August 2, 2021

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Venessar High School. Episode 83

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Venessar High School

Episode 83

Autumn’s POV

Stephen and I went inside the 6S band mansion and discussed a lot. He said he regretted all his previous actions to Sean and Kim and wished that he had not done that.

He apologized for how he almost killed me with a toxic powder.

I simply told him it’s alright and we joked randomly.

Santiago met the two of us us discussing happily and carried on a look of astonishment. Stephen explained the new developments to him and he was so glad.


Stephen and I drove to the hotel that Kimberly and Sean was.

Prior to that time , Stephen had called the empire that are seriously searching for Sean and the girl that disguise as Thomas Edison which is Kimberly.

They told Stephen that they heard what he said, after all , he gave them the contract and paid them handsomely. Now the contract is terminated and Sean and Kimberly are now free.

We entered the hotel and straight to the room that Kim and Sean lodge.

I planted a gentle knock on the door nervously and the door open after a while.

Kim was scared to see Stephen.

“Don’t be scared Kimberly. I’m now in love with Autumn , you can live your life ” Stephen said and Kimberly smiled

She hugged Stephen tight and said ” thanks brother ”

She walked to Sean who was burying his head on his palm like someone thinking. I have no idea what he was thinking that made him sad.

Kim went to sit beside Sean. “Stephen is around ”

Sean raised his head up suddenly and stood fearfully.

“I do not come to harm you brother ,I’m now in love with Autumn , I had let everything go”

“For real?”

“Yes” She hugged me before them and Kim said ;

“Sean, I believe you do not have anything with the girl and I forgive you for kissing her. ”

Sean raised his pathetic face at Kim and stood still.

“Common” Kimberly said and walked swiftly to hug him.

They both hugged one another while Stephen and I watched the lovely couple.


Few years later

Sean and Kimberly got married while Stephen and I were best man and best woman.

Guess what? The following Saturday. Stephen and I got married too.

As for the duet performance. Sean didn’t perform it because professor Lucas who happened to be the one in charge of the band had being jailed.

Thanks for reading.

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