July 29, 2021

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Doctor Vs Nurse Vs Patient. Part 22

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Doctor Vs. Nurse. Vs Patient. Part 23
Doctor Vs Nurse Vs Patient. Part 21


Yep, I had a few tools I could use, I got my
screwdriver, pliers and yeah, one rubber
ducky!!! wink
She showed me the culprit, a ceiling fan….
The first place I checked was the regulator,
and yep, it had burned, so I removed it and
connected both wires, and the fan started
spinning like a spindle….
“Wooow, thanks dear”
And she gave me a nice friendly hug, which
made me feel her bôobs under her bra….
Okay okay, Dr Sandra is tall, very very pretty,
dark but pretty, nice medium b0s0m and a
cute jumping arse to match her stature. And
she is from benue state….
“Hey, wait a bit let me entertain you”
She switched on her go-tv, served me some
chilled zobo with fruit salad (ladies with fruit
salad) and sat on another chair….
“So doc lagus (as she fondly called me while
in school) what are u still doing here.”
“Eerrrr, I don’t want my people to think I’ve
been sacked”
“Hhahahahahahaha, same here”
And we both laughed hysterically
“Okay, I think it’s time I go”
“Okay, thanks”.
I was just fantasizing on how I would get this
pussssy to slay….
I have always wanted to fvck her, I needed to,
since school…..
I had to devise a plan….
What could I do, what should I do
Then suddenly, there was a blackout….
At first I thought the Ibadan distribution
company had struck again, butI was wrong,
as I found out after two days of total
darkness that the transformer has an issue….
No money, no light, and no S£x!!!!
In fact, suya is better than me….
But there was a temporary solution, as the
works dept repaired only a part of it, which
powered the wards only….
And since the wards were virtually empty, I
strolled down to charge my phone and
And one day, I met Dr Sandra charging hers
at my spot…
“Hey, what’s good….”
“I’m fine jare”….
And we chatted and chatted and chatted until
when it was 1am in the morning….
I later noticed that Dr sandra wore a short
gown (could pass as a nightie anyway) which
revealed her chocolate complexion that shone
under the fluorescent lamps….

” okay babe, I think I have done my part….”
As I wanted to walk out, NEPA took the light…
“Dr lagus, where are you, I don’t like the dark”
“I’m here doc” I said as I stretched out my
She grabbed it and hugged me with her soft
Now I couldn’t take it anymore, she even felt
my baba ibeji stand erext….
“Hmm, doctor, what is happening there….”
“Sorry about that”
“No need to be sorry, you see, from the tribe I
come from, we love to entertain our guests
with whatever we can offer….”
And she made my fingers enter her very hot
and wet K!ttyC@t……
And as it entered, she gave out the loudest
m0an she could bellow out, just like a walrus
on heat….
And I just kept on fingering and
Until I disnt know when my tongue was busy
sU-Cking her right nip….
Meeehn, those b0s0m were the ish, medium
sized but still there….
As I sU-Cked, I thrusted the fingers in harder,
and she kept on m0an!ng like shrek
masturbating himself….
And she pushed my hand away, and led me
to the nearest bed, where I would butcher her

Doctor Vs. Nurse. Vs Patient. Part 23
Doctor Vs Nurse Vs Patient. Part 21

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