June 19, 2021

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Never knew she’s beautiful. Episode 9

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Never knew she’s beautiful.

Episode 9


I was stunned and my face dropped in astonishment. Has he gone home for real? I hurriedly stood from my desk and tried to open the door but realized that it had closed from behind.

I began to wish quickly inside of me that he is either pranking or would reconsider.

It was after four hours , when evening had clocked that It dawn upon me that the wicked boss had left and forgotten me here for real.

I squatted by the wall and began to think of all sorts. I found out I had slept up , my whole body was aching cause of the position I was when I slept off.

I lay to the floor and slept well , I can’t kill myself.

After many hours , I was laying on the floor closing my eyes but not sleeping cause I know already that it’s day break.

I can’t imagine how my face would be this morning ; I am not really beautiful and I dress shabbily during the day when I had bathed. I can’t imagine how extremely ugly I would be now.

I noticed that someone was trying to open the door at the entrance and I needed no one to tell me that it’s the boss.

On a norms , I don’t snore. Gosh! I hate the horrible sound and I wish he does too cause I’m doing that right now to irritate him.

I began to snore even as he entered. I know he will be surprised to see me lying on the floor. But who cares!

He locked me up here ; where in the world does he expect me sleep?

“Would you get up now ” I heard him say but I kept snoring.

“D@mn it! Stop the terrible snore girl or I pour water on your ugly head ”

Huh! He wants to pour water on me? Well, that will be cool , though. He will only be bathing for me right here in his office.

“I won’t pour an ordinary water on you ,I’ll surprise you by bathing you with hot water ” He said and walked out.

Hot water! I hurriedly stood and went to sit at my desk. He was surprised to see me sitting when he came and true ; he did came with hot water

Such a terrible boss.

“I guess you learnt your lessons now?”

“Which lessons, sir?” I asked.

“You can ask once again. Next time , ensure you eat my food , huh? or do what I had not commanded you to do” He walked away from me and I kept checking my husky body.

“I need to bath sir ”

“Better! The office is stinking ”

He said and I hurriedly went to the bathroom at the building to bath but wore the same cloth since there is none other to put on.

I was thinking of how I could take my revenge too. So I went to his office and gently locked the door from behind.

I guess he didn’t suspect anything cause there was no noise or movement. Let him sleep there till tomorrow and knows how it feel to sleep in the office too.

The key is with me.

“I’m done for today” I said and walked out of the building straight home.

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