June 8, 2021

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Caught Between Crossroads. Chapter 13 and 14

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By Virginia Asenath
Chapter 13
‘Come in,’ she said after staring at him for while.
‘Don’t be surprised why am here,’ maybe answering to her inquisitive face.
‘I need your help,’
‘What kind of help?’
‘Can you be my date tomorrow night at a party, please,’ he pleaded.
‘Why do you always want to cause me trouble?’ She asked with a straight face.
‘Am not causing you trouble,’
‘First you accused me of seducing you, then you brought your girlfriend to make my life miserable. Can’t you just cooperate I do my work and leave? Take your girlfriend for a date, that sounds better,’ she said with a smirk.
‘She is not my girlfriend,’
‘I don’t need your explanation, I have a boyfriend,’ she said ruefully.
‘Am not a kid for you to fool. He is not yours and don’t love him,’
‘Give me a break Mister, who gave you the right to tell me what to and what not to do?’
‘Enough of all these are we going or not?’
Giving it a second thought it will be a good chance to collect something that might help.
‘I will go but under one condition,’
‘Which is?’
Getting out a picture and handing it to him.
‘I want you to introduce all those people to me,’
After staring at it for some minutes, he spoke.
‘On this left side is Mr and Mrs Martin Scott. Actually Mrs Scott is my hero. She raised me up. On the right is Mr Ronald and Mr Davis,’
‘From the look who do you think may have killed your dad?’

By Virginia Asenath
Episode 14
‘I don’t know because all of them were my dad’s friend,’
With more questions rising in her mind on the relationship between Mr Larry and her family, yet not having someone to answer brought commotion in her brain.
‘The problem between my dad and Mr Scott started when his daughter turned five,’
‘Have you ever met his daughter?’
‘Yeah we grew together but at ten she was kidnapped and came back with memory loss,’ he said remorsefully.
She has never known she had a sister but hoping she may meet her one day.
‘Who kidnapped her?’
‘Mr Scott accused my dad but I don’t think he can kill,’
‘From what I know your dad was killed by three of his closest friends,’
‘We got a flash in his room with that information but we can’t pinpoint,’
‘Please find then. I just want to know why they killed him,’ he pleaded.
‘We are doing our best. I will go to the party,’ she said.
‘Thank you so much. Ken isn’t my girlfriend and has never been,’
‘There is nothing to explain,’
He felt new hope in him, knowing they are closer in finding the truth.
With rules governing the group she had to inform the rest of the party.

‘It’s a party attended by business men maybe we could meet this people there,’ she suggested.
‘Good idea but you can’t go alone,’
‘Dave asked me to be his date that means I will not be disturbed by security. How will we get invitation for anybody else?’
‘We will find a way Kisha and Jason you will act as a couple. Shanel be careful,’ the leader said.
‘Okay sir,’
‘We are almost getting the truth we must all be careful,’

‘She will be attending the party,’
‘That’s good, I want her in our custody,’
‘Okay sir,’

Checking herself on the mirror she was satisfied with her looks. On her she had a red dress which was just above her knee. She let her hair cover part of her face and used a pin to maintain it there. Not needing makeup as she was naturally beautiful, only applied a lip gloss. She blended everything with a black and red stripped high-heel shoe. She picked her black purse and walked downstairs. Dave was already waiting and looked really handsome. Any woman would desire to be his girlfriend. He always knew Shanel was beautiful but today she looked more like an Angel. Actually she was created by God himself and not as an assignment to the Angel’s.
‘Hello Mister am Shanel, working on your dad’s case,’ she said with a smile, snubbing him from his thoughts. Her smile alone could change someone’s heart as it was cute.
He returned the smile before taking her hand.
Walking outside hand in hand they met an angry Ken.
‘Where the hell are you to going?’ She yelled.
‘Relax am not taking your boyfriend. You will have him when he comes back,’ Shanel said.
‘Am the one to go not you,’ she shouted wanting to hit her but Dave got hold of her.
‘Why should I take you along?’ He said shrugged.
Not having an answer she moved backwards cursing.
‘I hate you Shanel and I will make you pay,’ she shouted behind them as the car drove off.

Caught Between Crossroads. Chapter 15 and 16
Caught Between Crossroads. Chapter 10,11 and 12

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