July 25, 2021

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My Master . Episode 1

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My master. Episode 2


He had come to me again, and chained me to my bed. Well my excuse of a bed anyway. And he had had his way with me. I cringe as I remember the loud groans of pleasure he had emitted while taking me. I felt dirty at the thought of me being the source of his pleasure. And then he had bit me after pouring his filthy self into me. I remember the searing pain. God, that pain was a constant reminder of who I was. What I was.

A sob threatens to escape my lips as I think about my family. I think about the sickening way in which they had been forced to hand their only child over, only for them to be killed afterwards.

On that particular night, our town had been invaded, many young girls and boys had been abducted.

At that time we did not know who had abducted us, or why they had done it. Little did we know

I had been sold the very day I had been abducted. Apparently I was a rare breed. I remember vividly the disgusted look on my face as they probed and analyzed me and pegged me ‘the rare breed’, as if I was some sort of animal. My master had bought me for a large sum of money apparently. And he reminded me everyday since the day he bought me.

“I paid a hefty price for you,” he’d say, “so you have to compensate by being good to me”

And by that he meant lying on my back, tied to my bed, helpless, and with him using my body for his pleasure while I screamed out in pain and sobbed at how pathetic my life really was.

He had done all things to me, raped me, drank from me, whipped me, all of it. But according to him I still was not broken enough. I put up a tough front sometimes, but inside I was shattered. I just did not want him to know it, that would pat his already huge ego.

I would always challenge him and I always got whipped for doing so. I always got whipped for not allowing my Master to drink from me, and I always got whipped if I resisted him sexually. Sometimes I got whipped just for his sick pleasure.

The door to my room creaked and my heart almost jumped out through my throat.

“Pet!” He seethed.

I flinched.

He was not in a good mood. This can’t be good for me.

I glared at him as I awaited my fate.

“Get up!” He demanded.

I kept sitting down. I loved the way his jaw tightened when I defied him. It made me feel so good to know that I could pull a reaction out of him. I simply loved it, even though the consequences were usually very painful.

“I said get the fuck up. We need to talk.” He said pulling me up forcefully.

“My brother, Lord Kayden is coming to visit. You’re going to be the perfect little pet tonight or else there will be consequences. Terrible ones.” I glared at him and remained silent.

“I shall order the healer to heal your back so that you are comfortable tonight” he said and walked out.

Lord Kayden. I had heard of him before. I heard he was ruthless and brutal.

Rumour had it that he had killed all his previous pets, all of them at once. And since then he had never had a pet. Apparently he lived in his huge castle with his servants and no one else. Rumour also had it that he was engaged to Lady Dalia, daughter of the Lord of the Vitigia.

Kayden, the Lord of Vinnona.

A cold shiver ran up my spine as I thought about him.

The healer walked in some minutes later and ordered me to strip and lie on my stomach as she healed my back which still bore the remnants of my most recent punishment, which had been administered the previous night.

I sat at the table, my head lowered as I waited for my Master to enter with his guest. My hair stood on end as I heard them coming in. My master made his way and sat down next to me. +

“Floor, pet!” he ordered and I glared at him. He glared back as if daring me to defy him.

I sat on the floor next to his chair, with the leash attached to my collar in Kevin’s hand. Kevin, that was my Master’s name.

“That’s quite a pet you have there. She seems to be a difficult one” the Lord of Vinnona spoke.

His voice was so rich, so silky and it had that touch of dominance that made me want cower away from him.

“She is a handful, but I can handle it.” My master said while tugging on my leash rather forcefully causing a gasp to fall from my lips.

They changed the topic and talked about treaties and stuff like that. I just sat there hiding in the shadows. Once in a while I would feel Lord Kayden’s eyes on me but everytime I would look up and I would see him talking to his brother, his eyes on him and not me.

A decided to tune into their conversation and a very interesting topic came up.

“How much do you need?” Lord Kayden’s voice asked.

“Just a million dollars” Kevin shrugged as if it was just a small amount.

“And how soon do you plan to pay it back.” Lord Kayden’s voice filled the empty dining room again.

“As soon as I pay back my debts and get my business up and running again in the human world.”

There was silence in the room.

“Alright” Kayden’s voice filled the room once more.

“I will give you two million dollars” my eyes almost bulged out of my sockets. How could people discuss such outrageous amounts as if they were just a few dollars.

“And you don’t have to pay me back”
Kayden said

This time I wasn’t the only one that was surprised. Kevin was way more surprised than I was.

“Really?” He asked failing to hide his excitement and his surprise.

“Yes……” the sentence was left hanging by Kayden.

Kevin noticed and nodded, immediately sobering up.

“There is catch isn’t there?” Kevin asked.

Kayden simply nodded, his eyes on his plate as he pierced a piece of meat with his fork and brought it to his mouth. That move alone also made me swoon.

“What do you want in return?” Kevin asked, I could hear the hesitation in his voice though.

Kayden silently took a napkin and dabbed te corners of his mouth in silence. I could already tell he was an arrogant someone.

His reply finally came, shattering my world into hundreds of more pieces.

“Her” he replied looking at me.

I looked back at him, my eyes wide in shock and just a twinge of fear. I stared back at him, trying to annoy him and to show him I was not pet material. +

‘Stop looking at me like that Princess. I know what you’re trying to do. I would hate to punish you on your first day’

My eyes almost bulged out of their sockets.


“My pet?” Kevin said interrupting our staring contest.

“Yes” he said. His attention now back to his brother.

“Believe me brother she is not the one for you. She is hard to deal with, I can look for a better one for you”

Kayden looked at his brother calmly.

“It’s either her, or I take back my offer and place it back at $200 000 as a loan”

Kevin debated for a moment.
Please don’t say yes! Please don’t say yes!

I was chanting in my head.

“Deal” Kevin said but I could tell he was reluctant.

“Great. I will be taking her back with me tonight” Kayden said.

“Someone’s eager” Kevin snorted. “How will Dalia feel about this?”

Kayden face immediately hardened.

“Dalia has no say in this. Whom I take as my pet is not of her concern.”

‘Note to self: never talk about Dalia.’ I said in my head.

“I mean I was just asking since she is your fiancee and all” Kevin continued.

Kayden slammed his fist against the table, making me jump a little. Kevin didn’t seem intimidated however. He was actually smirking.

“Pet, go and pack your stuff while my brother and I finalize stuff.” Kevin orders. I hesitantly stand up and Kevin lets go of my leash.
“Stop. ” Kayden orders.

I freeze dead in my tracks.

“You won’t be needing the junk my brother gave to you,” he said earning a chuckle from Kevin.

“Remy!” Kayden barks and an older looking man immediately enters the dining. “Please take the young girl to the car, I will be there in a few minutes”

Remy simply nods and leads the way while I follow.

I hate my life!!!


That was our first Chapter. Hope you liked it.

I would really appreciate the support.❤

I love you all.

My master. Episode 2

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