June 14, 2021

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Venessar High School. Episode 81

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Venessar High School

Episode 81

Kimberly’s POV

“Sean, what is wrong with you?”

“I’m sorry , I had a terrible mare ”

“Keep it to yourself. Would you explain what led to what that actually made you k!ssed that lady?” I asked him still angry at him.

“Well, I gave up that we may never see again since those that are after me are actually wicked and powerful people”

“Sean , you are just so weak ” I lamented almost crying.

“I’m sorry. I never loved the girl , I just played along with fate. I thought we were never made for each other ”

I looked away with tears dropping from my face. “Have you had s#*x with the girl already?”


“Why should I believe you? Someone that could k!ss you before me , are you saying something deeper would not have being happening when you are alone ”

“It should but she’s clean. She didn’t request for it and I was never interested in it too. Believe me please ” He pleaded.

“Guys , this guys are still after us but we know they are not the real enemy , the real enemy is Stephen. We all know he made me sick to the extent that I almost died just to have Kimberly. If he could be so cruel to that extent , then he could be behind the kidnap of Sean. ” Autumn said.

“It’s obvious ” I replied.

“I’ll handle him myself now. Ya’ll need to know that the reason why I had being sparing him all this while is because I loved him but it seems he wants it the hard way” Autumn let out and stood.

“I’ll leave now guys , If I come back , fine. If I didn’t. I may be dead but I know I’ll let Stephen reap all the evil he had done for you” Autumn barged out while Sean and I watched herself.

I looked away from Sean cause I was still hurt of what he did with the girl and I still haven:t believed that he never had a thing with the girl.

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