June 18, 2021

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Caught between crossroads. Episode 19 and 20

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By Virginia Asenath
Chapter 19
Slowly she flipped her eyebrows and opened, to find herself in an unknown place. He discomfort woke Dave who was in the dream land.
‘Where am I? What am doing here?’ She asked eagerly.
‘ Wow, you are awake,’ he said excited.
‘Who are you?’
It came like a shock to him. He hurriedly went to call the doctor, he wasn’t understanding a thing. After some check ups the doctor spoke.
‘She has lost her memory but will recover after a while,’ the doctor said but to him it wasn’t new.
To Dave it was a blow. Just when he was about getting answers, she lost memory. He felt weak as tears flow. Her face was innocent, but she was suffering.

She felt frustrated, she wanted to remember. She looked at the man crying on the chair. He looked like someone in pain. She knew him but didn’t recall.
‘How does my loss of memory affect you,’ she broke the silence.
He looked up.
‘I pray you recall faster, you are my only hope,’ he said and started walking out.
‘Wait, who are you to me. As in what is your name?’
‘Sounds familiar,’
‘Please regain your memory for me,’ he said and opened the door.
He met the team at the door.
‘Don’t you think you came a little late?’ He asked.
‘We are sorry, we had to be careful for safety,’ Jason said.
‘Mr you couldn’t even risk for her,’ he said with an eye roll.
‘Not now please,’
‘Don’t even interrogate her, she lost her memory,’ he said.
‘What?’ They all said in unison.

By Virginia Asenath
Chapter 20
‘Don’t be shocked,’ he said and walked away.

They walked in to confirm and Shanel was looking up on the roof.
‘Doctor they want to hurt me,’ she shouted when she saw then.
They stole glances at each other shocked.
‘It me, Kisha,’ she tried to calm her down but to no avail as she kept on shouting.
The doctor came and led them out, before administering an injection for her to sleep.

‘What are we going to do next?’ Jason asked.
‘Am as confused as you,’ Hellena said.

As days passed she started recovering. With the care she received from Dave and Dan, even sickness can be afraid. She sat on the bed trying to recall and she saw blury images. Her head was hurting and she had to scream.
‘Are you Okay?’ Was the first question Dave asked.
‘Did you get the murder?’ She asked back.
‘Thank God you are recalling,’ Dave said.
‘I need to stop the investigation,’ she said with a straight face.
‘Because they said they will kill me,’
‘Nobody will kill you. I promise to protect you,’
‘Since when did you start to care?’
‘We’ll talk about that later,’
‘I need to see my dad, to confirm something,’
‘Where is your dad?’
‘In Africa,’
‘I can go with you,’
‘Not now. I will come back as soon as I get what I need,’
He nodded in agreement and left the room.
Their is this feeling that she and Dave were once close. Only her dad can have the answers. The voice was familiar, she had hope that meeting her dad could be an answer to all unanswered questions. She started packing her clothes, even though she isn’t sure which part of Africa her dad stays.

Caught Between Crossroads. Chapter 21 and 22
Caught Between Crossroads. Chapter 17 and 18

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