July 27, 2021

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Never knew she’s beautiful. Episode 12

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Never knew she’s beautiful

Episode 12


The mad people around me were serene , they were just staring at me.

“Hi” I greeted one of them.

“Hi , you are welcome ” A fat lady amidst them replied.

Seems this girl is normal.

I turned and faced her well. “Are you alright?”

“Sure ” She replied.

“Oh! Then why are you here?” I asked and she smiled.

“It’s a long story”

“Tell me , I’m willing to hear you out”

“Alright. Once upon a time. There lived a tortoise and a rat , they were….”

“Sorry!” I interrupted.

“What’s that about tortoise and a rat, are you sure you are alright?” I asked

“Well,I’m a tortoise and you are a rat” She said and smiled walking towards me like a psycho that she is

“Stay back , stay back”

“No , no…I’ll devour you raw ” She did her nail like that of a vampire and I screamed out.

She came to me and began to press me by my neck but the securities around heard my scream and quickly came to bring me out of the psycho cell.

“Hey! I’m not mad. Why treating me like a psycho?” I asked.

“Of course you are a pyscho. The man that came to report you told us so much about you and how your psycho might lead to something uncontrollable if not quickly tamed.

” oh really? Well,he’s my boss at work and I wonder why he would bring me here and accuse me of being a psycho” I said.

“Looks like she’s normal” I heard the man by standing by the left whisper to the other.

“Don’t mind, some psychos can be normal for a period of time “the second whispered back

” Excuse me sirs,I’m not a psycho. And even if I am , my family should be the one to be ig me here not my boss at work. ” I said and they nodded.

“Alright , follow us ” I followed them to the receptionist office. They had already loosed the chains in my hand when after they had dropped me in the psycho cell.

They collected some details from me and ask me numerous question. The senior doctor amidst them confirmed that I’m not a psycho and that the boss might just misinterprets my behaviours to that of a psycho.

I finally went home.


Following day!

I dressed a little bit smarter this time. I took a cab to the office. I really do not want the boss to think I’m a psycho for real.

Or am I?

I’m crazy. Oh yeah! But not a psycho. He should better get ready to receive his dose of his treatment too.

I walked into the building, sign in and walked upstairs to the office.

The door was locked and I wondered where he had gone too.

I stood at the entrance expecting him to come soon when I heard behind me a voice that sounds like his.

“You escaped the cops. You escaped the psycho cell too ” He said and went to open the door.

“Good morning , sir ” I greeted but he snubbed and walked in.

I walked to my sit , placed my bag on the table and gathered the files for today’s work.

“I went through your work early this morning and….” he paused while I anticipate what he’s about to say. “I can’t believe a psycho girl could be delivering perfectly. I must commend you for that ”

“Thanks , sir” I said and began to work.

“Come and have this ” I stood and went to collect a leaflet from him. I read it and it was an event that we had being invited to as special guest of honor.

“This is happening today , why am I just seeing this?”

“How do you expect me to tell a psycho this. I received the letter last week and when I read that it said I must come with my secretary , I was already deliberating on hiring someone that looked like a secretary since your psycho will never stop”

“Oh! Alright then ” I said and went to sit and continued working.

I can’t stop myself from thinking of how to take revenge on him.


At the event

The boss and I sat as a random guest and then I discovered that it’s a programme ahead the time that they will be inviting Tucker and I out.

Perfect time to take my revenge.

“Excuse me sir ” I said and he nodded. I stood and walked out.

Few minutes later, the coordinator finally said. ” Ladies and gentlemen ,with a round of applause. Kindly make welcome , our special guests of honor. The boss as people call him and his delightable secretary ”

Everyone began to clap while he stood staring around expecting me to show up but I refused.

He finally walked out since all eyes were on him.

“Sir, where is your secretary?”

“We came here together , I have no idea where she left too” He replied the coordinator.

“Oh! We really need her to be on sit. We will wait for her for few seconds ” The coordinator said and I just went to the balcony of the building to sit.

All of you will wait for the next 50 years cause I’m not going to meet that big head boss that took me to a pyshco cell.

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