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Celine And Hoffman. Season 2 Chapter 76 and 77

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Celine and hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 78,79 and 80
Celine And Hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 74

????chapter ✏76✏
Celine???? and the ???? Hoffman’s
(Season 2)
????????????drunk in love????????????????
By chidinma Jerry . m.????

Early in the morning Celine woke up Danny was still sleeping she didn’t want to wake him so she sneaked out back to her room she met Julia at the door

” good morning
CEline smiled
” you had all the fun now get ready to face reality
CEline withdrew her smile
” you have 2 hours to get ready we leave by 9
” ok

She walked into the room first she rushed into the shower and after bathing she switched on the Bright room light and wore her pantie she picked her bra then she remembered her moment with Danny last night she stood before her mirror and looked at herself in a different way she flipped her hair back and just looked at herself as memories of the night kept coming to her

I Better stop starving Danny for sex its so childish we’ve been together for long now she said to herself as she tried hooking the bra when danny walked into the room

He was already dressed up .he wore a white track suit and two diamond earrings . He looked cute , her cute boyfriend she said to herself.

he held his phone in his hands and wore a gold watch . With one gold ring.his physique already sold the outfit. His hair fell freely.

As he walked in his phone rang he placed the phone on his ear it was Sandra.

” this early?.
” your meeting at coca right .

Danny walked closer to Celine he used his shoulders to wedge the phone to his ear .


He removed her hands and hooked the bra for her .then he took the phone into his hands .

” yea , so for the commercial Jennifer is doing it right.

he gently lifted her jaw and kissed her.

Celine smiled and deepened the kiss

” sir the truth is I confused your schedule I don’t know if its today or tomorow.

Danny unlocked from the kiss.

” fine ,what about the time?

He lifted her jaw and kissed celine again.

” actually I missed that too.

He unlocked from the kiss.

” fine , don’t stress I will text Mr king so just…..

Celine kissed him without letting him talk.

” sir what are you doing.

Danny gently unlocked from the kiss.

” tell king to call me .
” sure thing sir.

Danny dropped the phone on her bed ,he kissed again with his hands on her waist.

He gently lifted the pant and spoke into her lips

” I like the colour better
” really.
“you will only wear this colour for me .”, he said slipping his fingers into the pant.

Celine laughed

” danny!!
” shhhh i was checking maybe you forgot to wear the pad.
Celine smiled .
” do I wear it in my butt ?
” Ok fine you got me I was just being naughty.
Celine kissed his lips .
” i think i forgot to wear it won’t you check well.
Danny smiled
” i should.
Celine chuckled as he brushed his fingers down She kissed his lips and he gently touched the pad.

” danny you spoilt me.
Danny laughed and dragged her pant up.
” i was just checking the texture of the pad.
Celine kissed him and whispered into his lips.
” let’s have sex…am ready
” on your period.
” Yes on my period.

She pushed him down to the bed and rose him

” that’s a criminal act celine.

she bent down and kissed his ear lobe down his neck.

Danny turned her over to the bed and tried slipping out her pant she shouted.

” danny i was joking !!!!!!!!, she started laughing .

Danny kissed her and stood up.

” i know you were kidding.

Just then someone knocked Danny opened the door and took the white bag which he handed to celine.

” what
” cloths
” thanks
” try it out .

Celine brought out the black. gown.

It was a short free gown .pretty.

” you like free gowns.
” because I like slipping my hands into places without restrictions .
Celine smiled.
” I will text my manager .
” ok.

Danny texted Mr king and celine combed her hair.

” I need to leave , i will see you later.
” when
” uhmmm I don’t know but don’t talk to any guy.
” even officers .

Danny smiled .he slipped his sliver stoned slipper in And tried rushing out .

” you won’t even kiss me.
Danny came back.
” I have been kissing you all morning
” no no you were spoiling me with your fingers
” you win kiss me.
Celine smiled and kissed him till she finally let go.

” can i go now .
” can you not.
Danny smiled and waved at her as he opened the door.

” I love you
” more than my life .
Celine smiled

CELInE knelt down for a while and prayed , then she stood up and drank the water on the table


Minutes later.

Danny just arrived home Emma was sitting by the pool her hair scattered and unkept, she had a pen on almost every part of her body and thousands files on the table Danny walked to her

” honey
She turned
Danny dragged her up from the chair and hugged her
” its not your fault Emma you tried your best
Emma smiled
Emma sat back
” Danny I think I have an issue with my phone
” how
” call me
Danny called her line Emma didn’t pick so it entered voice mail
” Danny record a message
” ok
Danny recorded a message but the message didn’t enter Emma’s phone
” you see I didn’t receive the msg
” its from your SIM card
” what do I do
” just make sure you always pick your calls
Emma smiled
” they will return your mail’s one day
” ok
” did you even bath , he touched her hair.
” not yet .
” don’t over stress yourself .
” I won’t but did you go out without guards , you forgot your Dad monitors your every foot step.
” no he didn’t see me.
” hope so.
Danny kissed her cheek and
removed his hands from her hair .
Danny walked into his room Emma continued her work

A maid brought her hot coffee Emma scratched her hair
What is this There is no strong evidence that can defend Celine

Nora arrived
” tell me Nora
” sent Patrick hospital
” THAts were victors Mother is
” yes
” ok nice
” madam there is no strong evidence we need an alibi
” what kind of alibi
” Celine was suppose to go on the errand right
” yes
” she already entered the car but you and Danny stoped her right
” yes
” well if she is the killer she must have called the criminals on phone and told them that Abigail was coming out right
” yes
” so is there anyone that can prove that Celine made a phone call after she went into the house
Emma smiled
” or is there anyone that can prove that CElinE didn’t make a phone call after she went into the house
” you are so smart

Just then Emily walked past Emma called her

” madam
” am sorry you guys have been questioned a lot today
” its all right
” that day Abigail died after we brought Celine into the house did she make any call
” actually Celine never came into the maids room but her phone was in the maids room and it didn’t ring
” its ok go
Emily left
” Emily can’t be her alibi because Emily was not with her the whole night and she may have used someone’s phone where ever she went to, the only person that can be her alibi is the person she spent the whole time with right from when she walked into the house
” Danny
” good then the case is solved, Danny should speak in court and she would be released
” he can’t, their relationship is a secret if he speaks in court EVERYBody will find out that they are really dating and that he lied at the interview that will spoil his image

” we need another alibi
Emma scratched her hair
” there is no other alibi nora
” ok this is bad
” I will bath lets go to the station but first we need to visit the scene of abigails death I have a feeling some evidence will be there

” ok am waiting
Emma walked out

Danny took his bath in his room and lay back on his bed

Aaarrgh why am I so tired he said

Gretel walked into the room and sat beside him

” cup cake
Gretel smiled
” Danny how is celine
” celine is fine stop worrying
” thank God
” yes
” I almost forgot to tell you aunty Diana invited Me over so I will be traveling to new York soon
” thats nice but will you leave your boyfriend
Gretel was surprised
” wait you knew
Danny smiled
” yes I kinda did
” and you are not mad
” no am kinda not
Gretel fell on him on the bed and hugged him Danny ran his hands through her hair
” just be careful , what you dooooo
Gretel chuckled.
” i know what you mean but I don’t have plans yet
Danny smiled.
” is he nice.
” yes and romantic too.

Danny tickled her waist she laughed.

” I can’t believe you were being romanced.

” no I wasn’t …

Danny smiled

” actually simeon is traveling too
She smiled
” now I know why you want to travel
” yes thats why i want to travel and I will follow you and dad
” were am I traveling to
” dad hasn’t told you but i heard him on phone he was speaking to one international organisation that wanted to invest into hoffman groups for rebuilding the main market and the bridge and major roads
” and
” I dunno but I heard dad saying he will surely come with the heir of hoffman groups for this long term patenership contract
” wow I never knew

Gretel stood up and walked to his fridge she took a cup of ice cream

” wow Celine is the only woman who doesn’t disturb my fridge
Gretel smiled

Keila sat with gelai in he room

” so you mean your dad threw away the vagina wash
” yes he did
” where is he now
” he traveled to India for a surgery
” wow that’s nice
Angela repositioned her leg to lie down
” why are you not on your period
” its not today
” what are you telling me I have your calendar

She brought out 3 calendars from under the bed

” gelai that’s yours today should be the 3rd day this is Gretel Gretels will come out next week Monday mine came out yesterday

” I dunno what’s going on I feel really fat within me nowadays, don’t worry the period will come it normally plays hide and seek she smiled

” well you don’t have to be scared as long as you are not having sex
KeilA dropped the calendar and lay back beside Angela
Just then she noticed the awkward silence

” Angela
” mmm
” I asked you a question
” no, I mean the period will come out let’s change the topic
” Angela are you having sex with Stanley
” well… actually.. yea kinda
” but your mum strictly warned you
” I was just carried away
” then you are pregnant you just missed your period

Angela didn’t talk
” am texting Gretel

Gretel was busy with the ice cream when she received the text
*Emergency my house now *

” Danny see you later

She ran off

????chapter ✏77✏
Celine???? and the ???? Hoffman’s
(Season 2)
????????????drunk in love????????????????
By chidinma Jerry . m.????
Emma and Nora arrived at the junction where abigails murder happened

Emma walked down

” Is this the place nora
” yes
Emma looked around just then she saw a cctv camera

She and nora rushed towards it

” Nora what do you think does it work
” it looks old I don’t think so

just then the owner of the super market stepped out

” how may I help you
” this cc.T.v. does it still work
” who are you
Emma brought out her I. D
” it works
” I will love to see the footage of 3 February if you don’t mind
” come on in

She and nora walked in the woman showed them the c. C. Tv

Emma watched the video carefully
” they didn’t even see the face of the person they shot
” I will transfer this
” do fast
Nora transferrd the file and both of them walked out

” lets go to the station I will like to question Victor and junior
” ok sure thing

They entered the car and took off

Gretel packed up the pregnancy test kit and dropped it back under KeilAs bed

” what are you going to do
Angela’s eye was already teary
” my mum is going to disown me just like she disowned my sister
” I don’t understand didn’t you guys use protection
” I don’t know
She hugged Gretel
” Angela what are we going to do
” I will call tasha
Keula called tasha
” hey what’s up
” Gretel is pregnant
” seriously
” why me ?”,gretel said
” Shhh

” why didn’t she use protection
” I don’t know, it’s that bad
” well She has to abort it has it been long
” no just days
” well there’s this other liquid drug she can take it will totally flush the stuff out its very expensive but I will buy it tell her not to worry
” any side effects
” stomach ache very serious stomach ache
” ok just buy it
” I will
KeilA dropped the call
” why me
” she likes you so she Wont gossip about it
Gretel turned to Angela and held her hand.

” angela tasha just gave an idea but the final decision I yours do you want to keep the child

” Gretel she can’t keep it her mum will disown her? Angela am sorry but you have to follow tashas advice
” but first you need to tell stanely gelai so you guys can make the decision together

” tell him what gret, am so embarrassed and am sure he will deny it, isn’t that how boys behave and most importantly my mom will find out about this very soon so I need to act fast
” am sorry gelai but you were just too careless about sex thats not you

” am so stupid , I was just carried away
” come here

They all hugged her
What am i going to do, mum will disown me, will stanely accept me, am finished. Angela thought to herself.

Emma walked into the station

” junior is waiting for you
” ok
She collected juniors file from Julia and walked into the questioning room

” who are you?
” lawyer Emma jerkerns I will ask you feel questions
” I have nothing to say
” don’t worry it’s just simple question
” ok
danny was swimming he took his wine and drank he dropped back the cup

I wonder what Celine is doing now he said to himself just then Miranda walked to him

Danny was surprised

” hy
She bent down close to where he was in the pool
” you
“I left you yesterday in a bad mood so I decided to check up on you
” am fine

He walked out and a maid handed him his towel so he dried his hair and returned the towel to her the maid then gave him his wine and stood behind him danny sat down with his face up the umbrella covered him , his spot less skin glittered in line with his silver necklace, ring and earing
He just looked upward Miranda sat beside him

Why is this guy so attractive, Danny why can’t you just be mine I fell in LOVE with you and I became obsessive I became wicked all because of you this is not how I used to be I used to be very calm, playful and innocent until you came along

Danny noticed Miranda was staring at him he turned his face to look at her

” why what happened why are you staring
” nothing
” how are you preparing for your birthday
” my mom is in control of that right now my mind is on celine getting out of prison
” she will I prayed for her
” Miranda am so happy you have changed
” yes I was wrong now am a better person I love Celine and I support your relationship I will help you fight anybody who wants to destroy you guys

Danny smiled as he poured a little water on the water bottle cover and poured on her face
Miranda laughed
” now we are both wet
” yes we are “, she looked at his face

Emma and junior still conversed

” to your boss who is the closest person
” me of course
” tel me how your boss handles his phone during missions
” he’s not always with his phone
” you know when your boss invited more people to help him kill celine you must have wondered y he did SO right
” yes I did and when I asked him he Said
“They double our pay, we up our game ”

” they double our pay we up our hmmm
” anything else
” we will talk later

Emma moved to victors questioning room

” what else do you want I already confessed
” nothing but how much did Celine promise you
” 1 mill
” wow miss Celine must be very rich
” I don’t know
” tell Me about your family
” well my mother …..

Celine and hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 78,79 and 80
Celine And Hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 74

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