July 27, 2021

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Adventure Of A Bad Pastor’s Son. Part 30

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I woke up 8am the next day with a rock-hard di.c.k and seeing Tope lying Unclad beside me wasn’t helping matters. She was lying, facing downwards which her a.s.s pointed upwards.
Her bo.o.ty was so attractive. Very big and round. It spread on the bed like a queen.
I climbed on her with my di.c.k resting on her behind and started squeezing and rubbing her ars.se gently. She woke up and looked back at me and said “you no dey sleep?”
me: sleep by what time? its eight already nau.

*******conversation continues*******

Tope: turns to face upreally? eight already?
me: yeah
Tope: it feels as if av not slept at all oo…
me: yeah, dats because you really stressed urself yesterday from the party
Tope: and from your hectic pounding
me: so you’re still sleepy?
Tope: yeah, i am
me: okay, I’ll drive away the sleep
I started kissing her and fumbling with her b0s0m and started sU-Cking like i was trying to extract milo from her b0s0m. I slipped my hand down her p..ssy and started working magic.
she shut her eyes and was like… ohh… shhh… ahhh… i exchanged my hands with my bruaha and started pounding slowly, then faster, then slowly, then faster and after about ten mins we both came. I realized i didn’t wear a condom the two times we did it. I said a short prayer in my mind oh Lord, let her not get pregnant plsss… We both went to the bathroom and took our bath, after which she saw me off to the bus stop. I went to school, picked my laptop and some dirty clothes planning to go home.

Adventure Of A Bad Pastor's Son. Part 31 and 32
Adventure Of A Bad Pastor's Son. Part 29

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