August 1, 2021

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Never knew she’s beautiful. Episode 8

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Never knew she’s beautiful

Episode 8


He banged my table and I shook in fear.

“Open your stomach young girl and being me my food ” He said and I tried to raise my cloth up so he can see my stomach but he looked away instead.

He went to sit without saying any more word.

“I thought he would just tell me that I’m fired but I still didn’t know why he is not firing be yet. I need to know. I know he loathes me but he still wants me to work as hi secretary.

Well,I’m working well , though. But there must be a special reason why he us keeping me here. Even when he fired me , h e still reconsidered.

Maybe I should frustrate him the more since I now know that he wants me to be around for a reason. It’s that particular reason that I want to know.

“Welcome sir ” I said after about an hour of working and not speaking to one another.

“Focus on your work madam” He said and I furrowed my brow at what he called me

“Madam has left sir, this is Loveth” I said but he didn’t reply.

Very frustrating , see how he’s even snubbing me.

“The last time someone snubbed me , sir…I…” before I could finish my sentence , he interrupte.

“You died for eight hours, It’s not new , proceed with your work ”

Ouch! What kind if a boss is this.

“Can I come and help you sir , seems the work is very hectic on you”

He wasn’t replying all of my questions again and that made me very crazy at him.

I thought of what I could do that will make him frustrated but disturbed at the same time of what he may do to me afterwards.

The last time he punished me , he spank me , I do not know what he will do now

I places my two legs on the table and began to play music on my phone while sitting on the chair relatively.

His face was darting to me again and again but I was pretending not to see him.

“I start to sing with the song and he didn’t say a word not react , instead , he kept doing what he was doing while I promised myself not to stop until he attends to me.

After 45 minutes , he stood and dropped a letter on my table , then walked out and closed the door.

I placed my legs down and fear overwhelmed me. He could have fired me with a word from his mouth , why does he have to write a letter to fire me.

I unsealed the letter and it reads ;

” Madam Rachael with no brain, please continue Singing till tomorrow. I guess it’s what you know how to do. I locked the door from the back already which means you will be there till tomorrow. You do not have to worry about coming late. As a matter of fact , you would be the first person to arrive in the building. Assistant celine Dion. Goodbye”

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