June 19, 2021

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Crazy Couple. Episode 5

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crazy couple

story by mercy olawale
Episode five

kate POV cont’d

I got to the kitchen and I met the greatest temptation ever…
it was staring at me so wide that I don’t think I can resist..
I move closer to the kitchen counter where the food is placed.
the well garnished spaghetti, chicken and egg sauce staring at me..
my lips have started watering..
I looked around but I couldn’t get hold of a spoon quickly because I don’t know where its kept..
I quickly put on the tap and wash my hands as I dig them into the meal..
omg!!! this taste nice ..
I took another handful and put into my mouth and then I grab the chicken..
oh my god!!!! this is incredible.. I said a little loud..not knowing Bryan was at my back..
“oh really!!.. he said
huh!! I turned immediately and the piece of chicken fell out …
gosh..he caught.
” ummm….emm..its not what you think..I was just having taste not like am stealing… I said and quickly drop the chicken..he look at me and laughed..
“go ahead its all yours, besides am a c
good cook and better than you…he said and that got my attention .
‘why does he have to ruin everything with his pride..
” who told you that you are better than me , for your information am a good cook…I said
“oh really but what stop u from making a dish instead of ordering for some pizza… he said
” emm…am new here and besides I don’t know how u use any of your stuff…I said.
“ummm….OK but next time don’t steal instead ask…he said and left laughing even before I could reply..
Anyways I didn’t steal and besides he said it’s my food , so why complaining…
I look at the food again and that moment my throat dried up , I just want to devour everything. I grab and chicken and started eating again..
god this is so good …he is really a good cook.
After I finished eating… I cleaned everything including his own plates.
I went to the room in order to have my bath and met him on the bed..
he was on laying on the bed..
oh God…how will I bath and change in front of him..gosh that’s awkward..
how am I gonna do it now and I can’t ask him to go out..this is his house..

I paced up and down In the room for several minutes waiting for him to go out but he doesn’t look like someone going out soon…

” ain’t you going out today?… I asked
“no, am not …am off at work because people presumed that a. supposed to be on my honeymoon not knowing that all these is a lie and pretence …he said pressing his phone..
that moment I felt some anger inside me , yea its true all this , is just a pretence to make our parents happy..

I stood there for a while thinking of what to do …
I just can’t change in front of him.
“don’t u watch movies? you could go downstairs and watch some… I asked just to make go out of the room…
” No thank you ..am OK here and besides why are u asking all these weird questions…he asked with all seriousness written all over his face..
god!! what will I tell him now
“should I say he should go out that I want to bath or what?
oh god..this is awkward


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