August 1, 2021

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The Poor Girl. Episode 2

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????THE POOR GIRL ????

????EPISODE 2 ????

Melody left the principal office immediately after she was being directed by the principal to where her class is being located SS 1 A.

She slowly took the stair case to avoid falling because that was her first time of climbing a stair case.

Mrs Hannah was the biology teacher was teaching when Melody emerged from the door.

“Good morning ma “Melody greeted bowing her knees a little in sign ????of respect.

“Yes good morning ”

“Please ma, may I come in?

“Yes you may come in”she replied and she stepped inside the class. All eyes were feeding on Melody especially the male ones because of her beauty while some of the girls wished to be her friend immediately.

She walked to where her seat was located and she found her name boldly written on it Melody Armstrong.

Still none of the students paid attention to Mrs Hannah again as they were all busy stairing at the new girl.

After 30 minutes of teaching, Mrs Hannah finally left the class giving space for the students to continue with their noise as usual.

Melody didn’t talk to anyone nor,
look up but she was busy writing down some things in her notes.

Mr Adams finally entered the class and everyone stood up to greet him.

He had a pair of spectacle in his eyes, with a brown trouser matched with a long tie that looks like that of Mr Bean.

He stood facing the class, and looked around it was obvious that she was looking for the new girl. soon his eyes caught with that of melody and he signalled her to come outside.

“Melody, come out”

Melody walked out and stood with Mr Adams the principal of GOLDEN GATES SCHOOL.

“Everyone, she’s a new student here and you need to treat her as one of you.
She’s here in scholarship and that shows how brilliant she is and I want you all to copy her lifestyle and make her stay here a pleasant one.
“Is that clear to everyone?

“Yes sir “they all chorused

“Good, you can now go to your sit Melody.

Mr Adams left, and just immediately as he left, Amanda who is popularly known as the daughter of the most millionaire in the state walked up to where melody was sitting, she knack the locker to gain her attention but melody didn’t say a word.

“I can see that you are here in scholarship, I know that your parents can’t afford your school fees the way you look”Amanda said out loud and almost everyone laughed at melody thus making her to remember her poor background.

“Don’t worry baby girl just know that very soon you will be kicked out of this school by me” Amanda.

Henry was watching what happened from his sit, he is a tall handsome guy with a fair complexion but the problem is that his brain is empty.

His parents have really tried their best to make sure that there’s something stored in his brain but it was fruitless, even when he is still schooling in golden gates school no sign of intelligency in him.

The drama was becoming unbearable for him to watch as she found out that melody was already crying because she’s so weak to talk back.

“Enough of this madness Amanda,what has come over you again?
“Because she’s schooling in scholarship doesn’t mean that she’s poor, so stop this madness for Christ sake”Henry voice echoed the class thus causing total silence as the girl looked at Melody in an angry eyes and smirk then left.

Seriously speaking she has been crushing on Henry thinking that he will noticed it and make a move but though Henry noticed it but he wasn’t ready yet for anything.

“Am sorry dear, that was harsh”Henry apologized to Melody on her behave and the scene almost made Amanda run mad instantly for doing that, but Henry didn’t mind but sat down with Melody.

“I’m Henry by name, it’s a pleasure to have you here “he said but melody didn’t say anything but only looked do feeling the tears that has formed in her eyes ready to drop because of the insult Amanda gave her.

Henry knew that she’s not in the right mode, maybe he has to try again later so he left her to be alone.

The rest of the day was so boring to Melody as the environment was new to her and she didn’t have any friend there. finally the school bell gave a loud sound telling all the students that it’s closing time.

Everyone rushed down the the assembly hall for the closing prayer, Melody was the last person to arrive the hall.

After the prayers, the school compound was filled with cars as parents come to pick their children home.

Henry wave at her from a distance and then entered his father car and they zoom off.

The environment became deserted once again as everyone left with their parents in car but her own story was different as she began to walk out if the school compound with her legs.

She got home and found out that her mom has not returned from selling her oranges on the road, so she changed into something casual, carried the orange tray and set into the road to make her own sales.

#Next day

As early as #6:45 am melody was already in the school and she was the first person in the school compound thus giving her the opportunity to have a clear walk around the school compound and know how it looked like.

Students began coming to school and soon the school compound was filled again with a huge number of students.

Melody had already went into her class, she was busy reading her note book at that spare time which was something difficult for most of the students to do but here is melody doing it in the early hour of the day.

As she was reading, Henry entered the class with smiles on his lips.

“Good morning melody “he greeted but got no response. he wondered whether she is deaf or dump so he greeted again to be sure but still there was no response so he decided not to bother her again maybe she’s dump or something.

The bell for morning devotion came and everyone rushed to the hall including Melody. The devotion ended pretty well after a sermon by the school chaplain which the students were being dismissed to their class.

Amanda arrived the school immediately after the morning devotion and her eyes went directly to Melody sit but she was not there but her books were there.

Henry too was looking at Amanda very closely to know her next step. Immediately she sat down, the biology teacher Mrs Hannah entered again for the left over note the previous day to be completed.

She didn’t waste time after completing the previous note, she introduced a new topic on the board which has never been taken before.

“Can someone brief how Amoeba looks like? Mrs Hannah asked and the class went silent as none has the idea to the answer, she looked around the person to answer but none seems to know.

“Yes, Amanda tell us something about Amoeba ”

Amanda was too shy to stand as she has no clue of the answers to give.

After waiting for a while, Mrs Hannah saw that Melody was busy writing down things in her note book which instantly provoked her and she angrily shouted at Melody.

“Hey young girl, what are you doing when I’m teaching?
“Stand up now immediately! Mrs Hannah commanded and she obeyed and stood up. Henry wondered what made her to stand up because he thought that she was deaf and dumb.

“Now tell the class what you know about Amoeba”Mrs Hannah requested.

“Ma, Amoeba is an organism that has no shape and it is being classified into kingdoms and species and it’s unlike paramecium and euglina that has shape.
“MA that’s all I know about Amoeba “Melody said in her angelic voice.

Mrs Hannah opened her mouth to speak but nothing came out of it because she was really stunned with the answer Melody gave her and it was the correct answer.

She has never seen someone as brilliant as Melody before, meanwhile Amanda was smiling thinking that Melody will be punished not knowing that Melody is far more better than her.

“Can you guys clap for this beautiful girl? Mrs Hannah said and everyone clapped for Melody except Amanda who refused to clap with a frown look on her face wondering what could make her teacher to tell the students to clap for that poor bitch .

“You may sit down dear, what’s your name?

“Mr name is Melody Armstrong ma”she replied

“You really make me proud with your answer, keep up “she replied

“Thank you ma’am, it’s my pleasure she replied and that alone killed Amanda.


The Poor Girl. Episode 3
The Poor Girl. Episode 1

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