August 6, 2021

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He and her V. Episode 76

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He and her V

Written by Feathers.

Episode 76


Camila’s POV

I walked home with Tucker and we both went to his bedroom straightaway. He pulled off his clothes and I saw his beautiful body again.

Even though my happiness was not full because of the child he had had with Grace , nonetheless , I’m happy that he didn’t give up too easily.

Here I am with my man. My only fear is as a result of what Grace may be up to since she still wants Tucker to be is.

And I do understand what she’s fighting for. She wants her daughter to have a father, she wants to be with the father of her son. But I guess that’s not going to happen. Tucker stopped loving her since he had lost his memory and I loved Tucker so much that him, breaking my heart might make me do the worse to myself.

Tucker came to me and smiled gently, “All will be well , my wive ” He said and smiled almost chuckling.

“Funny right?”

“Not really , I was just…just kind of strange to being called a wife but over time ,I’ll sure get used to it. ” I said and he smiled.

“Camila , I wanna confess something to you, I feel so guilty ever since I did it and I just want you to forgive me sincerely from your heart ”
My face turned into a serious one and nervousness clouds me. What could he wants to say?

“I’m all ears”

He lowered his head and said ” Grace forced me into making lust with her on Friday and we did made lust ”

“You had s.. ” I couldn’t complete the word when he nodded slowly in agreement.

“What the f*. Just a day to our wedding…you so disgusting ” I began to tell at him while I barge outside.

I cried as I leaned by the wall. Again? He had something to do with her again. What if she gets pregnant again? Why can’t he just have self catering control?

Why in the world did he even allow Grace to enter the house , enter his room to the extent of having s#*x

Is Tucker and I really made for each other or we are just forcing a marriage that may never work?

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