July 30, 2021

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Doctor Vs. Nurse Vs. Patient. Part 27

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I was about rounding off my posting in
surgery, but still had to go through the
orthopedics department….
Meehn, those broken bones can give one
pleasant nightmares!!!!!
Anyway, orthopedics is usually very busy, as
most road traffic crashes always come with
one form of fracture or the other……
So I was always called at the emergency to
splint joints, apply POP casts, etc…..
Okay, now I hope you all remember the big-
arrssed nurse with green teeth, well we
started becoming closer as she always come
to help when I’m around, and she rarely does
that for even senior registrars…..
But I noticed she was getting more raunchy
day after day, like once I was trying to reduce
a dislocated shoulder, while she came and
whispered a “well-done” into my ear,
caressing my arse while I was at it…
I was shocked, bewildered, overwhelmed and
And the way she would just be jiggling that
arse under the brown uniform of hers…..
No, I just have to get some, I MUST get
So after reducing the dislocation, and as the
smoothest operator that walked the whole
eleven yards….
I went ahead to strike a combo with her..
“Good evening” I greeted
“Good evening doc, hope no prob, anything
wrong with the patient??”
“No ooo, I just wanted to keep your

“Wooow, you actually are not like other docs,
you are not proud at all, want to gist with a
nurse like me, hmmmm, I’m honoured”
“No dear, we are all important to make sure
the patient gets better”
“That’s true jare, only if other docs reason
like you do, health care would be far better in
this country”
“Yeah dear, I wish…..”
And the conversation hanged, no, it can’t just
hang like that, no no no no
“Sorry, but do you mind both of us hanging
out sometime”
“Hmmmm, now the doctor wants us to go on
a date”
“No ooo, I just want us to spend some time
together, you know, have a good time instead
of always being chained inside hospital walls”
She looked at me satanically and smiled
“Okay, no prob, when I’m ready i wil call
“Okay,let me give you my number”
“No need doc, your number is on the call duty
As usual….. na wa…..
“Okay, I I’ll be expecting your call….”
And the wait started…..

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