July 25, 2021

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Never knew she’s beautiful. Episode 10

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Never knew she’s beautiful

Episode 10


My sister was stunned to see me at a time when she believed I’m suppose to be working

“I was given a leave ” I answered her curiosily before they could asked.

“Oh! Why didn’t you come him yesterday?”

“It’s a long story sister ” I said not knowing what answer to give and walked inside.

My phone began to ring and I just ignored happily.

I really want him to have all the fun alone in that office overnight.

After few hours that I had bathed again and wore a better cloth.

My sister came to my room that my attention is needed.

I rubbed my face and asked whom the visitors are

“You will find out when you get to the sitting room”

I can’t even think of having any visitor cause I do not have any friends. The way I dressed and how ugly I am do not afford many people the motivations to make friends with me plus we are poor.

I followed my sister to the sitting room and I saw the cops standing with the boss himself.

“You welcome , have your sit. Let me get you a drink from the fridge ” I said and turned.

“Hey miss! We aren’t here for food. You are under arrest” The cop standing by the left said.

“Common! I don’t visit station , the last time I did…”

“You died and woke up after eight hours. Arrest her ” The boss interrupted my statemtent and the cops came towards me and I angrily thought of what I could do that will not make me enter their station.

They bundled me inside their car while I sat at the middle of the cops.

“How many years will I spend with you guys at the station?”

They refused to answer my question and I angrily farted.

“What! ” One of the cops said and I just smiled at him and brought my face to him like I would would kiss him.

He jerked back ” Is she a pyscho sir?”

“Yes , she is. Not normal” The boss said and I farted again. A loud irritating one.

‘What the f* . You should have told us. Park. This odor will choke us all here ” One of them said and I just smiled.

They all came down from the car hastily while I stepped down gorgeously.

“We don’t arrest people that run psycho and you shouldn’t employ people that run psycho for your safety ,sir ” One of the cops said and the boss just kept looking at me irritatingly.

I walked between them and farted again. They all dispersed covering their nose.

The cops shook their heads angrily to the car and entered.

“Enter sir , we won’t be able to take her to the station again , please ” The cops said from the car.

“You can leave ” The boss told them.

“Are you sure? We hope she won’t hurt you , sir ” The cop said and drove away leaving the boss and I standing.

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