July 31, 2021

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Caught Between Crossroads. Chapter 21 and 22

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Caught Between Crossroads. Chapter 23 and 24
Caught between crossroads. Episode 19 and 20

By Virginia Asenath
Chapter 21
She tried to call but wasn’t going through. It was it was confirming her suspicions. Her days, she felt frustrated. She wanted to book an air ticket but she didn’t know to where.
Why is her father not picking up the calls? After much thinking she tracked the number. After getting the information she booked the next flight to Nairobi, Kenya.
As she got down the flight, she was welcomed by the bright sunlight. She knee where she was going but didn’t know the name. She hired a car and followed the route on her phone.
The town was busy as everyone was in a hurry. The more she driver the more she was worried. It was on the outcasts of Nairobi. The house indicated was the only nice house in the area. She packed the car at a far place and walked to the area.
‘Hi,’ she greeted the gateman.
‘Hi, who are you?’
‘Am Shanel, can I meet the owner?’
‘He is not in,’
‘I will wait for him,’ she insisted.
After some pleading she was allowed in and the gateman went to call someone.
She had a hood, sunglasses and a cape. She wasn’t easily recognized. She sat there admiring the place. The place was beautiful decorated.
‘Who is that lookinf for me?’ She heard a cold voice from behind. She needed no prophet to tell her its her dad. But then didn’t want to believe her dad can be cold.
‘Who are you and what do you want?’ He asked again coldly.
She stood up and faced him.
‘Am talking to you young lady,’
She removed the cap and glasses.
‘Dad, when did you start being cold to people?’
He couldn’t comprehend any word due to the shock.
‘Can I go in?’ She asked and he just nodded.
After taking what she had inside, she went to take the car.
The night was long to her. Her mind couldn’t think anymore. She didn’t know what to do anymore. She woke up very early the next morning and got her dad seated on the couch.
‘Morning dad,’ she greeted.
‘What are you doing here?’
‘I never wanted to come but you pushed me to the wall. I won’t take long if only you answer my questions,’
‘What kind of questions?’
‘Please tell me the truth,’
He nodded.
‘What is the relationship between you and Mr. Larry?’

By Virginia Asenath
Chapter 22
‘He was my friend,’
‘Did you kill him?’
She couldn’t control her tongue. The room went silent as she could see anger in her dad’s eyes.
‘Yes I did,’ he said after a while.
Her mouth was left open due to the shock. She wished someone would tell her it was a dream.
‘Why dad?’ She had to ask.
She had to prove her dad was joking.
‘Have a sit, I will explain,’ he said and patted beside himself.

Flashback years ago.
Mr Scott’s POV
‘We grew up together with Larry and we were best friends. We joined the same university and everything went until one day when everything fell apart. Larry impregnated a girl in the university and after giving birth she brought the boy. The boy was one week old when Mira abandoned him. Your mom was my girlfriend and was a Kenyan on scholarship. She offered to take care of the boy. I loved her so much and was willing to sacrifice everything for her. When she got pregnant we thought it will be better if Dave is taken back by Larry and he pleaded that he will be visiting him daily. I hadn’t realised that he had fallen for your mom and the fight started. Our friendship broke and we had to part ways. Unfortunately you and Dave were already fond of each other and it was the only thing that kept as in touch. Larry kidnapped you and did horrible things to you and after getting you back we made you loss your memory due to the often panic attacks you experienced. I never wanted to kill him but he pushed me to the walk when he raped and killed your mom. I couldn’t take it anymore and went to confront him. He replied rudely and we planned to kill him.’

Tears were already flowing freely from her eyes.
‘What of the investigators that died?’
‘I didn’t kill them but were killed by the others who don’t want to go to jail,’
‘Why did you plan my kidnap?’
‘I didn’t know it was you. But you were released alive, please forgive me,’
‘I forgave you dad,’
‘Thank you don’t hand me over to the police,’
‘I love Dave and about the police I don’t know what to do,’
‘No you can’t love him. His dad killed your mom,’
‘And you killed his dad. So its equal.’

Shanel’s POV
I went to my room in tears. I don’t know what to think anymore. How am I going to face Dave knowing that my dad is behind his pain? How can I even hand my dad to the police?

Caught Between Crossroads. Chapter 23 and 24
Caught between crossroads. Episode 19 and 20

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