July 29, 2021

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Caught Between Crossroads. Chapter 15 and 16

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By Virginia Asenath
Chapter 15
Adjusting herself and resting her head on the comfortable seat she her mind space to think. Giving herself proofs that her dad is not involved in this but just a misunderstanding. Though her life has been somehow confusing that made her think she doesn’t know herself; the series of events make her more lost as to whom she truly is. Guessing that maybe her life is a soap opera ending with a happy ever after. But coming to reality her instincts tell her something is wrong somewhere. Feeling some peace in her she drifted to dreamland. Waking up with the halting of the car, she wiped her eyes just to have a clear view of the magnificent in front of her. In her eyes was a two storey building, beautifully painted and surrounded by flowers which brings out the sweet scent of nature. Being in love with nature and its fragrance she breathed in the fresh air.
‘Shall we,’ came the voice of Dave who all this time staring at her and as if it was his first time meeting her, he couldn’t take his eyes off her. She took his hand and started walking inside. Surrounded by the press whom to her are gossipers as no news goes past them, they reduced their speed. Her heart, beating faster that only she could hear, was slowly making her loose courage. She sighed in relief as the bodyguards drove them away, though thanks to them they interfered her from enjoying. Walking in she couldn’t control herself as a ‘Wow’ escaped her mouth as everything was breathtaking. She wondered how long it took the planners to plan such. From the sweet slow rhythm playing, the decorations and the dressing code of everyone, it was a true definition of perfect. After getting a table she looked around and spotted Kisha which made her relax. Picking a drink and cake from the waiters walking around she saw someone who looked familiar. She recalled after some minutes that it was the photo. Feeling suspicious of the man she escused herself and followed him. Taking the same way he took, led her to the females washrooms rooms.

By Virginia Asenath
Chapter 16
She opened almost all the doors but didn’t see anyone. Walking to the next door she heard movements behind her. She tried releasing herself from the grip but couldn’t. Covered with a white handkerchief from behind everything went blank as she lost conscious. Dragged out through the backdoor was taken to the car that was waiting.

Thirty minutes and no trace of her coming back Kisha went after her. After searching to no avail she met her shoe.
‘She is missing’ she called Jason and said.
‘What do you mean?’
‘She is not here but one of her shoe is here,’ she said getting worried.
Jason joined her there to confirm.
‘You call the rest, I will inform Dave,’ Kisha said running downstairs.

‘What!’ He jumped up shocked.
Tracking her phone, they found it on the window.
‘Damn it,’ Dave yelled frustrated.
Taking control of the steering, he drove home. Ken was drinking wine on the couch relaxed.
Picking her up by the collar of her blouse; he released the grip, making her fall back with a thud.
‘You are hurting me,’ she said in pain.
‘Ooh really. Do you know the meaning of hurt?’
‘What is wrong with you? Leave me alone,’
‘Where is she?’
‘Am not in the mood of your drama. Where is Shanel?’
‘Don’t tell me she left you. I told you am the only one for you,’ she said smiling.
He felt like being insulted. Trembling in anger he slapped her, making her fall on the couch.
Feeling pain in his hand he called Kisha who came almost immediately.
‘She threatened Shanel before we left. I don’t want to see her unless I see Shanel to. Get her out of here,’ he commanded.
‘I don’t know where she is,’ Ken cried as she was taken to the car.
‘If you know what is best for you, tell us where you took her to,’ Kisha said.

Secluding her in a room with Kisha, who was willing to go to any extent to get her friend back.
She signalled the police to induce pain.
‘Are you going to talk?’
‘I don’t know where she is,’
Was what she kept on saying.
Tired of listening to the same words she left.
‘Should we put it on the media?’ Jeffrey asked.
‘Not yet, let’s complete all options first,’ Kisha said.
‘Do you think they are the same people who took her?’ Jason said.
‘I think so to,’ Hellena said.

Dave felt the same pain he felt two years ago when he lost his dad repeat itself. It was like a part of him was missing. After sleep deserted him and couldn’t drink since he knew he needed to be sobber to get her, he took his laptop.

???? Don’t kill her yet am on my way to give her a piece of my mind.
????Okay boss.

Slowly Shanel woke up. As she looked around the room was more like a store. Recollecting how she ended up there, the door flung open and in front of her stood an unknown person.
‘Get me out of here,’ she yelled.
He wasn’t moved by her words but she walked closer to her holding a knife. Fear engulfed her as she saw death.
‘Please don’t kill me,’ she pleaded.
‘You still have sometime, I guess you should start saying your last prayer.

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