August 3, 2021

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He and her V. Episode 81

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He and her V

Episode 81

Tucker’s POV

She’s gone.

My happiness is gone. All that I had always wanted had slipped from my hand because a mistake from my past came hunting me.

My past won’t forgive me but decided to take a terrible revenge on me by taking my happiness away.

I stood and maintained a strong face. I now loath Grace so much. I wish I can get a gun and shoot her dead.

How in the world can I even think such a thing to the mother of my daughter. She has my daughter but I do not love her.

Can’t she see that?

Can’t she just understand that Love can not be forced?

I watched as Grace and Joy or whatever her daughter’s name is walked towards where I stood.

“Baby , you will soon get over this. I’m the mother of your daughter. You can’t do without me. You once loved me , remember?” She said and I just smirked.

“Mother of my daughter! Did you hear yourself? Can you just imagine how foolish you are to force love. Can’t you call your sense back and realize that you can not force love?” I said to her angrily.

“You could call me a fool , but a fool in love. Joy; go and hug your dad ” She said and her daughter ran towards me and hugged me.

“Daddy,stop fighting with mom. She loves you and I do too” The girl’s word touched me and I just looked away.

This girl will be my weakness in this house. As much as I may want to make life hell of a living for her…it will be very difficult with this girl between us.

“It’s alright dear , you can go inside ” I told Joy and she walked inside.

I stood before Grace and moved closer to her.

“You will regret every single decision you are making. You are so wicked. You betrayed your friend and deprive us of our happiness. ” I said to her in agony.

“I do not wish to, baby , I only want to be happy and I simply did all it takes to make me happy. I love you so much baby ” She said and placed her two palms on my check.

She was bringing her lips to mine when I angrily fling her hands away.

“Oh! You are really good at seducing. An ordinary slut that you are ” I said and walked away from her.

Where could Camila be?

What state would she be now?

Should I trace and follow her…will I find her?

Even if I find her.? How do we end up living together?

Camila, please come back, wherever you are,I truly love you. I know I’m the cause of all this and I take all the fault.

But I’m sure Grace will leave someday cause I will frustrated her every single day.

I cried ????

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