August 3, 2021

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He and her V. Episode 79

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He and her V

Episode 79

Camilla’s POV

“Statistics made us know that many prostitute and gangster ladies that we have in the street today are product of broken homes. When a father and a mother do not come together to take care of their own child. The child is bound to become something terrible and uncontrollable in the future. Dear, Mr. Tucker. Grace and her daughter should be allowed to stay in your house henceforth. ”

“Arise ”


Everyone began to stand in disperse and Tucker watched me from where he is with a weary face. I couldn’t look at his face cause tears were struggling to pour from my face.

I walked out hurriedly and leaned by the wall to cry.

“Camilla ” I heard a voice that sounds like that of Grace call me.

I turned and looked into her face like a man looking into the face of a betrayal.

She smirked. “It might be strange , but sharing the same husband with you is no big deal. We shouldn’t quarrel in the house as long as we maintain our lane. Put yourself in my shoes. Imagine having a daughter without a father. You would have done the same to claim the father of your child by all means , though” She said , winked at me and walked away.

I turned to the wall and cried.

I wanted to tell her how wicked she is. How she betrayed me and doesn’t care about my happiness but I have little or no strength left to contend.


Tucker, Grace and her daughter with I sat at the living room facing each other like strangers.

I can’t say who is sadder between Tucker and I.

“Common Tucker!” Grace said and went to meet Tucker. She hugged him by his shoulder and pecked him.

Oh my days! Pecking my husband right before me?

Jealousness arose inside of me and I feel like just dying. It looks to me like I had lost Tucker to Grace even though we both have equal rights.

I do not need anyone to tell me that Grace will frustrate my life as long as I stay here.

Not only did Grace made our wedding the worst ever , she proceeded into tampering with our marriage and our happiness most especially.

“I can’t stand this anymore ” I said with tears streaming heavily from my face as I stood and went to my room.

After about an hour, I was done packing my luggage. I felt so guilty that I will be leaving Tucker in this terrible condition.

But what can I do?

Joy is his daughter anyways.

Tucker turned and saw me with my luggage. He tried to stand but Grace pulled him by his hand.

“Common! Let her go. You will find all the happiness you had always wanted with me ” Grace said but Tucker angrily pulled his hand off her grip.

He ran towards me and knelt before me.

“Please ,don’t leave me ” He pleaded with a red eye.

I looked into the face of Tucker and I could see so much love there. We were both staring at each other and right there and then , I felt like k!ssing him and making an hot love with him but someone has intruded into our marriage

She has taken all the happiness in our marriage. Just one night of Tucker carelessly taking her v@-g-in-Ity leads to this.

“Tucked!” I called with my mouth shaking.

“Camilla” He replied pathetically still crying and biting his lips in regret.

“I love you..but please….let me go” I said painfully with tears on my face. It’s so heartbroken that I’ll be leaving Tucker

“Please… Camilla ,don’t leave me…

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