August 2, 2021

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Doctor Vs Nurse Vs Patient. Part 28

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The days rolled by…..
The weeks rolled by…….
Nothing, no call…..
Haaa, this lady has scammed me!!!
But my phone rang!!!
“Hello…” my heart racing faster than a
cheetah pursuing usain bolt….
“Hello it’s me Sandra”.
“Hey, what’s up nah long time”
“Yeah, I’m in front of your room, come and
open nah”
I allowed her in, and I noticed she wore a
short gown, with a v-shaped design at the
top to make her b0s0m stand out…..
And she really had a nice set of racks…..
She sat on my bed, opened her legs wide, her
fresh laps exposing her fresher pucci…..
“Well, come and sit with me nah”
And I followed and obeyed like a gentle
terrier obeying it’s master….
“Okay I’m seeing you now, wha…”
“Shhhhhhh” she hushed me while placing a
finger on my lips…..
She winked at me, carried my left hand and
made it rock her very hard and erect cl!t……
I also noticed that she was so wet the
Amazon rainforest would just sit down and
And john-thomas below was giving the ready-
for-action bulge…..
She just zipped down and brought it out,
held it, played with it,caressed it, removed a
rubber ducky and wrapped it down…..
And as I was sitting, she sat down on me
and straddled me…..

“Oohh, uuuhh, yeeaahh, that’s it, aaahh,
yyeeahh, oh yeah, mmmhhh”..
She was just m0an!ng and groaning to the
rhythm, she loved what she was doing, she
was good at it, she was doing it, she DID
She rode me like a stallion, but I was the
Then she started pounding me…..
I had to do something too, so I removed the
gown and her bra, nd those b0s0m popped
out, and I started sU-Cking them…
“Oh yes, please don’t stop , no please don’t”
Why should I stop?? I was just licking and
sU-Cking those tips, very sweet and very
But I had to take over, so I carried her and
put her on the bed, and I started pounding
her too…
“Yeah babe, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
And I felt her Pour right there……
Then I turned her to lie face down, and I gave
it to her harder…..
“Aaah aaah, this doc will kill me today”
But you came for it, and you’re getting it…..
I kept on pounding and pounding…..

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