August 4, 2021

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O.N.S. Episode 3

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One night stand????
Episode three.
Jenny:What do u mean by ‘you are a new student?’
???:I got transferred here.????
Jenny: Wait, so you are the new student everyone is talking about?
Jenny:Um.. what’s that your name?
????: It’s since we know each other, we can be friends.
Jenny:Hold up, don’t think because of last night,that you and I can become friends.. infact act like you don’t know me.
Jenny: Because I say so…now,am going home.
Justin:Can i drop you off?????
Jenny:No!!…What part of “act like you don’t know me” didn’t you understand?..and stop smiling at me like an idiot ????
Justin: okay,am sorry.
Justin’s house
Justin gets back homs from school to see his senior sister,Tamara scrolling through her phone.
Tamara:Hey weirdo,how was your first day at school?
Justin:The usual…but i met this particular girl
Tamara: What’s up with her?
Justin:Shs hates my guts.
Tamara:Wow, first time a girl hates you,i thought they always drool over you like dogs.
Justin: This one is different..she is the girl i was with last night at the club.
Tamara:Woah!.. That’s deep ????
Tamara: Don’t worry,she come around..they always do.
Jenny’s house ????
Jenny is on the phone with Wendy.
Phone convo.
Wendy: Jenny, the new guy is soo cute.????
Jenny:I Know.
Wendy:You have seen him?
Jenny:Yeah, he’s the guy i was with last night ????
Wendy: REALLY?!!!????????????
Jenny: Don’t scream.
Wendy:oh, Jenny..he is darn handsome..You two fit.
Jenny:oh, not dating anyone anymore.
Wendy: Come on, everyone’s not like Stephen.
Jenny:You can never say..i gotta go.
Wendy: Okay,bye????
Phone convo ended.
The next day at school,Mrs Smith ,the science teacher was talking about a science fair project and she was suggesting pairing students up.She was still talking when Justin raised his hand.
Mrs Smith:Yes Justin
Justin:I will like to get paired up with Jenny.????
Jenny:What?..No way????

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O.N.S. Episode 2

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