July 26, 2021

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My master. Chapter 4

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My master. Episode 5
My master. Episode 3

Ask me what the hell I was thinking when I bought a pet for $2,000,000 and I will tell I really wasn’t thinking at all.
I was blinded and mesmerized by a beauty so alluring that I lost my ability to think. When I saw her the first thing I noticed was her defiance. It was clear that Kevin had tried his best to mould her into the perfect pet, and by the looks of her state, he was going about it the wrong way.
The second thing that made me want her so badly was when I picked on her thoughts. She had been through a tough time with Kevin and his ways. Something about the way he was treating her just didn’t sit right with me.
The reluctance of Kevin in handing her over did not go unnoticed as well. That made me want her even more. I knew she was something special.
And I was pleased to see Emily liked her as much as I did.
She did have a slight problem of running her mouth though, but I would deal with that. The way she had acted in the limo, challenging me and reminding me of my past had made me almost go ballistic. But I had kept the beast in me at bay. In as much as she had pissed me off I did not wish to hurt her.
The way she carried herself amused me. And I could not deny that was strongly attracted to her. I did not want to force myself on her like Kevin. I wanted her to want me, just as much as I wanted her.
I knew she found me attractive, but I wanted her attraction towards me to be greater than her fear.
I sat on my chair where she had left me, my thoughts all about her. The way she felt on my lap, the way she squirmed when I touched her, and that adorable blush that rose on her cheeks when she felt how hard I was for her.
I groaned as I shifted in my seat, trying to reposition myself in a way that made my hard on less painful.
I needed a way to release. But I couldn’t find myself going to Soren, my usual call girl. The only thing I wanted was Talia.
I stood up sighing, knowing that I had no choice but to settle for Soren.
I used my telepathy to order her to my room.
I walked up the stairs to my room and a few minutes later, Soren knocked. She came striding in, and by the looks of things she was not happy.
“Good evening Soren” I said.
“Evening My Lord. I am surprised you sent for me” she said in response.
“Why is that?” I asked but I already knew the answer. I did not even need to read her mind to know she was not happy about Talia, her facial expression told me all I needed to know.
“Because you have a new pet now my Lord” she said with great effort.
“And you don’t seem to pleased about that Soren” I said.
“No. It’s just that with how things were going between us, I was hoping if you ever wanted to get a pet, I would be your first preference.” She said. I could hear the venom in her voice, and it travelled straight to my groin, causing my hard on to soften slightly.
“Soren” I began, “you are a maid. I can not turn you into a pet, you were not trained for that” I said trying to stay as calm as possible.
“I see” she said in almost a whisper. “Will you still require my services my Lord”
“No Soren, I no longer require your services” she flinched as the words tumbled out of my mouth.
“Can I at least have a souvenir” she said. I nodded and she knew what to do.
*mature content below. Skip if not comfortable*
She got on her knees in front of me and immediately undid my leather pants pulling them down along with my boxer shorts.
She took me in her hand began stroking gently. I groaned loudly, my hard on resuming it’s very hard state.
She took me in her mouth, her tongue swirling around the tip.
Another loud groan escaped my lips as she lowered her hot mouth around me. My hands immediately shot to her hair, grabbing onto it and taking control of her now bobbing head.
I held her head in place as I began to thrust into her mouth, chasing after my release.
My thrusts were hard and fast, my manhood hitting the back of her throat over and over. She gagged slightly but I didn’t relent. Not when I was so close.
I felt myself swelling and I groaned as I felt my ball sac tightening. I slammed into her mouth once more, and held myself there, as my seed shot down her throat spurt after spurt.
I heard her moan, as I let out strings of profanities as the pleasure overcame me.
*******end of mature scene********
I released her slowly, and she wiped the remnants of my pleasure from her mouth with the back of her hand.
She stood up as I pulled my boxer shorts and pants and tucked myself inside them. She stepped back and looked at me, her eyes held so much sadness.
“Ren, don’t be like that. I told you when this whole thing began that I was not looking for anything permanent” I said.
“I know, My Lord. It’s just that…… nevermind” she stuttered. “Do you need anything else My Lord?” She inquired and I shook my head no.
She left without another word. I quickly went to take a shower then afterwards headed for my study to catch up on work I had failed to finish because of my journey to see Kevin.

My master. Episode 5
My master. Episode 3

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