July 30, 2021

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Venessar High School. Episode 80

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Venessar High School

Written by O.S Feathers

Episode 80

(Stephen and Kimberly are dead)

We saw Stephen leaning by a wall with a gun in his hand and a black spectacle on his face.

While we all got stuck at the entrance , Autumn boldly entered and went to him.

They stood before each other and looked into their faces for a while while Kim and I just watched.

“I traced you here as soon as I was informed that you escaped the terrible sickness that befell you”

“You made it befall me , so what do you want Stephen”

“Kimberly. The plane is ready , I just need Kimberly to follow me out of this country to where we can live all our life alone. I’m made for Kimberly”

Autumn chuckled at his words and sunk to the bed.

“Then you would kill everyone of us here before accomplishing that. Including Kim herself. Do you know that you can’t force someone to love you? Well, I guess it will be too late before you find out”

Stephen stood well and stretched his gun at Autumn but Autumn wasn’t moved.

“You wanna shoot me? I could have hurt you all this while but I couldn’t because of the love I had for you”

“I do not love you fat girl ” Stephen said and stretched the gun at me.

“You wanna kill your brother?”

“He has always being the one making Kimberly not to love me. ”

Kim suddenly stood before me as a guide and said ; ” Killing him would never make me love you. Love isn’t by force. You can’t force it ”

“Kimberly , leave Sean. I don’t wanna hurt you”

“No , hurt me first before hurting Sean ” Kin said boldly and I heard a sound of gun. I closed my eye and opened it after few seconds.

I saw Kimberly and Stephen down at the same time.

Bloods were dripping from the nose of Stephen and bloods were pouring from the shoulder of Kimberly.

I do not have a clear understanding of what just happened. I looked up to Autumn who was standing and watching Kimberly lifeless on the floor.

She cried and looked away.

I lowered my head and saw Kimberly on the floor not moving not breathing. All my hope faded away.

Stephen and Kimberly are dead. I cried so hard and squatted before Kimberly crying so hard.

“Sean ,what’s wrong with you?” A voice asked and I opened my eye. It had being a dream.

I remembered that as soon as we entered the hotel , I fell to the bed tiredly and slept off and I had just had the terrible dream.

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