June 15, 2021

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Caught Between Crossroads. Chapter 17 and 18

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By Virginia Asenath
Chapter 17
‘Please don’t,’
‘We are waiting for our boss who will make the final decision,’ he said mockingly.
He looked more ugly. Thinking of her dad and all her dreams that will fail if she dies made her sad. Of all her nightmares, not this kind of death.
‘What have I done to you?’ She asked in tears.
‘It’s simple, why do you get involved in things that don’t concern you?’
‘I don’t understand,’
‘If you happen to leave this place alive step down from the investigation,’ he said and walked out.
She bowed her head in despair. Being tied on the chair she couldn’t even wipe her tears. She raised her head when the knob moved. Two men walked in. The one who had left and another one. She recognised the physical posture.
‘So you are the stubborn one?’ Came the voice.
That voice was familiar but he had a mask on. It sounded like her dad, if not that her dad is in Africa, she would have said he is the one. She stared at him, her heart being sure she knew him.
‘I don’t always give people second chances but will give you. You quite the investigation,’ he commanded.
‘Dad,’ she called ruefully.
‘Who is your dad?’
‘Am sorry,’
‘Get her out of here. Don’t kill her but silence her,’ he commanded and left.
‘I wonder why the boss has a soft spot for you. But I will untie you,’ the remaining one left.

Checking through his laptop he recalled something. The watch on Shanel’s hand was a special gift from him. With a little hope he tracked the watch. Wishing she still had it on. As he watched he saw her being dragged from a car boot and dumped in the forest. She seemed dead. It was almost dawn but he had to go and get her. After calling for backup he set his journey to the unknown place. He drove at a high speed as any minute lost, he will loss her.
But can it be true he loved her?
He was a little bit scared since the place was scary. Surrounded by trees which are close to each other, made the place look more like a house. You could hear different voices of birds and animals. He had only his car touchs to light the place. Having confirmed that there was no one he carried her in bridal style to the back seat. But even in her lifeless condition she remained beautiful. Igniting the engine he drove off but couldn’t go far as he heard bullets from behind. Though the car was bullet proof, he knew he wasn’t safe. Stealing glances at the back, he felt pity for her knowing that she is in danger because of him. Due to her condition he drove more faster and sighed when he was sure he had lost track of the shooters.

By Virginia Asenath
Chapter 18
Wondering why until now the backup he called for hasn’t arrived. Which people are they serving if they can’t show up when needed the most? Taken to the ward, he had to sit there and wait for her. Minutes turned to hours but no doctor was coming out. Like a normal being he started being suspicious and his heartbeat increased.
Not knowing if he could take it if anything bad happens to her, he started walking up an down in the hospital.

‘She was taken away,sir,’
‘By whom?’
‘We didn’t see him and we lost track of him,’
‘What? If anything happens to my daughter I promise to kill all of you,’ he said angrily.
‘I think you should tell her to step down yourself. She seems stubborn,’
‘No one asked for your thoughts. You didn’t harm her?’
‘We didn’t sir, we just inflicted a little pain,’
‘I thought I told you not to harm her,’ he said yelled.
Picking the gun angrily he shoot him.
‘Go to hell,’ he shouted and left to meet his accomplice in crime.
‘Why do you let the girl go?’
‘Because I can’t hurt my own daughter,’
‘Hope you thought it through. I can’t go to jail no matter what,’
‘No problem. I have to travel back,’

‘How is she doctor?’
‘She is out of danger. We tried our best and we were able to remove the toxic substance from her blood system. She will wake up any moment,’
‘Can I see her?’
Feeling relieved thar she is out of danger he walked inside the ward. There she was with drips connected to her. She looked pale but as beautiful as always. But this time round he saw something different. As he stared at her he recalled the dream. Though the girl in the dream had scars, they looked alike. He sat beside her, he was tired and sleepy and slept off with his head on her stomach.

Caught between crossroads. Episode 19 and 20
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