July 21, 2021

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O.N.S. Episode 2

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One night stand ????
Episode two ????
Jenny gets dressed for school,she comes downstairs to see her mom,dad and brother having breakfast.
Jenny: Morning, sweet family ????
Patrick:You can sweet talk us how you want but that doesn’t change the fact that you are still grounded.
Jenny:I Know dad????
Joan:i can’t believe you got drunk last night.
Jenny:i already said I am sorry, mom
Liam:Your drunken state was hilarious (he laughs, Jenny smacks him with a spoon) ouch!!
Jenny:am leaving for school,bye.
Author’s p o.v
Jenny is already in school, she’s in the hallway with her friend Wendy,the guys keep staring at them.
Jenny:I don’t get why these idiots keep staring at us.
Wendy: That’s their stupid business.So tell me, where were you last night?..I called a billion times.
Jenny:I went to the club.
Wendy: So you got drunk over that bastard called Stephen..i told you that you should let me break his balls but you won’t let me.
Jenny:Wen, let’s not talk about that.
Wendy:So how do you get back?
Jenny:A guy took me home.
Wendy:A guy?
Jenny:Yeah,We kinda had a one night stand.
Jenny:shhh!! Be quiet.
Wendy:You had sex with a random guy.
Jenny:Not that kind of one night stand..We kissed and danced.
Wendy:was he cute?
Jenny:I don’t know.. maybe.
Wendy scrolls through her phone
Wendy: Everyone is talking about the new cute boy in school.
Jenny: Really?
Wendy:They say he is cuter than Stephen.
Jenny:Whatever, let’s go to class.
After school, Jenny is heading to her locker when she bumps into someone
Jenny:Watch where you are…
???: Hey, it’s you.
Jenny: What are u doing here?
???:Am the new student .
Jenny:What?!!..ohh no.

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