August 4, 2021

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He and her V. Episode 77

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He and her V

Episode 77

(Who is Mr. Walter?)

Camilla’s POV

My phone rang all of a sudden and I first didn’t want to pick it up cause of the sad mood that I was but decided to just checked whom the caller is

Huh! Mr Walter.

I picked it immediately.

“Hi, Miss Camila ”


“Being a long time, heard it’s being tough over you. The issues that kept arising between Tucker and you”

I kept mute not knowing what to say but only wondering how he knew.

“Well, if you think Tucker is wrong by having something with Grace. Remember you had something with me when I invited you over. Of course not s#*x but we could have had it cheaply cause I was already opening you up and you obliged ”

“But Tucker and I were still trying to settle the relationship then not like now that we had entered fully into the relationship and it’s even few days before the wedding ” I find myself telling him

“Do you want to tell me that you do not love Tucker even when I almost had something with you?”

I never stopped loving him for a second since our three years of departure. What the man is saying is true but how did he get to know?

“Don’t worry about how I get to know ” He said like he knew what I was actually thinking.

“Forgive Tucker. As for me. I will let you be and stop calling you from today henceforth ”

“Hey! Who are you?” I asked

“Walter! Is there any problem ,miss Camila?”

“I’m wondering how you get to know what is happening currently between Tucker and I and Tucker also once exposed what the two of us had together and I had always find out something similar between you two. Please , tell me who you are?”

“You are asking for a mystery to get unsolved. You will promise me one thing if I reveal who I am to you ”

“Anything , just asked…erm..not like s#*x please ”

“Of course not. I’m not that stupid. You are now a married woman , I should respect that and that was the reason why I said I will stop calling you”

“Well” He added ” Promise to forgive Tucker and kiss him passionately after I had revealed myself to you”

“I will forgive him. I truly love him and not like I have a choice. We all make mistakes anyway. And the k!ss…k!ssing my husband shouldn’t be a big deal ”

“Good of you Miss Camila ”

” I appear and disappear miss Camila , you may be scared on seeing me ”

“Really? Anyways…I’ll prepare my mind to see just anything , so reveal yourself to me , please?”

“Turn” He said and I did but I did not see anyone.

“Keep moving ” I obliged.

“Stop” He said and I obliged again seriously anticipation to see the supernatural Mr. Walter.

“Can you see me?”

“No , I can’t see anyone”

I suddenly felt steps walking towards me fr behind. I was so scared to turn and see the image of Mr. Walter.

“I’m behind you”

“I know ” I said shivering.

“Turn and behold my face ”

I fearfully turned slowly covering my face with my palm.

I stood before Mr. Walter with eyes closed but Tucker’s scent overwhelmed instead.

I forcefully opened my eye and…
Guess whom she saw?

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