August 6, 2021

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He and her V. Episode 75

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He and her V

Written by O.S Feathers

Episode 75

(She’s a thorn)

Tucker’s POV

“Doesn’t matter if we have a child together in the past. My heart is made for Camila. Would you accept this quick , please ”

She smirked at my words.

“My daughter needs a father that will take care of her, are you rejecting your own daughter already?”

“I’m not sure if she is , yet. ”

“Why not confirm with a DNA text ”


Camila, Grace and I all sat at the hospital waiting for the result of the D.N.A that will confirm if the daughter is mine or not.

I know of a surety that it’s very impossible for me to be the father of her child but that would never stop me from loving Camila.

The love I have for Camila is everlasting and strong.

The doctor came out few minutes later and stood before us all. All this while Camila and Grace never exchanged words.

“The girl is your daughter , Mr. Tucker ” He handed over a file to me ” Check the result yourself ” He walked away.

I became weak and confused.

“Camila , I love you and all will be alright soon”

she looked at my face and nodded. She lowered her head like someone in pain.

The wedding we had is not the kind of wedding we had imagined ourselves having in the future but Grace made everything go her way.

“I’ll take care of the child , but I still do not love you” I watched Grace and saw tears battling from streaming down her eyes.

“You loathe me so much , right?” She bite her lips looking into my face with an almost closed eyes that depicts how much pain she is going through at the moment.

“I like you, we could be friend but Lovers ; No”

“But you promised to marry me then and you even gave me a ring” She cried.

“I’m not denying that , we were just kid. ”

“Kids! Do you just say kid. You toyed with my heart and now tell me that we are just kid. How do you plan taking care of Joy?”

“She will be living with Camila and I while you can move on with your life. There are many men outside there who would love a beautiful woman like you”

She looked away. “I can never love any man as much as I love you. I’d rather die than for me to watch you marry Camila ” She said and walked away.

Camila and I faced each other and she just placed her head on my chest.

“Camila , I betrayed you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me ”

“I do not have anything against you Tucker. All I have for you is true Love. I can’t blame you for the mistake you had made in the past ”

“Thanks , sweetheart. Do you promise to stay with me?”

“I wish you didn’t have a past with Grace. Now ,she’s a thorn in our relationship. But ,I’ll stay with you anyways. I love you”

“I love you more ” Camila and I walked hand in hand out of the hospital.

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