August 4, 2021

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Adventure of a bad pastor’s son. Part 26

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we kept arguing on who’ll go first so i told the waiter to go. I stood up and went to the counter and made an orded of two plates of fried rice with roasted chicken lap and bought a pack of hollandia youghurt and took in a tray with two breakable cups. She was suprised at how much i ordered and said “aha! why this much? them no dey sell water for here?
abi who tell you say i nor dey drink water?
me: baby, i wanna give you a treat nau
she: you sha like forming Mr. Romantic
me: lol, just enjoy yourself sha
we were eating and drinking and gisting
me: so how was church
she: kinda boring, the preacher was just beating around the bush instead of preaching according to the title of the message
me: shhh! place my finger on her lips don’t talk against a man of God no matter what
she: hmmm… Pastor Vic…
me: no, its not about pastor or not, its not okay to talk ill of a Man of God.
she: okay, i’ve heard you.
me: yeah, hope you’re enjoying the meal?
she: of course thanks dear, you’re a darling.

after we finished eating, i excused myself and went to buy two cups of ice cream to wash down the food. While we were licking d ice cream and gisting, i took her hand and was handling with her hand when she asked me a suprising question
she: Victor, i wanna ask you something
me: yes dear, anything
she: do you love me?
me: yeah, i do
she: tell me, say it
me: smiles i love you Tiwa
she stood up and reached for me across the table and planted a fast kiss on my lip.
Her lip was so soft, i felt like continueing the kiss but decided to wait since i’ll have more time for that. We gisted some more till it started getting dark. I checked the time and it was 7:30 already. We left the eatery and entered the school with our hands twined together walking around like two newly found love birds.
I think i was actually in love with her.
We stopped at a spot and she leaned on the wall while i leaned against her. The whole place was so dark, we couldn’t be seen by anybody.

Adventure Of A Bad Pastor's son. Part 27
Adventure Of A Bad Pastor's Son. Part 25

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