June 20, 2021

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Doctor Vs Nurse Vs Patient. Part 24

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Two months after and the hospital resumed
I had moved to the surgery department, and
it was not only a boring place, but also full of
ugly, horrid looking witches called nurses….
My libido reached sub-zero levels… I mean if
you want to see a collection of pickled face,
slippers b0s0m and absolutely nothing
behind, then the surgery ward nurses are
your best choice…..
So as usual, I was trying to get the IV line of
a very difficult patient and one of the witches
walked up to me….
“Doc, why nah, if you cant get the line call
your senior….”
“I will get it, thanks” I scoffed…
Then just as I wanted to puncture the vein…..
“Doctor lagusta”
“What is it” I shouted….
And I turned around to see Dr ola….
“Hey, what’s up, long time, how u doing”
“I’m fine” she said. “You didn’t even ask of
me, not even a call”
“Babe I’m sorry, I didn’t have your number”
“Okay, so what’s happening here”
And after all the explanations, she helped
secure IV access and the fluid was running
like ikogosi warm spring….
“Thanks dear”
After work she came to my room again….
“Babe, why did you just walk out and
disappear just like that”
“Hmmmm, I’m sorry I did that, its just that I
have never had such good and sweet S£x in
my life, and I got it from someone I don’t
My swelling head was red and ready to

“Oh, so you enjoyed it, and u didn’t want
“Look, you don’t understand, I have a fiancee,
in fact, we are about to get married, but……”
“But what dear…” I said softly, holding her
“He can’t do press-up, he can’t perform at
all…. It takes long for it to harden up, and
immediately after insertion, all I hear is ”
iiirrrgggh” and that’s it, he just cums like
I was speechless for some seconds, then I
cleared my throat and told her….
“Babe, don’t worry, maybe he is always too
excited when S£x is involved…. Just give him
lots of re-assurance and yeah, he would
bounce back to life!!!”
“Are you sure?? I love him, but I don’t want
to spend the rest of my life growing old in my
“Don’t worry dear, you would still be as
beautiful as you always are….”
“Really Oh thanks dear….”
And she held me close, and our lips touched,
and we stared at each other, and we kissed
so passionately….

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