June 11, 2021

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Never knew she’s beautiful. Episode 11

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Never knew she’s beautiful

Episode 11


The boss looked into my face and bite his lips. “Why do you want to arrest me , sir?”

“Aren’t you suppose to ask yourself why you close the door on me ”

“Huh? But you did the same yesterday?”

“And what If I do? I’m the boss here and you must oblige to all my command young girl. I can fire you and you would not even have the right to collect your first salary. Aren’t you tired of being poor? ”

“We are so much tired sir , you could help ”

“You help yourself ” He said and put a call through to someone. I knew at once that he was his driver.

We stood without exchanging words for few minutes after which his driver came with his car.

“Sir , we should leave together ”

He snubbed and went to his car. He stepped in and before he could close the door, I hurriedly stepped inside the car and close the door on us.

“What did you think you are doing?”

“As how sir? Planning on going back to work, sir. And I’m sorry for locking you up in the room. I hope you won’t do the same to me next time ”

“Woman, step down from my car”


“I won’t repeat myself ” He threatened.

“But sir , I want to go to work ”

“Can’t your common sense tell you that we have closed at work already?”

“Oh really? That’s true. Okay , see you tomorrow sir ” I said still sitting.

“What else are you waiting for?”

“I thought you might want to take me out , like probably buy pizza for me or…I like shawarma ” I said smiling.

“Now , I confirm that you are a psycho”

“For a very long time , sir. ”

He looked at my face and looked away. Then shake his head.

I could see the look of frustration on his face.

“Just take me out sir , please. That’s why I love my boss. You known how to take care of your employee. I like you sir ”

“Like your poor self first…move boy” He commanded the driver and the car start to move.

“I’ll be taking you to Don restaurant to but Pizza and whatever you need ” He said smiling.

“Oh really?” I began to dance to the soft music being played in the car.

“Did you see the address I just sent to you?” He asked the driver.

” yes , heading there right away. ”


“You are kind sir , though ,you can be annoying atimes ” I said but he snubbed.

I continued dancing and the car finally halted at a very big building.

“We are there ” He said smiling. The smile is dry tough but I don’t care.

We both stepped down and he walked me inside.

The place doesn’t in any way look like a restaurant.

“Have your sit” He said and I sat wondering what sort of restaurant this is.

He went to meet the workers after which he came to me.

“Few seconds, please ” He said and walked out while I kept smiling to myself expecting him.

Two men suddenly appeared with chain and were trying to grab me carefully.

I looked to the right and left wondering what was happening.

“What’s wrong?” I let out.

“Imagine a mad girl asking what is wrong ” They gripped me all of a sudden and chained me.

It was when they dropped me amidst the mad ladies that I knew that the boss had brought me to a psycho hospital.

I’m dead. This mad people will chew me raw

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