to Sandra

” you sure do
Sandra took off His jacket and held it in her hands

” are u okay sir
” yes am fine its not the first time am lying on set any way
Sandra smiled

They got to the car Danny entered Sandra locked the door she didn’t want him to sweat so she entered the next car
Danny sat in the car and lifted his face up sending back all the Tears that almost ran down

” Celine please don’t watch this interview, the reason I denounced you is not because of fame its because if your safety and happiness, i will do everything to keep you safe even if I have to die inside
He said to himself

Light opens on Emma and Celine as they got to the car

” Celine my driver will take you home
” what about you
” I still have a lot of work to do Celine I will be very late
” ok
” kudos I received the report of your statement you did well
” thanks

Just then Celine saw the crowd of reporters rushing their way the security guards rushed out to stop them from touching the ladies

The press threw questions at them


Emma looked at celines her eye was already teary
Emma braced the Mic

” my boyfriend was right am Dannys girlfriend






Emma looked at celine for a while then she took the Mic

” she is just a maid, she’s our favourite maid

The security cleared away the press

” Celine am sorry but I had to support Danny
” its ok I don’t really care about that

Celine walked into the car where she cried the cry of her life even the driver pitied her

Emma walked back into the prosecution she went into her office


Mr hoffman went through some files in his office when Richard walked in

” sir
” yes
” you have visitors in the hall

Mr hoffman walked out he went to the hall

Just to find all his investors the already signed the files and organised it in a single roll

” sorry for doubting you
” yes we where wrong

Mr hoffman smiled as Richard carried the files

” don’t mind us

” am glad all this is over

” nice doing business


Emma and Henry both arranged their files completely

“am done henry
” me too
” brief me
” ok i will convict Victor for murder of sanctity and attempted murder of CELIne am aiming for life imprisonment

He gave emma a list

” almost all the hoffmans?
” everyone involved
” ok
” this cctv is enough evidence for a court hearing and I already spoke to the judge the court will sit next tomorrow owing to this evidence Victor can not go free

” nice but what about Abigail

” that’s where you come in you have to make your client plead guilty and accept being abigails killer

” nice you are really ready

” I am ready to prosecute Victor now thanks to you
” uwc i just hope the case gets solved and not worst
” so how is your boyfriend
” you watched the interview too
” yes congrats
” you are crazy
” ok i will meet the executive prosecutor to confirm if we can have a court hearing Tommorow
” next Tommorow is still ok
” I will just try
” ok i will meet Mr Jones then leave
” ok my driver will drop you but y do you want to meet him
” nothing much
” ok

Henry walked out

Emma was about walking into Mr Jones office when she heard his call.
She stopped at the door to eaves drop.

” we need a new plan or else you will be found out
” y
” Victor can’t plead not guilty anymore the prosecution has enough evidence to imprison him and the court will be hearing next Tommorow
” good then let’s divert to plan b I will send you the details
” ok

He dropped the call and Emma walked out

So he is really behind all this, I will cinvict him soon. She said to herself


danny just walked out if the shower he tied his white towel around his waist and packed his wet hair his body still dripping wet the silver chain necklace he wore glittered in line with his diamond ear ring he felt a little cold so he called the maids room

” CELINe its Danny
” pick up Mary

” hello sir
” can i get something hot I feel cold
” ok
She dropped the phone and turned to Celine
” something hot he feels cold
Celine remberred when Danny fell sick
” omg Danny has cold did his sickness start again
” you are already crying, Celine calm down maybe its just normal cold
” I think tea is better no coffee, coffee is better

She ran into the kitchen
Emily tapped Mildred

” she loves him so much
” he loves her too but class won’t let them be

celine knocked on Danny’s door

Danny didn’t expect her he was surprised to see her he held the door while looking at her Celine walked into the room and dropped the cup on the table Danny locked the door

” I brought hot cofee
” thanks
” danny are you cold ?

She tried touching Danny but for the first time in her life and to her greatest shock Danny stepped back

Celines heart instantly pounded, her blood heated, her soul sank her eye became blurry with tears

“Danny ?

” celine……. lets break up

Celine watched Danny as a movie she was in such a painful state that even tears seized

” danny

” I was caught up in this fantasy I almost confused it with reality, lets end it now before its too late. We have no future Celine am trying to protect you

” you Said you loved me Danny, you said you will never let me go is this about sex if it is then am ready am ready right now

That was when the Tears finally rushed out Celine wiped her eye she couldn’t see clearly again she knew her lenses fell off
She bent down and looked for it while crying the more

Tears instantly ran down Danny’s eye
He wiped them
” hey its on your Palm
Celine stood up
” thank you ( she said slowly crying )

Just then she noticed Danny was shedding tears she walked closer to him she tried to see his face

” danny are you crying
She tried touching his face but Danny held her hand

” from now on everything will go back to the way it must be am your boss you are… my house help

He let go of her hand

” danny no wait
” go, thank you for the tea
He took water from his fridge and lay on his bed.

T. B.C

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