June 11, 2021

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Celine And Hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 73

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????chapter ✏73✏
Celine???? and the ???? Hoffman’s
(Season 2)
????????????drunk in love????????????????
By chidinma Jerry . m.????

Celine looked at danny for a while tears kept flooding out then she finally walked out and locked his door
Danny rushed after her and opened the door just then he remembered his father he held the door and tears kept rolling down

Danny locked the door and sat on the floor with his head up tears just kept flowing
I love you so much that am willing to let you go Celine

Celine walked in tears till she got to the maids room she sat on the floor and cried her eyes out all the maids where trying to cool her down


Emma Was still rolling in her bed when her phone rang

” Nora
” Ethan has a mother and a sister a sick mother at that
” perfect object for blackmail
” and according to Celines statement he stopped his plan to kill her after seeing Ethan
” and he asked them to go when Ethan told him that he paid for his mother hospital bill
” he must love his mum so much to back of from the deal in the middle and FORGET the money he was suppose to get from the person that sent him

” sanctity got greedy he could not loose the money

” so he wanted to kill celine

” Victor loves his mother more than anything

” and who ever told him to plead not guilty is blackmailing him with his family

” correct

” find out the hospital name


danny on the phone in his room

” ok you guys should come although i don’t understand the reason for this

” well the press believe that you are not dating Emma because no picture or tags online proves that
” must every couple take pictures together

” whatever suit your self
” see you later

Danny flipped his phone on the bed
maid room .
Celine sat on the bed

” am going I will follow Salvador the only reason why I waited has left me

” celine are you sure
” yes I will leave after the court hearing
” its your choice CELIne
CELIne looked down

Emma walked into Danny’s room , danny looked so dull to her.

” danny are you ok.
” Yes am fine.

Just then a maid knocked
Danny picked up his remote and turned on the inter com speaker

” tell me
” your manager is here
” ok send them in

Just then Mr king and Sandra walked in Sandra held a video camera

” Mr king long time
” Emma the sneaker I hope you no longer sneak into people’s houses
Emma smiled
” why is Sandra with the camera king
” u too will take pictures together
” yes the press won’t believe you both are dating because there is no matching pictures
” thank God we are in your room now great scene

” ok pose

Emma smiled
They took pictures and Sandra saved them

” no this is not romantic
” shh we are not really dating
” just make it real. all right, shot video time
She started video

Emma picked a pillow and hit Danny
” hey
Emma Laughed
Danny picked he’s own they entered a pillow fight
Mr king smiled

Emma Laughed carelessly when she successfully won Danny he lay on the bed and she kept beating him

” you always win
She dragged Danny up and Danny chuckled softly.
Just then Emma moved closer him and kissed his kips ..

Mr king and Sandra were surprised Danny was most surprised
Sandra cut the video and ran out with Mr king

Danny didnt understand emma but he didnt unlock from the kiss either . He let her have it …

Emma deepened the kiss and that was when she got herself.

Danny slowly unlocked his lips from hers . that was when Emma got herself … She was so embarrassed .

” omg… ..I am sorry, I was Just… i didnt mean….I will be back

She hastily wore her slipper and ran into her room with both hands on her face

she sat on the floor in her room

What did I do, am so stupid
Emma said to herself

Danny packed his hair and picked his phone that was when he saw the upload of the video on the internet

“Celine pls don’t see this”, he Said to himself

CELInE was arranging her cloths in the room

” after the court hearing I will leave for sure
” celine you really want to leave danny”, mary said
” I don’t know mary but danny has decided to live without me, my ife is suddenly meaningless y did I fall in love, am suffering a lot am going through too much pain my heart keeps aching
before I didn’t have time for boys I hated them I just went about my town looking for trouble (she smiled ) but then I met Danny, I fell in love, I became weak? I became a cry baby , I surrendered everything to Danny I was scared that Danny might leave me I prayed that Danny doesn’t break my heart because if he does Mary I knew I will have nothing left

This is my first experience of love its sweet but its too bitter for me I regret falling in love

” its ok Celine I know it will all pass

Just then emily walked in

” omg Danny and Emma are really dating , hot kiss.
She played the video
Everyone watched Celine got hurt but she held her pain everyone looked at her with expectation but she just continued organising her cloth


Danny walked into Emma’s room and locked the door .

” danny i can explain
He sat on her bed

” the truth is you lied to the press that we were dating so that kiss was nothing, I just wanted to make the video real

” how long have you been in love with me, Emma ?
He looked at her face

” Danny I told u it was just…

” I can’t believe I didn’t figure this out you left me because you fell in love with me.

” danny thats not

” emma!!

” yes you are right i am in love with you infact I have been in love with you all these while even when you dated Clara I was still in love with are you happy now I just told you I always loved you, I always loved you and watched you love others I have always been suffering and enduring this pain
Emma suddenly shed tears

Danny hugged Emma and she held him tight

” Emma I was falling for you when you left, I searched for you ..y did you go.
” i sent you a letter you didn’t reply me ..you broke my heart.
” Emma I didn’t see it. U Just left when I needed you the most.

Emma held him tight as she shed tears.

” danny i might be greedy right now, selfish , wicked call it what ever but I really need you Danny …I want you …I always waited for you to have one break up or the other… Danny please.

Danny looked in her eye as tears streamed down she kissed him with tears in her eye and hugged him tight.

Danny was put in dilemma Emma was one woman he couldn’t say no too.

” Emma what about Celine, how will she feel , don’t let your feelings control you ..Celine loves you so much and you love her too….how will she feel if I start dating you after leaving her .

Emma gently let go of Danny.

” danny you are right , this is not me… you belong with Celine.

Danny held her face in his hands
” you are still my best friend Emma nothing will change that
Emma hugged him again .


Mr hoffman was having some issues with his calculations so he called Richard

” sir
” is the file complete
” it should be

He knelt down and counted it
” is it
” no its not Mr Milberts file is not here
” I need this file now so I can send them to Mr president early tomorow

He placed a call

” Mr hoffman tell me
” millbert did you drop your file after signing
” yes of course yes
” pls do check
Mr Milbert shouted
” honey, Mira dear
” Dad
” get me my box
” ok dad

Miranda brought it and the file was there

” am sorry I took it home
” ok i will send my son over I need to use it early in the morning
” ok that’s good
He dropped the call

” I can just go sir
” you are too busy and its closer to Danny
” ok
Richard continued signing out the files

Danny was in his room when he’s phone rang

” Dad tell me
” your friend Miranda go to their house and get my file
” ok dad

Danny took his phone, he wore his foot wear and rushed out of his room Celine was coming out of gretels room when she saw him she got worried
Where is Danny going to this night …

It’s really cold and he didnt take his jacket.
Danny saw Celine he slowly tried walking past her but Celine held him back with both hands.
” danny please wait.

Danny stood still she rushed into his room brought out his jacket then she helped him wear it.

” sir Please go with a guard I might no longer be your girlfriend but….. you are still my life, pls don’t get hurt and do come back early

She slightly bowed to him then she walked past him Danny turned and looked at her

I know the pain you are going through Celine but the pain you will go through if I don’t break up with you is much worse, I love you so much he said to himself as he walked past her

Mirandas house

” Dad who will come for the files
” danny
“really ?
” yes
Miranda smiled
” Dad its getting late go to sleep
” I wanted too

He walked out Miranda ran into her room and bathed she wore a very seductive transparent white top braless with her shining pant shot then she packed her hair up
and sat in the parlour

I will see Danny after a long long time she smiled
She switched on the t. V minutes later Danny arrived the house he’s guards stayed in the car the gate man directed him to the main door Danny knocked

Miranda heard the knock she smiled
Danny” she said to herself

She checked to see wether her top was transparent enough she pulled the shot higher she looked at the mirror wow she looked seductive so she ran to the door she opened it
” mum I was……. Omg Danny what are you doing here

She covered her breast with her hands
” am sorry I didn’t talk
He took off his jacket and covered Mirandas chest miranda took the jacket from him and wore it

” what brings you here
” my father’s file
” oh ok my dad kept it in his room come on in

Danny walked in the house was classy he sat in the couch and removed his hair warmer Miranda returned with the file in her hand
” do you want anything
” no am fine, can you give it to me
” danny y have you been avoiding me have you still not forgiven me yet
She faked a crying face
” its not that ave just been busy
Miranda removed the jacket and unbanded her hair Danny tried his best not to stare
” I just feel hot
She stood up and walked to Danny she stood in his face
Danny didn’t want to look up at her Miranda was dressed too seductively

” well can i have the file its getting late

Miranda sat beside him and placed her hands on his shoulders Danny stood up and sat in the other chair he knew ecactly what he was avoiding Miranda already got his spirit

” ok fine I will give you this file if you promise me that everything will go back to normal
” ok
” promise
” fine whatever
She handed Danny the file Danny instantly stood up and walked out

Miranda waved at him
Miranda sat back on her chair smiling

Oh Miranda you are so sexy you can get just anyman helpless

She touched the couch and pushed it in with both hands

Mmmm this place is perfect for another night with Danny

She recalled her first night with Danny this made her wrap her hands round her body

Am addicted to you Danny am obsessed with you


danny arrived home almost everyone was fast asleep

Celine didn’t sleep she sat awake waiting to make sure Danny came back

Danny sat on the bed in his room
“I Better inform her that am back I know she won’t sleep
He dialed the line

” sir
” well i came back and I went with guards am totally safe am not feeling cold or sick or anything
Celine smiled in tears as she heard his voice tears kept rushing out
” I also came back early too and am safe I just wanted to let you know so I will just…

He dropped the call

Celine smiled and lay on the bed she covered her body with the bed sheet tears ran down from her eye as she slept

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