July 27, 2021

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Caught between crossroads. Chapter 8 and 9

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Caught Between Crossroads. Chapter 8 and 9
Cross between Crossroads. Chapter 6 and 7

By Virginia Asenath
Chapter 8
Having money and connected to some great men always gave her the confidence to look down on people. But for the first time getting someone who is not scared. Being confused of what she is supposed to do. She is driven with greed of money. She drove to the pub, a shot would help her think. Determined to have a share of Dave’s wealth at any cost. Sitting in a corner, she watched the strippers dancing and others making out. If only she was in a good mood she would have joined, as that is part of her life. Her eyes beamed up as an idea to win Dave’s heart popped her mind. To her for the first time she thought something worthwhile. Leaving the pub in joy like someone who just won a lottery she drove home to put her plan in place.
As Shanel got into the kitchen she met an over whelmed cook.
‘You did a perfect job by putting her in her place,’ she received a compliment.
She smiled and nodded. Though it may seem she did a good job Shanel wasn’t happy. As she kept being worried of what awaited her. She used to think she could manage not until she faced reality. She hates her other side but it has been triggered. She went outside to get some fresh air. Due to her fondness of getting into trouble she bumped into Dave.
‘Am sorry,’ she managed to put down her pride and apologize.
‘I told you seducing me won’t work,’ he said with a smirk.
‘Seducing you will be my last option and If you are the last man alive then I guess I will remain single,’ she said and left.

By Virginia Asenath
Chapter 9
Ken left her house and went to talk to her dad. To her time had come for her to act. After convincing her dad, he accepted to help her.
Dave was seated at his normal place relaxing.
‘Sir can I talk to you?’ He asked with a bow.
‘Okay, have a seat,’ Dave replied patting a place beside him.
‘Thank you sir,’
‘What is it?’
‘Sir I have a problem and I really need your help,’
‘Will try my best to help,’
‘My house has a problem and my daughter has no where to stay. Can she please stay here as my house is being renovated,’ he said remorsefully.
‘Okay,’ he replied and went to his room.
Dave didn’t really want her to stay there but he didn’t have a choice.
As he left there with a satisfactory smile he went to inform his daughter. As a parent he wanted his daughter to be married in a wealthy home. Quickly he helped her daughter lodge in one of the rooms.
Shanel continued with her investigation. As she kept searching through the room she saw a secret door on the wall. Filled with curiosity she walked closer but needed a password to open. Being sure she had locked the door she looked for Dan. He maybe her only hope. With a notebook and a pen she got him.
‘Can you give me the dates of father and son’s birthday and also the memorable days of their lives that you know,’ she said taking a seat.
Taking the book he wrote everything he knew.
‘Thank you. You seem burned with something what is it?’ She asked.
‘Ken is living here,’
She looked at him shocked.
‘I think I will be spending more of my time in my room,’ she said and sighed.
‘Don’t worry, am here for you,’
She smiled.
‘Let me finish what am doing them join you,’ she said and left.
After trying several times it finally opened and a smile was written on her face. Making use of her phone torch she checked inside. Taking out the content, was an old album, a small phone and a letter. After locking the place and the door she went to her room. She tried opening the phone but on the screen ‘insert pin’ was written. Taking out her laptop to find a solution she realised that the phone was an old make. With limited options she buried her head in the pillor to think. To someone it may seem like planned scenes in a movie; the door opened slowly. Secretely she his the things under her duvet leaving the laptop open.
‘Don’t tell me my fiancee bought you the laptop,’ the voice said behind her.
She needed no Angel to tell her who it was.
‘I don’t need anyone to by me anything. I can afford,’ she replied without looking up.
‘I just came to tell you that I came to protect what is mine,’
Sitting up she laughed.
‘You are so sarcastic,’ she said laughing.
Angrily Ken took the laptop and threw it down. Staring at her laptop falling she felt pain in her heart. In her heart she felt like part of the mansion she is building has been invaded and is being destroyed. The novels she had spent enough bundles that could have done something else with, but choose to download them was coming down to. She wanted to build on her other dream of writing her own story and used other people’s to build herself. Taking another view on Ken and measuring her capability to fight; Ken will have graduated to be reffered to as the Late in the next ten minutes.
But was she sure of spending her precious life in prison?

Caught Between Crossroads. Chapter 8 and 9
Cross between Crossroads. Chapter 6 and 7

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