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Celine And Hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 74

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????chapter ✏74✏
Celine???? and the ???? Hoffman’s
(Season 2)
????????????drunk in love????????????????
By chidinma Jerry . m.????


Emma and celine drove out to court early the next morning.

Danny already left for his penthouse.

Emma drove quietly and noticed Celine who was staring at her.

” tell me what it is CELIne
” what
” you look like you want to tell me something so just tell me
” do you…… have feelings for Danny Emma
Emma stopped driving
” am sorry ,don’t worry

Emma started driving again

” yes am in love with Danny
” oh…. well i was JUST
” but danny is not mine he’s yours and I can’t drag Danny with you Celine because you are one of the most innocent persons I ever met in my life
Celine smiled

” are you bethroted to danny
” no who told you such rubbish, we are not bethroted its just our parents who want us to get married
” y don’t you want go get married then
” I can’t be with someone who loves someone else

Soon they arrived everyone was already seated Emma wore her coat and cap Celine sat down beside Ethan and EMMa sat beside Victor

” hey unrewuited love
Celine smiled

Emma turned to Victor

” what have you decided Victor will you plead guilty now
” no am not guilty
” just plead guilty so your sentence will be reduced and the person that sent you will be found out and punished why are you protecting that person do you want suffer alone
” you are my lawyer my wish is your command

Henry gave emma a signal
Did he agree to plead guilty
Emma signaled him no
He sighed

Just then the honourable judge hit his gavel and shouted
“Order ”
Henry stood up
” your honour Victor desai by the virtue of unquestionable evidence has been found guilty of the murder of sanctify and attempted murder of Mrs Celine eze according to section 419 of the criminal act I hereby prosecute and plead that he be sentenced to life imprisonment with hard Labour

” what does the defendant plead
Emma stood up
” my client is not guilty of any of those crimes and the court cannot rule based on falsified evidence

” objection your honour”, Henry said

” objection sustained

” the evidence I have to present in this humble court is not falsified or tampered with

” go on

Permit Me to present a C. C. T. V footage of everything that happened that night .

Just then Victor spoke into his Mic

” am guilty
Everyone turned, Everyone was surprised
Emma smiled

” your honour my client just pleaded guilty we believe his sentence can be reduced

Henry faced victor

” Mr Victor desai what was the motive behind your act

” I was angry at miss Celine so I wanted to kill her
” why where you angry at miss Celine
” because she didn’t want to give me my money
Emma turned in shock

” Victor what are you saying
” the real truth
” objection your honour
” objection over ruled

Emma lay back on her chair
Why didn’t I figure out that something like this might happen she said to herself

” tell us what kind of business deal you had with Mrs Celine “, Henry said

” I am responsible for the murder of miss Abigail Samuel Miss Celine paid me to kill her

“objection your honour the prosecutor is making my client say unlikely things
” objection over ruled
Emma sat back down

” so you confess to being the murderer of miss Abigail

” yes I am and miss Celine eze sent me to do this after I killed Mrs Abigail Mrs Celine eze didn’t want to pay me so I decided to kill her
” then y didn’t you kill her anymore because your honour

Henry turned to the judge and gave him the c. D

” according to this cc. Tv footage Mr victor desai was protecting CELINe in the crime scene and not killing her

The judge played the video in his laptop and nodded

Emma smiled a bit

” I am telling the truth, the only reason why I changed my mind of killing Celine was because I saw her with my childhood friend so I decided to forgive her.

Henry signaled Emma that he has no choice
Emma bent her head down

” judging from confession and presented evidence Mrs Celine is hereby to be held in station for 48 hours until proper investigation and evidence is presented to either convict or defend her. that’s it your honour

” the court is adjourned and will sit again after 48 hours for the conviction of Mrs Celine he hit is gavel and He stood up

police officers arrested celine instantly they cuffed her

Emma rushed to them

” why cuff her
” she’s under arrest for two days Emma she’s a suspect
Emma placed her hands on her head
“what is going on !!!!!

Celine tried not to shed tears but the tears kept rushing out
What’s going on, what did I do, am so scared Danny where are you
Emma touched her

” Celine its ok i promise to bring you out as soon as possible
” see you later Emma, take her out Guys
They dragged celine outside emma ran to henry

” what kind of proceeding was that
” Emma am a prosecutor am not a defendant my job is to punish anybody who Is guilty I didn’t have a choice
Emma was so confused she placed her hands on her fore head

Arrrgh who is behind all this what’s going on she shouted

” Emma I trust you, you can solve this case become her lawyer Martin’s just became her prosecutor
” we have only two days to find out enough evidence if not celine will sentenced for real what will i do if that happens

” it will be okay
Henry hugged her

When the officers dragged Celine out the press rushed them they took pictures of Celine and threw questions to investigator Julia




Julia turned to them

” this case is still under investigation no fingers should be pointed yet, the court will sit again after two days and Mrs Celines fate will be decided thank you

They dragged Celine into the car and locked the door two officers sat by her side
Mum I am really suffering, I am suffering everyday, am all alone mum come and take me
she thought to herself

Mrs hoffman switched of her t. V
Wow this Celine girl is much more worse than I thought thank God I saved Danny from her

She picked up her wine

Mr hoffman switched off his office t. V
And called the commissioner of police on phone
It rang without any anwser he tried calling again when he’s assistant walked in

” sir who are you calling
” police commissioner they have to release Celine at once she can’t sleep in prison

” sir you are a public figure don’t defend someone whom you are not sure of because if she ends up being convicted for real she will drag your name to the mud, your reputation will be ruined so please don’t take that chance

” no I trust that girl

” she’s just a maid you can never know what she is capable of until you know

Mr hoffman dropped his phone

” its just two days in jail, two days won’t kill her

” you are right I trust Emma to bring her out

Danny was in the pool when Sandra called him on phone

” tell me
“log in to news line

He logged in and saw the video of Celines arrest he instantly Rushed into the house and changed be rushed out just as he was about entering his car Miranda walked in he held the car door

” are you going to the station Daniel
” yes I have to
” danny that doesn’t make sense, you just cleared a big scandal and you really want to start another one

” Celine can’t sleep in jail I won’t let that happen
” danny its just 2 days and we trust Emma to bring her out right, don’t spoil everything you did just because of this little incident
Danny locked his car door

Arrrrgghh!!!! He threw the key into the pool
What is going on!!! He shouted

” I pity Celine too Danny who could be behind all this

Danny Walked back inside he entered the bedroom and sat on the floor with his face up Miranda sat by his side

” am sorry I really like Celine I don’t know why she’s suffering

” miranda I want to be left alone
He looked at her face

” ok fine Danny I will go but don’t Drink or smoke
” I won’t
” ok you will be all right

She touched his shoulders and stood up she entered her car and left
Meanwhile Celine arrived in prison the smell was just too bad jeez she couldn’t breath
I can’t believe I will sleep here
She said to herself

All the girls occupied everywhere she preferred to stand since she couldn’t see well so she Wont step on anybody

Danny stood up from the bed he picked his phone and texted the commissioner of police the man called him

” Daniel who is the girl to you anyways
” Mr Hilton shes my girlfriend you understand how I feel right
” ok just because of you
” thank you

He dropped the call and picked his laptop
Celine stood for a while she felt like she saw an empty space she decided to sit down that was when she mistakenly stepped on the hand of one of the most dangerous in mates in the cell she instantly pushed Celine

” am sorry
” girls hold This bitch let me teach her a lesson

Celine And Hoffman. Season 2 Chapter 76 and 77
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