July 26, 2021

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He And Her V. Episode 78

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He and her V

Episode 78

Kimberly’s POV

“What! …you are Walter?”

“Yes , I am. It was the prank Grace and I made up when I was trying to get you back into my life ” Tucker said.

“Would you do what Mr. Walter said now?”

I smiled and planted my soft lips on his. We kissed passionately and one thing led to the other. We ended up making up Love.

It was such a hot one.

Few days later ; We were having a gist in the sitting room when we heard a horn of a car at the entrance of the house.

“Do you have a visitor?” Tucker asked.

“No, you?”

“No, let me check ” Tucker said and stood while I followed.

We got outside and pressed the remote to the gate and it opened by itself. The car drove in and Grace came down with a man in suit.

“What is Grace up to this time?” Tucker faced me while I just kept mute.

Grace and the man walked towards us.

“Hi, Mr. Tucker ” The man stretched his hand and Tucker received it.

“I’m Barrister Joe, have this?” he said and handed over a letter to Tucker.

“The date we will meet in court is there. It’s my pleasure meeting you ” He said and walked away with Grace.

We watched them drove away and right there , Tucker unsealed the file and brought out the letter.

We read it and found out that Grace had filed a suit against us insisting that she wants to come and stay in our house as the legal second wife of Tucker.

Tucker looked at me confused while I looked at him pathetically.

“How in the world will she come to live with us here…has she gone crazy?” Tucker said to no one in particular.

I just kept mute , seriously heart broken. I just wish Grace could just let everything go sincerely.

How can I live with another woman? I do understand that she’s trying to make her child live a life of a daughter with fatherly protection and care but she knows certainly that Tucker didn’t love her.

Yet she would never give up.

“What are we going to do now?”

“Inform my lawyer. It’s never going to happen. Don’t worry” He assured me and I nodded

I hope it doesn’t happen cause I can’t imagine living with another woman with a single man as our husband in the same room.

Doesn’t matter if Grace use to be my friend or not. It’s never going to be easy amidst the both of us plus this is not what I had always wished for my glorious marriage.


Few weeks late (At court )

Grace’s lawyer started by stating all sort of laws that backed up the reason why Grace should live with Tucker especially for the sake of her daughter.

Tucker’s lawyer spoke the other end spoke excellently as to why it would not be proper for her to live with Tucker. He explained further other possible means of taking care of Grace’s daughter that would not need Grace to come to stay with Tucker.

Our lawyer said the negative consequences that could arise in the future if Grace is allowed to stay in Tucker’s matrimonial home.

The speeches went on and on while we all watched.

It’s finally the time for the Judge to proclaim the final judgement.

“Having heard from both sides, this is my judgement….”

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