June 19, 2021

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Venessar High School. Episode 82

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Venessar High School.

Episode 82

Autumn’s POV

I stood before Stephen and Santiago at the company of the 6S band mansion.

“Here she is again” Stephen chuckled and looked into the face of Santiago but Santiago wasn’t smiling

“Stephen , I think it’s high time you let this people be. ” Santiago said to my surprise and I could see the look of absolute astonishment on the face of Stephen.

“What has come upon you bro?” Stephen asked.

“Just telling you the sincere truth you need to know. I stay off this saga from today, excuse me ” Santiago said and left.

“Would you listen to what your friend advised or you really want it the hard way?” I asked.

“It’s amazing that you survive my plot ,you are neither Sean nor Kimberly , why are you trying to help them. Work with me and let’s achieve my dream together,I’ll pay you handsomely”

“Oh really?” I laughed and went to him. I stood very close to him and said ; ” You wanna have me to contend with at last ,right? You really want me….to hurt you?” I wanted to make him know that I’m angry but instead , the words were coming soft and I feel weak before him. I love this boy but since he wouldn’t think upright and understand that fate had made Kim and Sean for themselves and that there is nothing that he could do that can change anything.

He looked into my face angrily and smirked.

“What would you do?” He dared.

I lowered my head feeling like punching him on the face already.

I looked to his handsome face and imagined how his face would be disfigured in the next few minutes.

I let go of all my positive emotions for him and raised my hand up to punch him but he was quick to hold and pulled me very close to him.

I was stunned and wondered if that is his method of fighting or what?

I was now leaning on his chest and our faces not too far from each other.

“Do you once told me you love me?”

The questions came like a surprise and I kept looking at him , stiffed and appalled.

“Would you help me…help me forget about Kimberly. I’ve just allowed your love penetrate my heart and what would I tell you….that I love you. Yeah! I truly love you from today henceforth ” He said and I still couldn’t believe my ears.

I hugged him right and we both stood hugging each other for a while.

I disengaged a bit and smiled at him.

“You will now allow Kim and Sean leave their life right?”

“Ye…sss” He cried and I went to him to hug him again.

He pulled back slightly and planted his adorable and long anticipated lips on me.

Oh my days! For the first time , I’m k!ssing the man that I had always loved to be with all my life.

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