July 30, 2021

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Never knew she’s beautiful. Episode 7

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Never knew she’s beautiful

Episode 7

(In my stomach)

Rachael’s POV

He watched me with his palm on his chin till I was done eating his food. I pushed the empty plate to him and removed his hanky from his jacket and cleaned my mouth with it.

“Thanks for this awesome lunch sir ,I’m off to the office” I said and walked away.


I was collating some files in the office when he walked inside with two police men. I furrowed my brow in shock

” what have I done?”

“We can discuss that when we get to station , move please “One of the cops said.

” move to where. The last time I moved , I fainted. I’m not really normal. I may start screaming anytime from now. I may even slump and begin to convulse. You may try it by just touching me ”

The cops were stunned at what I said “Is this true , Sir” One of the cops asked my boss.

“I know she’s abnormal and that she slumps often…I do not know about the rest ” He replied.

“You shouldn’t have employed her , what if she dies all of a sudden at your office?”

“She has died many times , she use to wake up after eight hours ” He replied.

“Oh! ….okay. How do we arrest her now cause she already said what will happen if we touch her”

He went to sit and placed his two hands on the desk before him.

“You can leave. I’ll handle her ” He said and those cops sighed and left.

“It worked ” I mumbled and shook my body happily.

“You had the gut to eat my food?”

“Am I wrong? You should question yourself as to why a gentle, beautiful and exquisite young lady like me would follow your excellency out , yet you will choose not to buy anything for her. Isn’t that stinginess?”

“Oh! You are even insulting me after eating my food. Seems to me that you have got a job elsewhere?”

“No Sir. ”

“Really , and you are playing with your job. You are playing with fire. You know I could fire you with a single sentence ” He threatened while I kept looking at him.

“I’ll buy another food for you, sir”

He smirked. “You can’t even buy a good and decent cloth for yourself ,yet you want to but a food for a rich boss like me ” He said proudly while I looked down and continued working.

“Where is my food , young girl” He barked at me and I was forced to raised my head at him.

“In my…in my….”

I struggled to say but he stood all of a sudden and barged to my desk. He shouted again “where is my food?”

“In my stomach , sir. “

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