August 6, 2021

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Caught Between Crossroads. Chapter 10,11 and 12

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By Virginia Asenath
Chapter 10
She has never wanted people to see her weak but the tears that the were threatening to fall seemed to betray her. Allowing herself to swallow the anger she found her tongue to speak boldly.
‘Sometimes I wonder with you. ‘Taking an old man’s walking stick won’t make him lame’ is a saying by a wise man. You spoilt my laptop but am ordering one now. Instead of making your life miserable won’t make Dave love you. Are you even proud of yourself forcing yourself on people. If he really loves you the he would be the one fighting to have you. It will be better if you get that into your skull, sooner than later.’
Picking her phone, she ordered for another laptop.
‘Get out of my room now,’ she said calmly.
‘This is my future husband’s house.’
‘Future husband my foot. Has he proposed? Where is the ring? Until then you are nothing but a normal call girl. Now get out; I have more important things to do,’ she said dragging her out.
She sighed with relief, for controlling her anger.
She went to pick the delivery and continued with her work. Believing that even though one may fail seven times; will stand the eighth time, she kept on trying until the phone was unlocked. With a victorious smile she started going through the phone. Distracting her attention was the movement of the door knob, but this time she wasn’t moved, she had the key with her. After several trials of whoever was at the door he or she left. Going through the contacts she found only two saved. Checking the messages, was only one conversation with eleven messages.
I thought you were to be trusted.
It wasn’t my mistake to love her.
What kind of love is that? To leave my daughter motherless.
I didn’t want her dead. It was a mistake but don’t drag my son into these.
So you also care about your son. The same one my wife raised. You are so heartless. I will report you to the authority.
Don’t push me to the wall.
Is that a threat?
Depends on how you will take it.
Watch me do it.
You won’t dare me.
We will see that.
With the information confusing her she put the phone in her handbag and took the album. Maybe to find who has the other part of the chain. Getting more confused with a picture of Larry, her dad, mom and three other men. Making a call to their leader she left the house to their meeting place.

By Virginia Asenath
Chapter 11
‘With the theory I know, the murder was his friend,’ Jason one of the team member said.
‘But who is the friend?’ Hellena asked.
‘Shanel you can ask Dave for the list of his dad’s friends. It will help us a lot,’ Jeffrey suggested.
‘I have enough problems in that house. Dave thinks I was sent to seduce him and now I have another enemy who went to the extend of breaking my laptop and is willing to go to any extend to make me leave,’ she said.
‘What have you done to her?’
‘She is protecting what is hers,’ she said in a mimicking tone.
‘If she is causing you problems then we will get her arrested,’ Jason suggested.
‘Leave her alone. She is just a stupid girl obsessed with money in the name of love,’ she said.
‘You call for support if you she tries to harm you again. As of today you will go with Jason to show then you are not alone in this,’ the leader said.
She nodded. After the discussion Jason drove. They just met recently but he is actually a nice guy and the little time they have spent, they were getting along. With a lively drive due to the chatting they got to the house.
Alighting from the car they meet an always angry Dave.
‘Who are you and what do you want in my house?’ He asked really pissed off.
‘He is my boyfriend. After your false accusations I thought showing my boyfriend to you will help you leave me alone,’ Shanel replied with a smile.
‘Tell him to leave my house. He seems deaf,’
‘He is also an investigator and also working on your dad’s case. We will be upstairs. Chao,’ she smiled.
Dave changing his mind of going out he followed them. Not knowing why he was really doing so but written on his face was anger. Having the urge of beating that man up with no mistake to be precise. Realising that he may seem stupid if seen by someone he went to his room.

By Virginia Asenath
Chapter 12
Feeling weird he comforted himself with alcohol.
In an isolated building in the outcasts of California sat three boys dressed in the bad boy looks. They seemed really worried.
‘We need to tell the boss everything,’ one said taking a sip of the wine.
The other one picked the phone and called.
‘Hello boss,’
‘We have a problem,’
‘What is it?’
‘The case has been reopened and it seems someone is almost unfolding the truth,’
‘Who is it?’
‘A girl sir,’
‘How did you know,’
‘I have been given information and seems she is getting something,’
‘You must stop her. I will talk to Martin and tell you what to do,’ he said and hanged up.
‘Why are you bringing men in my house?’ Dave asked angrily. After two days of locking himself in his room he finally got out.
‘He is also working on your case,’
‘I don’t want anybody else in my house,’ he yelled.
‘Why are you angry?’
‘Because I want you to concentrate on one thing. You are doing a good job in the case, I want you to focus,’ he said with a straight face.
‘So someone can give a compliment,’ she said smiling.
He rolled his eyes and left. Left in the sitting room she smiled.
‘What were you talking about?’
She looked behind and met Ken’s evil eyes.
‘I guess couples don’t hide things, you can ask him,’ she said with a smirk and went upstairs.
She sat on her bed digesting the findings looking for answers.
She heard a knock almost immediately. Surprised with Dave standing at the door.

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