July 31, 2021

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Doctor Vs. Nurse Vs. Patient. Part 26

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The days turned into months, I was about
rounding off my housemanship….
I was posted to the trauma section…..
Yes, that place where emergencies would just
pop up from nowhere….
Ranging from medical to surgical…..
But I focused more on Surgical
And my registrar was an unmarried lady,
slim, dark, but not as pretty as an average
However had a sweet sense of humour…
“Dr lagusta, they have come again ooo, Abeg
summon the spiritual forces to close the
hospital gate, I no wan see any totori for here
ooo, I wan sleep”
Bit after two minutes, a road traffic victim
was rushed in….
“Dr lagusta u shaa wan punish me, I no tiff
your girlfriend nah”
“It wasn’t me….” I said smiling…
We did the necessary stuff to save the life….
“Okay doc, tell the nurses we are done”
I went to the nurses station, and I saw one of
the prettiest nurses I have ever seen, I mean,
oh my God, this lady was drop dead
gorgeous, dark but fine… I mean very fine,
prettie than darego….
“Good morning” I greeted..
“Good morning house boy” she answered….
Hmmm, this pretty nurse made my fast
beating heart slow down with what she called
“Just wanted to let u know that I’m through”
“You or your registrar, what do u people
know, u that just got out of medical school”
Now I was getting worked up….
What did you just say??”
“Yes you heard me right, you people just
think because you have been inducted, you
can do and undo, whereas you guys know
nothing but how to fûck nurses”
“Hey, take it easy madam, I’m just here to do
my duty, and you’re here castigating me,
what have I done wrong nah”
And she didn’t say a word….

“Dr lagusta, where are u nah” as my oga
bellowed from the end….
After the days work, I went home, feeling
stupidly silly with myself….
Dr ola called, all my fûck mates called, but i
refused to pick….
Then someone else called…..
“Hello Dr lagusta, there is an emergency at
the a/e now, please come over”
I got there to see a lady with serious scald
Burns all over her face and body…..
Me and my oga really did lots of work that
day, but I later noticed the nurse was just
eyeing me, looking at me throughout….
But I refused to be distracted….
After seeing other patients, I went to sit at a
I looked up to see the same nurse….
“Hope no issues again ooo” I asked
“No dear, I’m sorry for my outbursts the
other time, I just realized not all docs are the
“Thank God for that”
And she laughed in a Sekxy way, showing
her tetracycline-stained teeth….
“Okay, I’ve closed for the day, take care” and
she turned to reveal her heavy back-side
towards me….
That arrseee was the ish meeehn, I had to
grab my copy one way or the other….

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