August 1, 2021

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O.N.S Episode 1

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O.N.S. Episode 2

One night stand ????
Episode one✨
In club cabana, there are people kissing , smoking and dancing. The music is blasting through the roof. Meanwhile, there is a girl dead drunk and crying her eyes out at the bar side.
Jenny p.o.v ????
I can’t believe Stephen cheated on me after all we have been through and the worst part is that I can’t stop loving him ????????.. it’s like i can’t leave without him.
Author’s p.o.v
At the rear end, a really handsome guy is watching Jenny from a distance..He decides to approach her.
Jenny:What do you want?
???: I come in peace.
Jenny:Get out before i leave you in pieces ????
???:(Chuckles) That’s funny..Am Justin by the way.
Jenny:(Yells)GET OUT!!
Justin:Am just tryna help.
Jenny: You don’t want to help …You guys are all the same.. Heartless.
Justin: You must be heartbroken..okay, let’s do this..let me be your boyfriend for a night.. it will ease your pain.
Jenny:You don’t wanna leave me alone,do you?
Justin:(Smiles) you in?
Jenny: Jennifer but you can call me Jenny.
Justin: Jenny.. let’s have fun.
They drank so heavily,kissed each other,danced till late at night.
The next day, At Jenny’s house
Jenny wakes up till a huge hangover..her door opens to reveal her handsome big bro liam who is college.
Liam:Wake up, drunkard????
Jenny: There’s something called knocking.????
Liam:Get dressed..time for school (leaves)
Jenny’s p.o.v????
Makers high place the one place i see Stephen everyday but at least my bestie Wendy, is with me.Time for school

O.N.S. Episode 2

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