July 31, 2021

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Cross between Crossroads. Chapter 6 and 7

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By Virginia Asenath
Chapter 6
Being an early riser she woke up early and went to the kitchen. She was starving after not being able to eat last night.
‘Morning,’ she greeted Dan who was already preparing breakfast.
‘Morning, how was your night?’
‘Comfortable,’ she said smiling.
They were exchanging greetings when the gate man walked in.
‘Is the breakfast ready?’ He asked angrily.
They both looked at each other and smirked.
‘Am talking to you Dan,’ he said almost yelling.
‘Good morning Mr,’ she said and rolled her eye.
She knows the saying that when you go to Rome, you do what the romans do and since here people are always angry she will also be.
‘Who said I need your greetings? Keep to your lane,’ he said and left with his breakfast.
‘What is wrong with him? He started with me yesterday,’ she said.
‘Don’t mind him. He wants his daughter to get married here. You just crossed his line and it won’t be easy,’
‘What have i done?’
‘His daughters name is Ken and you are more beautiful than her. From the look of things you are may be a threat to his plans,’
‘From what I know Ken is a male name,’
‘She is ugly and you can easily mistake her for a male. You won’t get it easy with her,’
‘Are they dating?’
‘No, Dave can never date an ugly whore like her,’
They both laughed. After breakfast she changed to a black trouser and blue crop top. She had to start the work and give a report of the findings.
‘Can i have the key to your dad’s room?’ She asked Dave who was sorted outside basking the sun. In her view being rich was a blessing as you could bask the sun peacefully. She was shocked when he got the key from his pocket. In other words he didn’t trust the people he lived with. To Shanel it sounded crazy. Not knowing what to expect she slowly opened the door. Surprised that even after two years, it seemed like yesterday. It maybe the reason why Dave hasn’t moved on, having memories with him ain’t easy. With few things on scattered on the floor it seemed there was a struggle. As she closed the door behind her something caught her attention. From where she stood she saw a shining thing on the floor. If someone isn’t attentive you may mistake it for a snake. She walked closer and it was a gold chain. Praying within herself that it may help her she put on her gloves and picked it up. Though the words had started fading away even the dumb would see the words. ‘Broth’ was written a clear indication that some of the words were missing. She wrapped it in the polythene bag she had with her. As she looked around to see whether she will find the other half.

By Virginia Asenath
Chapter 7
With what she understands it may have a link to what she wants. Having a lot to unfold she knew she has to take it slowly.
As she met with the rest and handed the chain to the leader.
‘From the look part of it is missing, I think where the other one is can be the answer to part of our questions,’
‘Where will we get it?’ The leader asked.
‘That’s the problem. I can’t ask Dave anything, since for the three days I have been there I haven’t gotten it lightly from him,’
‘We are sorry about that but we trust you,’
She nodded in agreement knowing that even though it wasn’t easy for her she has a friend.
She got home to meet a new face on the couch. She went to the kitchen, their gossip centre.
‘Who is she?’ She asked Dan.
‘Ok, let me change I will be joining you,’ she said and left.
Walking back few minutes later Ken was still operating her phone. She was walking in the kitchen when she was stopped.
‘Bring me a glass of cold water,’ Ken said.
She had made a promise not to start trouble with anyone and was trying her best to fulfill the promise. She started walking but was stopped again.
‘Am talking to you,’ she shouted.
Her words irritated Shanel and she started walking towards her.
‘You are talking to me?’
She asked to confirm.
‘Yes you, or are you dumb?’ Ken said proudly.
Ken was really getting to her nerves.
‘The one dumb here is you. I guess I didn’t introduce myself to you. Am not a maid here.’
‘I don’t care the fact remains you work here. So get me water,’ she said more like an order.
Shanel looked at her and smirked.
‘Good afternoon Miss am Shanel Gladens am here working on the case of supposed murder.’
‘So what?’
‘Have you seen anything like maid. Actually am supposed to send you. We don’t fit in the same class. Go look for a job and not to go around forcing yourself on people. People like you who don’t respect themselves don’t deserve from others,’ she said with an eye roll.
‘You don’t know who you are dealing with I can make you loose the job,’ Ken yelled.
‘So who told you am scared. Let me tell you, to make me leave here doesn’t require threats. Since you won’t afford to bribe, I guess by the time you succeed you will be walking with your legs apart,’
‘I hate you,’ she yelled.
‘I hate you more, sweetheart,’ she said and left her there.
Ken stormed out of the house angrily. For the first time someone challenged her. As she threw her handbag on the table in her dad’s room she was boiling in anger.
‘What is it?’ Her dad asked concerned.
‘That girl, I want her fired,’ she yelled.
‘There is nothing I can do. She will leave once done. Get along with her and make sure Dave doesn’t fall for her,’ he said.

Caught between crossroads. Chapter 8 and 9
Caught between crossroads. Episode 4 and 5

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